Summer heat 🌞

The summer months are extended according to our reliable weathermen! We  have a lot to do to while away the scorching heat and the warm wind cloaking your skin. Doctors warned that beach goers and working people directly exposed under the sun must put extra protection for them to feel “comfortable”? Mood swings are abound due to heated winds as some are trekking the heights of Baguio and Tagaytay Cities to temporarily escape these extra strong hot humid air. On the positive side this is the right time to rush built works to put into their advantages a dry weather brings to their programmed chart. 

Eating the right foods is a sure fire way to fight if not limit the heat, fruit juices rich in vitamins to keep us rehydrated and put our blood pressure at normal readings. Taking a bath twice as before also gives us a breather, sporting a uv rated sunglasses, cooling cap and light or pastel colored tops and shorts generate the comfy we are wanting to. But is this enough to assure that you’ll never hit the boiling point of blood pressure once you receive the power utility bill after a round the clock usage of your window or split type air conditioning units come rainy months? Think about it ….

While the dry season is extended let’s enjoy the positive effects it gives to us! Hit the pool, drive to up to the mountains, eat Halo-halo or ice cream, wear your best six pack abs or beach body with those compression tops and you’ll surely meet your newfound acquaintance and thank the Mother Nature for extending the Summer heat..

Paquito Montero
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