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Today is 2019 and 240 hours of important chances have gone by and for others it’s like this … there’s still 355 full days left for us to do our things for the whole year. Does it differ in terms of results at the end of each 24 hours, for some there is while for you who are reading this … am not sure! You can tell me and share your thoughts to learn how that simple mind can amplify somebody else thinking when it comes to time.

Let’s have the very first blog for the year 2019 a lighter one as I’ve received a lot of good and bad criticisms which just open a new way for me to see things wider than ever and looking forward for a fruitful enlightenment of things to come.

What are we waiting for, let us be our own self  and carry on… its for you and not for them. Agree?

Marchez avec moi pendant que nous apprécions les choses et en tirons les leçons d’une meilleure façon. – Paquito




Happy Holidays !


May the true meaning of Christmas brings a new hope and joy into every family home all across the world, Enjoy the Holidays !.. – Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 48

Hi guys did I miss a bit… but for sure I missed you all !  Inevitable turn of events needed some focus and I hope it hadn’t tainted your drive to read my blogs. So where are now? Basketball, current events, project management, architecture, engineering, wow what a long list we left behind. ! Well no worries, Hakuna Matata according to that Disney movie… Moving and looking forward is what important right now. Agree?

Festivities are what the world have for now, tis the season to be jolly … right. but wait, did I heard it right ? the on going World Chess Championship games were all drawn ! Both Fabiano Caruana of the USA and Magnus Carlsen of Norway the defending champ were prepared that they’re going into rapid or blitz game to decide the new champ! Former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov has something to say.. you gotta read it!

While the world chess fans are not happy with it, two things … they should and shouldn’t!

They’re entitled to their own opinion and so the players are…. – Paquito



Batang Gitna – Centro walked over the Escalades Basketball after an eleven point final lead in the score of 88 – 77. BGC’ s big three simply played a scrimmage like game letting the mighty but deadly point guard Mic-Mic do the whole damage against his peers who were no match to his speed and basketball IQ after a symphony like orchestrated game in getting their 3rd win in three games. Masayuki Ochia Baldemor were said to be reserving his powers against the tall and fast scorers of X-Ballers this coming Saturday. Escalades Basketball fell to 1-2 in the standings together with CBM, PPY, MUR and EGS.


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"behind every difficulty I saw a lot of opportunity"

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