The Basketball Shooters DNA

The game of basketball have scientifically metamorphosed into high percentage shooting show both from the perimeter and most recently beyond the arc. Professional basketball players in the big leagues have started seeing shooting clinic trainers , coaches and experts. Hoping it will improve their game and extend their extra minutes inside a high pressure game that their respective team coach could rely on. The San Antonio Spurs have their own shooting coach in the person of a former Filipino naturalized player Arthur Edward  “Chip’ Engelland III who’ve played alongside one of the best shooter in the Philippine Basketball Association, Allan Caidic for the defunct NCC basketball team.

A question which were tried to be given great answer by experts such as Sportsmetricians, Shooting Coaches and shooters themselves only provide a bigger question about consistency, whereas making 10 consecutive shots does not prove a player is hot, it lies on the shoulder of the pure shooter to do well every time he shoot the ball anywhere near the basket. Consistency.


To enlighten us on how shooters do it, we sat down with not so known player who’ve played in the mid-level category of competition who is simply relying to his very simple yet effective way of self training to become what he is right now.  Jay Arcusa, 36 a former Rizal Technological University stalwart just added a new accolade in his growing collections of trophies by helping the Exile 40 to win the championship of the Masters Invitational Basketball League over the Guam Master 82-78 where he exploded for 43 points. I wonder how his team coach felt with a player like him and how his peers see him in a competition of million aspirants knocking the door of top level amateur ranks in the field of basketball.

We throw trey (three-points) not so basic question in a frame by frame answers that’ll surely inspire us and those aspiring basketball players to shoot the hoops like KD, The Beard, Lillard Time, The King and the most prolific and high percentage guard to do it in the NBA, Stephen Curry.

I can't say I do without you! (1)

A humble beginning… That’s a given fact, you got to love the game at an early age and most of us have been there and done that… but what separates us from these bunch of good guys? am not saying were all bad guys but they play better than us… isn’t it?

I can't say I do without you! (3)

And this means that there’s nothing wrong with having your game patterned after an NBA star, we just need to know the limitations and potentials we have in order to be a better player version of ourselves!

jay arcusa


Jay Arcusa is set to play in the forthcoming UNTV Cup where he will suit up for the NHA Builders and will spend time playing also for the Friday Basketball Club Tournament to hone his skills, big time!

We gotta be an extraordinary soul if we wanna be the best in everything. Perseverance and discipline, how  many times we heard these two powerful acts that’s traceable to our early days in school. To become a shooter you have to practice it, perimeter, jump-shot, pull-up jumper, beyond the arc all requires practice. And the DNA of a great basketball shooter will run into your desire to become one. Have you noticed a week ago when the GSW star Steph Curry visited the country and the very  next morning he was seen inside a rented basketball court doing his rituals of shooting, dribbling and others which is a true and a walking proof that it takes perfect practice to become perfect in whatever we do and aspire for.

Don’t blame me if i hit consecutive treys , I just wanna be a shooter. – Paquito


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Messed Up

Uh oh… everyone’s had their own messed up situation. it’s no guarantee that you’ll live your life free of darn things you wish didn’t happen, but who cares? Will they fix it up for you, am sure not. Gotta leave believing they will for no one will. Was it a culture or sort of natural instinctive approach once you’re messed up? The people will turn away thats the very first thing gonna happen and it’s real. Those who’ve been with you when your’e up and swinging town to town they won’t surely missed a thing or two about you. Now you’re messed up, they’ve scattered away faster than a hopping rabbit. They’ll try to sneak a week checking if you’re good and done to spark that “link” again and pretend nothing happened after all. C’est La Vie and you need to live with it.

Now there we are counting cows than cowards which is a better way to start messing up again! Never rely to someone else as they’ve never relied on themselves as well.

Fixing wrong with wrongs will add up the bacon. Shrinking.- Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 47

Your help has given countless people around the world a voice – the one thing they need most is how you are able to keep them trying to succeed.

uncle Drew

Who wouldn’t get fired up with these very strong words of motivation? Never doubt yourself for no one will once you do. – Paquito


Paquito Quote for the Day 52

BER Months have just started, the vibe became a bit different wherever you are home. What is the magic behind it is something most of us never tried to put an answer in. As long as the morning breeze blew colder than normal and it makes you excitedly longing for something or someone is slowly becoming a habit in your daily morning ritual isn’t it? So what’s the daydream all about, surely it is for good and for a new expectations you’ve been thinking  about.

ber months

Best Ever Respite month’s are a great  chance to seal the year. – Paquito

"behind every difficulty I saw a lot of opportunity"

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