Now Brewing 90’s of 2016

Nine Teas, yes you read it right it’s 90’s ! And they’re coming in a group. -Aia 

Everybody has an exploratory-genes running  in their body to seek adventure even in the never before explored places like the quiet streets of Imus Cavite where coffee beans of finest taste and texture as we all knew are grown perfectly in some parts of southern Luzon, where cool weather and an adaptable soil suits best for coffee farming. She is reasonably right when she’s sitting in one of the cafeteria overlooking a volcano, an idea pops out to put up a simple lounge serving drinks and baked macaroni or pica-pica said the proud owner Mr Aia Vielica Juliano, a pretty mom of a 5 year-old boy named Kirk, married to a former hoop player Ralph JULIANO both are schooled in one of the best college school in Manila. AIA has been lording it over in the areas of transportation and the men dominated construction industry.

Her long dream of dipping her extraordinary class of taste for food and beverage has also brought her in some parts of the world and casual but great food serving variety of restaurant in the city with her family that she decided that the time is NOW to turn the dream into a reality. And the “Nine-Teas'” was born…

Coffee , Tea , Drink or Shisha ?

The set of menus were derived from her youthful experience, ” I wanna have our patrons to taste those simple but of taste-changing moment once they try to experience our foods the 90’s way, especially the BAKED-MACARONI” said with giggles by Aia. The chef de mission manning our line ups are an expert in this sizeable business, she added. The tea selection varies from tasteless to bold tastes that’ll send shivers into anyone’s spine looking for a mind boggling sensation, and for the adult patrons seeking a new huff and puff explosion can try the ancient style of shisha.

What to X-pect and its X-Factor 

Every Time a new shop opens be it in consumer goods or food and beverages a large curiosity are drawn and experience are slowly sinking in a way they wanna please the customers and business partners who are playing a bigger roles in terms of quality and freshness of every bit of ingredients being offered. And in these 90’s way of vision to provide maximum experience we have put premium to;

  • Guaranteed Fresh Food and Drinks
  • New Tea Variants
  • Quality And Sanitized areas for a great dining experience
  • Safety and security
  • Guaranteed New music genre – they’re playing the American Idol, The Voice and Eurovision originals for an extra ordinary vibe

image (2)

First night guest’s include the church choir member led by Ariel Del Rosario and her very supportive brother Olen Lontoc who braved the traffic to make it to the memorable opening.

Nine-Teas 90’s Brew Lounge start brewing at 2:00 in the afternoon then brewed last at 11:00 in the evening, located at No. 536 Gen. F. Yengco Road Bayan Luma V Imus Cavite.

Watch out for the next big thing, 90’s Brew SERVICE PACK ! and enjoy the great baked mac at the convenience of your home and choiced drinks. For lounge exclusive use and reservation just dial +63 917 805 4604 .



Red-Wednesday Breakfast with the Cyberpark 1 & 2 Megawide MEPF Staffs

Megawide MEPF Engr. Butch Castillo sitting in front of the author with his MEPF core group for Cyber Park Tower 2 project during a small breakfast.

There’s a truth in saying that “expect the unexpected” sometimes happen for a better reason. But this morning while cruising past the Araneta Center after an early morning meeting that saying we’re instantly proven a true one as an unplanned is a lot bound to happen than expected , in less than a half an hour small breakfast were hosted by yours truly Paquito with the former colleagues and project team.

It was an early breakfast as the Megawide Construction Corp. MEPF engineers led by Butch Castillo, Bob Batalla, PJ Ferriol, Billie and Marlon are preparing themselves into another super busy Wednesday for the projects Cyberpark Tower One & Two, both are located at the heart of Araneta Center Cubao in Quezon City.

Respectfully i obliged myself to to join their table to exchange a small talk recalling Grass Tower project days and shared several laughs and work related discussion that somehow made them feel the importance of give it all attitude towards work in serving a multinational company of great stature like the MCC. That brief yet memorable acquaintance limited to a pair of slice of pancake and hot coffee is more than enough to catch up and reconnect with old and reliable people who once part of our memorable career with one of the best in the construction industry.

With the values inculcated within the bounds of Excellence, Commitment, Innovation, Teamwork and Safety in the heart and minds of these young engineers, truly they are all a man of integrity.

Yours is better mine is written, comments and reactions are very much welcome. Paquito