Coping with Infra-improvement works adverse Effects 

North , East , South and West look around and observe the on-going progress our country have strategically embarked and deliver for the next 36-48 months. Up we must move and improve and we must do it in a shortest possible time. There are risk that needs to be taken care of particularly the safety of the people living in the nearby place of infrastructure works and the daily users of the roads with blockades and shore ups to distinguish the areas safe for public use. Ideally that’s the practical thing to do and keeping these areas safe do public use posed a big challenging task for the people involved. 

So goes the saying the devil is always in the details. A concrete Logistic Plan must be laid out and put into works to mitigate the possible occurrence of untoward incidence to anybody getting nowhere near the edges of works. Vehicular traffic buildup transform cool heads to heat up and curse the works that’s being done for the progressive country they say. To repeatedly experience the inconvenience it might bring to our daily life’s traveling routine is tantamount to not learning to plan ahead the day on how to avoid the chaotic and nerve wracking moments waiting for you in the vicinity of infrastructure projects. 

You can outsmart them by patiently doing these set of strategies and practically avoid the rigors of it. 

Reset your body clock and move swiftly with acuracy on hitting the road as early as you think advisable for you to arrive on time to your destination. Rush hours occurs during the morning and afternoon to evening time and to plan your meetings, errands out of this time will save you energy and resources. Head the opposite if needed to avoid and lessen the possible congestion in the infra-work areas. To discover new and alternate routes coming from your house is a big plus. Use your mapping apps to do this and am sure you’ll see the difference of point to point travel.

Use the Internet by looking at the official announcement given by the proper authority and the service providers website will help you understand the magnitude of work entailed to close some portions of the road and adjacent area if necessary. Always be reminded of the competing PUJ or PUV inching their way to the rightmost part of the road to pick up passengers and returning to middle lane to ply their route 24/7 so never underestimate the ill effects of high volume of foot and vehicular traffic in any given situation. It’s guaranteed chaotic and we don’t wanted to be in a stressful place anytime of the day.

The presence of heavy lifting equipments double the chance of high risk activities and better stay away than sorry. Urging people to park at their risk is a sign that you refrain trying to even if it’s for free. Splinters of stones or aggregates will put dents in your vehicle aside from covering it heavily with dust and mud.  Always put your headlight into dim when approaching work site open areas to avoid glaring and miscue to those working people with the involvement of an equipment. Be serious with their signage and pass through with critical care to ensure you won’t initiate any minor and major incident be it while your driving or walking near it.

Slowly stop look and listen to the noise as an unusual sound means incident waiting to happen or bound to happen by paying attention to those watch out overhead falling objects or keep your eyes on the road and walk only below protected walkways to ensure you gone through it unscathed. Cover your nose and mouth to avoid inhalation of dust particles and shards. 

Try to appreciate its progress whenever you’re passing a working open site to minimize your stress and educate yourself with the specific use and impact it’ll bring once it’s rolling smoothly as expected. 

To sum up things to deal the adverse effects of ongoing infrastructure major works remember the following.

  • Plan your trip ahead
  • Reset your body clock to have a better rest
  • Be well informed through the Internet
  • Do your share to mitigate incident 
  • Stop look and listen 
  • Appreciate the progress 

Be safe and be well informed.


Internet Hacking and Identity Theft the Probability of becoming a Victim without Knowing it

With the revolutionary fast changing world of Internet makes our life run through the soft touch in a keyboard through fingertips. Recidivist individual or group connive to render  their palpable work of eavesdropping to ones account and testing the vulnerable homepage they like is what seem to be unfathomable during the introduction of the Internet to the world. And the once extra-hard to penetrate softwares and firewalls were translated into an open playground of the not so expert infotech person who’s silent type persona can sow hostile effects to unaware victim especially the identity and other personal data he’s been keeping secretly. 

The anti-cybercrime policy seems to be no match to those infotech-villains who can extract whatever they seem to think they need or helpful in their own interest would do it anytime anywhere and in the magnitude they’re only satisfied with. Does our personal data really safe in this high technology age? Are Firewalls efficiently protecting our data saved in the so called internet vault run by the largest internet domain? So many questions and chilling effect it brings to us once we fell to these braggarts. Does a faster internet speed do the trick of getting away safely from these cyber criminals lurking around the World Wide Web of everything and effectively do the unwanted transaction to your bank and personal needs. In this age of digital technology we should exercise with utmost care our transactions with any financial institution to avoid being trap in a black hole of identity theft and be surprised with a huge bill of credit card paid expenses your wild imagination could ever make. 

We are all fascinated with the breeze results of our searches in the bar that we forget to check some important symbols to look at in the same bar to check the authenticity of the information spread right in our face. We reluctantly forget that it is twice dangerous to make your transaction in the Internet than haggle a piece of apple in the market. In the market the fear of getting a rotten apple is highly probable and the fear of getting your information hacked is at highest since we are being watch somewhere else simultaneously a thousand times. So how do we fight this is a question that needs a better and in a laymans term solution. 

With the world interconnected transactions and communications it became a good fishing ground for the hackers watching events unfold right in their mischievous minds gifted with high mathematical IQ and strong drive to commit the acts motivated by the weaknesses of the infotech world. 

Changing password in your own convenient cycle will create an unpredictable pattern to their monitoring system. Lifting out of all browsing history including downloads leaves no print to select and scrutinize or analyze for their own means. Thinking before you click is the one of the most deterrent with high impact results. Social media coming from the word itself doesn’t tell to you to go so much in your personal level and doing so will reciprocate into a simple but hard to solve problem big time. OTP or one time password should be treated with care and responsibility at high level to avoid being the unwanted victim. 

Hackers lurk around 24/7 and they’ve investment in this activity enough to run a digital office and continuously trained and extracts or lifting information at a random basis. They do have a preset software that they’ve manipulatively improve for their own use. Identity theft is just a part of the whole wherein they can discover or invent data eating program or crushed and crashed your efiles sparingly. What is most disturbing the propagation or increasing number of young individuals who finds the rewards it brings to be a certified one. Does password protect question really makes our personal sites safe and indestructible? Creating your questions in your own vernacular language will somehow do the trick as what we’ve heard from the US $ 81,000,000.00 bank heist done to an Asian bank institution. The simple misspelling of a word have provided the turning point of flagging then the transaction. 

I bet most of the passwords being used is already incripted and randomly tested to find its email address match. Eavesdropping is one of the most common type of hacking we are unaware of, have you tried logging off and found yourself stuck in your seat for a longer than usual sign offs? Had your earphones resonates foreign language speaking voice as if talking to someone? And another way to normally detect that your site is hacked is when you find your new email address locked in a new domain asking followers from Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vine and Facebook. Don’t panic but study the link bar and there you’ll find the open door you’ve left the last time you’ve logged out in the web. Erase after restoring all the browsing history to secure your hardware at safe mode. You doing the geeky thing without being geeky. 

Though we have the slowest snail pace internet speed in Asia it makes us the most susceptible and an easy target. Single coverage return the same protection unlike with the presence of a DIGITAL HIGHWAY where all domain can ride and pass on with strict protection and authenticity check before reaching its destined receiver of point of connection. The multiple belt of authentication of ensuring it was created by a human user and not as the pre-set one is one of the modest way to survive this digital world or Internet safety and healthy use. 

Our Drainage System 

When you hear the word drainage what’ comes into your mind, most of us are easily unaware and neglect the importance it brings to a municipality and the bigger crowded city. The world is consider as biggest free flowing drain system with its oceans leading to rivers, valleys of waters, tributaries and canals and vice versa. It’s a self cleaning system with the aid of weather storms and rains to introduce movement in some stalled bodies of water. It was from the same principle that humankind lifted and adapted the idea to have a free flowing neat and clean easy to maintain system that makes the public places sanitary clean and a great place to live in. That’s the ideal while the opposite is the reality. 

Drainage system helps the waterways flow into connected discharge points and maintain a flood and dry free road and walkways. Imagine a place where there’s no working drainage system installed. Sooner there’ll be propagation of moats and a wet and slippery road and pavement is quite dangerous to step into. Study shows that a proportionate sizes of a certain number of users or census in a given place or community must be consider with a future demand also taken into account to have a working system in place.  In the Third world country’s lack of a working drainage systems produce diseases and unsanitize surroundings with the easy propagation of insects and rodents. It’s a sickness in the place where garbage are left to rot into its own and finding its place in waterways such as rivers doing harmful effect of a clogged and stalled bodies of water. Rainy season adds dilemma through floods and causing  fatal results to the community. 

Here in our country especially the metropolitan Manila you’ll see a lot of diggings and drainage improvement works going on and it’s naturally difficult for them the service provider to finish it in a flash due to lack of planning and innovation to do it. I’ve witnessed the same methodology of replacing a pipe lines of smaller size to a bigger one but with the same methology. Engineering science must’ve improve it as there should be somebody to tell them let’s do it in a way it’s done with a QRMW or Quick-Replacement-Methodology-Work. Putting out the use of backhoe to dig the good pave sidewalk creating a larger cost to restore things like this prolong the schedule that also prolong the agony of the common people. An introduction of a interconnected performance specs concrete box lines where a pipeline made of a material that can be recycle into a bigger one due to a future demand will save money, time and agony. We have the best chemist to formulate a type of pipe that can withstand the melting effect of acid, oil, crude which should have  been handle with utmost care in the first place but the who cares attitude add burden to the existing problem. Our drainage system needs big time improvement if we are serious in addressing floods including the integration of pumping motor stations to pre-identified low-level areas with a road elevation lower than that of a sea level. We keep on improving the system but of the same method and material and it’s an eye opener to the new leadership to tinker and provide advance solutions on a long term and effective way to the benefit of the community. It’s doable and viable. Whoever say it’s not must give his position to others for the love of the country. We are rich in historical culture credible to be a part of our tourism industry but outside the walls of this richness lays the eyesores of dug-earth, huge concrete pipes and heavy equipments  making our roads a good source of accidents and slowing down traffic resulting to a chaotic city we are. 

Again it’s a D2D for us which means Discipline to our Drainage to bring us a cleaner and sanitize surroundings free of clutter and unblocking traffic of human and cars. A clean city reflects the true discipline of everyone of us so don’t forget but make it a habit to participate even your smallest way of putting candy wrappers in your pocket or throw it in a trash bins. Kick those litters away from drain system to ensure it will not add up to clog the system and promote individual discipline at home to assure every Filipino people to be educated about proper sanitation. We don’t need to spend billions for TV commercials to promote it, instead it can be donated to improve the physical facilities and reap the fruits of a better drainage system for the next 50 years. 

I am calling you to participate without a avarice in promoting good sanitation in managing our trash continuously and never let ourselves to be trap in a ningas-cogon culture and convince our neighbors to do the same. The road and the streets belongs to us including the holes under it and nobody will take care of it except us. 

Navigation How Important it is to humans 

Since the first expedition of humanity navigation has been an important part of the people’s life. When Moses led the people to the promise land he has the Gods voice as an instructional navigation. Columbus, Magellan and even our modern world circumnavigators uses the navigational equipment or tools to maintain the direction on tract. Now, can you imagine if our life has no known navigation? How could we live in today’s modern world without is a game changer for sure. 

We should be thankful to those brave souls who’ve navigated the world in search for answers to their question if a there were existence of humanities in the other side of the vast ocean of high and low seas that they’ve set a series of trips with the stars in the universe as their primary guide apart from the strong memory recall of a certain place even the height of the waves as basis for a right direction. So how do we navigate our lives? Are we in full throttle or a pace we are in control of or someone has to control it for us? We are all captains of our dear life and we should know best where we are heading for? Perhaps heading to, we are all gifted with a strong sense of thinking to lead us into our wants and needs. In navigation there must be two points to consider the start and end of it and the distance in between those stretches comes the different challenges to make it on the other end. 

So I must say its not merely indulging yourself to navigate things without being preferred isn’t it, as there must be a purpose or target to achieve for this will make the distance more relevant and important. Preparation in a way of equipping yourself for the extreme unexpected challenges ahead besides we all must manage our expectation in every aspect of our life. How about those people who are navigating the high seas of problems and grief. It’s not easy to continue if a burden is too heavy to carry that concentration and focus are at low level and disturbing. It’s quite difficult to navigate life it involves emotions and culture. 

Experts are still mapping out the world including the universe, oceans are fastly changing due to extreme unpredictable weather pattern changes. Life threatening voyage in air, land and sea and the universe are still far from perfect and never will the so called experts could find a perfect tool and equipment to smooth sail the vast oceans and traffic airspace and the infinite universe that’s keep on expanding to zillion light years. 

We are all gifted with the greatest tool and equipment to carefully navigate our daily life, practice of common sense and right and just decisions will lead us to a proper and better direction while in full appreciation of challenge it imposed during the trip. Straight line belongs to Man while crooked line belongs to God.

You can start mapping out your life and navigate it as it pleases you and your soul. In Four hundred meters there’s an accident prone area to the left said the garmin VOP and this guide me to navigate  accordingly. Drive your life and car safely dear readers.