Expression of Frustration

We can always express our frustration, but how?

It was more frustrating to see patrons of several airlines to berate the airport workers and service providers of something they’ haven’t caused at, where in fact it was with them they could rely on. Does whining, complaining and putting up an ugly picture of frustration. Help to ease the situation or their own fate?

We are entitled to our own rights no objection about it but so those airport workers are, right? I pity those people or passenger who have the temerity to use social media to air their frustration instead of understanding,… Berate those people taking action than hoping for a faster relief. That saddened me up. Aren’t you?

We tend to lose our self control, we fell to a trap of enormous out-of-yourself-instincts that had existed nomadic years ago. I thought were living the best years of our lives where everything comes in handy. Seems we fail to capitalize with the the very obvious that a major incident, I repeat “a major incident” was in the picture. That should’ve been the best anchor of any passengers valid alibi to any commitment they’ve made to every destination, event and whatsoever itineraries each of passengers had.

xiamen airlines detached engine photo credit to GMA Netwrok
Detached engine of Xiamen Air Flight MF 8667 (Photo credit to GMA Network)

Things like this are real, happened for a reason we dare not to think about. We easily fall and get to frustrated whenever things aren’t going our way, the way we planned it, the timing we’re expecting it but lo and behold such incident are bound to happen and nobody can predict it as we always hope for the best. We tend to be reactionary instead of being precautionary or proactively trusting our instinct to face such.

Lessons that every passenger and service providers could learn from this predicament are buried deep behind their burstration (bursting frustration) , ;


  1. Manage your Expectations – by doing so, you are putting limit to the real capacity of those in service, the experience you are bound to have or non at all. A character trait we all possessed but regularly failed to use considerably.
  2. Divert your attention to something you have an immediate access such as getting primed for the real situation look ahead things like sending an informative letter to your scheduled meetings, conference, business related matters. You gotta doused water to a potential fire. Get my point? Communicate well your situation for them to put limit with their own expectation.
  3. Don’t fret, stop your anger, control your emotions for you to easily cope with the incident as no one wanted it to happen. Your understanding is a must.
  4. Reach out, make friends and try to make the most out of it for a better experience. Besides your adventure have started by the time you’ve leave your house main door. Agree..
  5. Stay hydrated, feed your brain with the right oxygen and in doing so you wont lose focus of what you are experiencing at that moment in time.

Service Providers

  1. Manage the ground. This is the default action they must take. And they must do it professionally by spreading on the floor their best PR guys to put control with the information dissemination all the passengers need to hear and understand.
  2. PDCA immediately! The risk was there and an immediate deployment of management system is urgently needed. There should be a go to guy who should’ve act as the Command Post to provide lead towards the goal of immediate resolve. That time was the removal and safety warehousing of an aircraft. Logistics is the number one resource of action. But planning before doing after checking is the best action you can  hold on for a resounding result. Analysis Paralysis made it worst as it lengthen the required actual action needed.
  3. An outstanding MOU or MOA with the Hotels, Inns, Pension Houses is a great way to pacify a demanding customer in this type of business. Did you know why a plane ticket costs that much? You’ve seen the answer days ago. It possess a higher risk in terms of life changing moment relative to commerce, leisure, business and experience. Insurance included.
  4. Think out of the Box! Not all listed damage control actions are bearable for a very frustrated passenger. They preferred to hear solutions rather than suggestions. That’s entirely different. Does putting up an impromptu concert performance ring a bell? A food catering line will create an atmosphere of  cocktail party rather than chaos. Readiness is the key. Tourism should be in every layer of services. What is more fun if we cant do this once every blue moon. Readiness is our water to a potential fire we don’t have any idea when will it transpire.
  5. Visit the entire team of service ground personnel’s , continuously practice or simulate situation that needs emergency actions. Ground control and response best practices is a 24/7 duty every team members should know about.

Let’s stop the blaming game as it wont bring back the loss time, effort, experiences and frustrations. You cant reset a single brain to forget it, even after you’ve rewarded them of any significant pleasurable presents or its up to you how you may want to call it. Let the people and the company of the Xiamen Airlines foot the bill of the incident for the error made and be rewarded as well for keeping all of its passengers safe and sound during the entire incident. Have we forget that we can always make up of the lost experience, meetings, delayed flights and other tangibles as long as you’re alive? Let me ask you this, can you take back all the souls should the incident resulted to loss of  lives aboard the aircraft? You are the judge and you are the victim.

Delayed gratification is better than expecting nothing at all. – Paquito 


Business Losses, A Potent Pill to Success – Coping with the Devastation

Let’s admit it, business losses are always part of the collateral damage in every disaster. Small and big, short term or long term effects prior to its recovery no one can tell but time. How fast a business can do it remains a question if you fail to identify the x’s and y’s of immediate needs to get back slowly with the main stream of business.

Most of the veteran’s running a business knows how to, they’ve always HAVE the back up plans at hand ready to trigger a new beginning once failure was  experienced. They got better forward looking strategies both management and financial system. How did they do it is what we’re going to witness here.

Remember when you’re aspiring to have or to start a business of your own? Do you still recall how you’ve daydreamed of all the beautiful things you have then and the challenges that you were able to breezed past and end up now with what you are now?

We can always have a fresh start! That’s the wonderful part of what a mess has brought us up. There is this new word of order most of the businessman have been cozy about, Future-proofing Your Business, though it’s about adding zest and cloud computing based expansion the way it was concocted can be likened to getting ready to the potential risk factors of lagging behind the competition. Oh Oh, did we say competition? Correct you are damn correct, having your business experienced weather related setbacks can be easily compared to failing or tailing the competitive market! As simple as that. You are on the right road of recovery.

We always have the tendency to sensationalize things in whatever we are dealing with. Simple things taken up as a complex one as if there is no praesto solution . No such exist and you gotta believe in yourself that there is! Mind conditioning is a must. Stop sensationalizing things up and you’ll never END UP putting things up in a larger proportions which shouldn’t be. 

Counting up the potentials more than the given task to speed up the recovery is a good ingredient for success. You can never take away the credible circumstances still available in front of you that the only question lingering is  your ability to grasp things fast, acceptance of facts and standing up to move forward. That the dictum of “behind every difficulty I saw a lot of opportunity” is in the works for a wonderful output and exploration of successful potential x’s and y’s to continue. It’s not a bitter pill to swallow but sweeter one!

Let us fear not any disaster as it is a blessing in disguise or a window to start something new that every person must have in their resiliency-bank, in his mind, soul and heart. Disaster has the power to unite people, trigger camaraderie, create new groups, push legislation faster, start community programs, up the ante of sponsorship’s, facilitate banking calamity loan processes easier and the most important of all is to lend a helping hand to strangers without a second thought. You have the power and you got the will then do it.

Disaster recovery is another way to show your emblem of power towards success. – Paquito


To be continued… Watch out for the last part.. Resiliency – Respond, See, Lend and See-k 


Coping with the Devastation

Start by Returning What’s Left in Order

What else to expect when natures wrath leave a place in disarray?  cadavers, rubbish and mourning cries filled out the air. Add more the stench smell of livestock’s, pets and garbage around the place. Expect it, thats the best manner of acceptance you must firstly do in order for you to process your next move to recover faster. Insects will proliferate the scene, so how do we battle it? Do we really need to? and How?

Nothing will start to change when no one start it. You gotta start moving by being selective, … start with what have been left and be contend first with it while pondering your next big move of recovery. All should start with practical thinking. Local leaders should do the macro part and its constituents the micro or personal part,  sharing of rebuilding works will translate the impossible to possible… where everything must start with cleaning, sorting things out  for the unit to re-establish the order of its community.

Expect a lot when it comes to it. Orient yourself to moving forward rather than back channeling your thoughts as this will gives you the sensation of hope, comeback and survival. People were normally wired to dwell in the past and that very specific traits should be well address first in order for them to cruise to the idea of a new beginning, a fresh opportunity to start.

We don’t need reason to help people. – Paquito


To be continued… 

Up Next  … Business Losses, A Potent Pill to Success


FBC Players To Watch


Agree, and this entails hard work beyond your normal capacity. Your dedication to achieve that goal is dependent on your will to survive the toughest competition you’ll ever face.

Are you ready to face your OWN Competition? Join us at Friday Basketball Club by just clicking the link and submit , I wanna join the club. See you there!

a league of our own Final Banner


Hello fellow bloggers and my dear readers, social is traffic about peoples complain and disappointment as their usual travel have to endure the effect of the new scheme being done in a dry-run phase of the most utilized, driven and clogged major road in the metropolis. Let me re-blog my previous article almost two years ago to lessen your discouragement.

It was made for a great purpose long before the millennial’s are born, to aide the moving of goods from the outer skirts of the Metro Manila to its several market distribution drop offs for further trade. People are happier before but not today. People kept the blame to EDSA which is always as serene as a pristine sea every time our Pambansang Kamao, the Manny Paquiao fights in the desert of America and also during the Lenten Season. During the 16 hours stretch of the day, we keep on hearing unconditional blame, cursing EDSA of its traffic status in every transistor radios, internet feeds, social media users uttering words of dissatisfaction and many others. But why curse a highway that can’t speak a single word? IMG_5166


I’ve asked myself, If EDSA could speak, we could be hearing the same words we’ve used to  utter mercilessly, enduring the weather and population disturbances without any respite. If only EDSA could speak, it might be telling us in our dreams to “please stay away in my spine as i am now the oldest and the weakest link of my tributary bloodlines as almost all of you are scrambling every void space that it have that it can no longer hold.” Now we are treated to a new scheme that give a little space but a lot of complains not only from EDSA but from circumferential road 5 as well. Now there two instead of one major problem.

We don’t need to wait until EDSA could speak, we dont even need to expect that it can, for it will never can.

Traffic is a great experience we fail to manage happily. .-Paquito

FBC Players To Watch

FBC Melvin Galindo

Ralph Melvin Galindo, 28, have started all of the company’s game, the  Reed Elsevier CSO Basketball team. The lefty shooting guard patterned his game after the Washington Wizard’s point guard The Agent Zero Gilbert Arenas.

Let’s see more the Agent Zero version of the Friday Basketball Club in the first tournament opening soon!

a league of our own Final Banner

Bad Weather = Devastation

It’s happening ! Everybody’s ATM posts were bout the challenging times they’re faced once the weather act badly and horrendous. We can’t beat nature that’s for a fact, all people could do is to live wisely with it. No, am not saying that we just have to accept our fate when calamity strikes. We can be resilient, we can be as I’ve said … wiser than before. It’s a choice every head of the family must make to keep his yard safe and climate abiding mode. Sounds easy but not! This involves a lot of planning, thinking of the pros and cons for every member of the family, depending on the demography’s a small city, town or rural areas have. Moving from one place to another is not a lot easy but the opposite. How much more coping up with the downside of the city or place you live in when catastrophic floods, earthquakes and the like strikes?

A lot of self claimed experts are rising faster than speed of light sound when a post tragic devastation began looking for answers they wanna hear to keep at least their emotions on check as if the ill effects of the natures wrath have long gone. Some are good in giving technical based opinion, some divine and others are just several pieces of craps enough to cross the borderline of comic relief. Let’s be serious about it, that’s all matter. Right?

Let’s keep it simple and executable for larger or bigger chance of survival.

To be continued…

Up next Coping with the Devastation….

Paquito Answer for the Day 45

Managing your expectation is one of the best asset you can have in whatever you hands are into right now while reading this blog. So whats on your mind? Will it help you with what you’re heading for the day, maybe make your challenges worst than you’ve think of? Will you dwell in it or you’ll move forward and work doubly hard for a better outcome? What will make the difference is … your choice, your move and unexpected one.

You’ve reached the 45th edition of Paquito Answers for the Day and you might want to suitably read the back posted article by clicking Paquito Answer for the Day and find out ways  to be better when it comes to finding answer you been searching for.

Providing lead is sometimes better than giving outright answers. – Paquito

FBC Players To Watch

Doods Barnes Profile

Doods Barnes, 18 years old , is a native of Pampanga, Philippines  and a member of the Far Eastern University Senior High Team that won the Championship in the recently concluded FEU Strandmurals where he average 12 PpG; 6 RpG; 3 ApG. He is a Paul George fanatic but plays like Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors.

Let’s see more of the KD version of the club when he lace up in the forthcoming games of the Friday Basketball Club soon!

FullSizeRender (4)


Your thoughts? How you put a  value to learnings makes the big difference. The eagerness to allow ourselves to be in a situation of inconvenience mimic the true mastery we have as a Pro who knows the best decision in the middle of adversity and easily creates way of calming the same.

"behind every difficulty have you seen the opportunity" – Paquito

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