Cheers to our 100th Blog Article !

Credit goes to YOU my very special and important reader. Congratulations to us, after a hundred and twelfth day since the first blog article we are now reading the 100th story of all time, CHEERS TO OUR 100TH BLOG ARTICLE ! I can’t say any word to describe really how i felt right now. The word has turned to a paragraph and the paragraph have turned into stories and the stories habitually becomes an article commonly known as blog. It all started with “you got story? let me blog it” thing in one occasion where everybody are up and at their brightest minds and critique that I told myself to let my actions be the loudest in all corners of the world starting humbly in this endeavor. To think how long it takes for a company to celebrate a milestone of their hundredth year, it’s quite easy to achieve it through blogworld.

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 The enthusiasm and artistic thinking has been always on the lookout and like a well oiled machine, the mode of thinking ways to create and recreate reliable and simple ways to make our daily living an easier one. It is in the power of practical thinking where you can find the simplest and  acceptable solutions to your challenges. I am delighted to tell you my dear blog readers that we are looking forward for the next 200 articles to read on as am gonna be publishing for your practical consumption and pre-forecasted ideas  that’ll try to help you find your way out convincingly. Got story, let blog it.

I am inviting you to send your practical ways of strategies that you were able to achieve your stature right now and share it to everyone who are in dire need of the same and spread the beauty of being a man for others, nobody is perfect but perfect practice makes your work perfect i presume you do subscribe also with the idea. God Bless Us ALL.

And always remember that “behind every difficulty i saw a lot of opportunity !” – Paquito


Paquito Quote for the Day 03

As we are celebrating the local heroes extraordinary contributions and sacrifices let me share to you my thoughts in one of the blockbuster children’s hollywood Disney movie The Toy Story where Buzz Lightyear firstly shouted the words “to infinity and beyond!” and pretend he soared the dark universe in search of creatures needing his help.

It is our instinct to help, share and sympathize to anyone who needs it, that character traits are one hundred percent present in everybody’s human brain and it it the impulse to decide whether to act or not in a dire situation we got into. Ain’t it great to imitate the words of Buzz Lightyear whenever, wherever we are given the chance to help, share and sympathize to the best effort we can? Think about it. As the famed scientist Albert Einstein said before that two things are infinite, the universe and the human stupidity and he was not sure of the universe. Let us erase the stupidity in our genes with infinity and beyond.

Stupid people cares nothing but themselves, Sympathizer cared not for themselves but for others. – Paquito

Everyone’s a Hero of our Lives

We do have not any superpower as seen in any movie or TV nor possess any above ordinary combat skills to elude piercing bullets and a lot faster reflexes to battle a group of two in square-fights. That’s fiction and can only be seen in reels of films and box office hits. I wanna tell you something that you might be unaware of or everybody is not aware, really. Yes, you guessed it right that there’s a hero in everyone one of us.

Endlessly we seek truce, peace, unity and in whatever language or local tongue you wanna call it but still of the same meaning, a lasting silence of peace. Ever Since the man walked the earth there have been turmoil, misunderstandings and the like. Planned deceit or double cross schemes were linked to a man’s genes. Was it due to the old saying that the animalistic thinking have come from innate  part of the brains which triggers it once we felt uneasy, uncomfortable and unconvinced of the supposedly expectation were looking to? Does controlling our expectations will lessen the small gap of resorting to ill-works than reconciliatory acts? For how long should the race of man will suffer the effects of ill-mannered acts of terrorism and attacks. Have they ever think of the opposite, which is the harmonious and peaceful way of living where everybody is sporting a smile on their faces and shaking hands sayin how do you do just like from the song of Louis Armstrong’s song What a Wonderful World.

By thinking only the just and acceptable acts towards everyone is a factual actions a man could give this world to generate peace. It must be coming from within, within us who mattered most in this complicated way of living life in full cooperation and brotherhood. You are indeed the hero and the one who possesses the superpower to share the good ideas and understand your co-worker, friend and the whole society and in these graceful act of being a man for others by putting our best to served and offered infinite resolutions whenever a conflict seemed to arise. I salute all the heroes who’ve gave their best in the advancement of peace and freedom for all our countrymen.

Costumes are made to create resemblance and in faithful acts of good deed we will be best remembered as a hero of our lives. – Paquito

Rainy Season Instasafety Moves

We are now currently in the wettest season of the year, tropical storms coupled with monsoon rains is a great recipe for abrupt floodings to low-lying areas and places adjacent to riverbanks, threats of overflowed waters and necessary release of critical spilling level of water from the dams surrounding the metropolis are the major challenges our society is facing. Prevention is better than cure as we always heard, readiness is an obligation we should seriously consider and stay away from the catastrophic effects of the season. Here are several instant safety moves you must remember whenever you’re caught or trap anywhere during heavy rains.

Ensure your smart phone’s battery level to have a communication link outside and have a means to check the updates surrounding your area at that moment in time. Raincoat, boots and sweaters should always be ready whenever needed. Think like an eskimo is the name of the game.

Listen carefully and seriously act in accordance with the public announcement instruction if you need to leave your place of low lying areas and move with your handy kits for a time being while on an evacuation facilities.

Don’t drive through the flooded areas as the actual looks or scene can be deceiving, trust your instinct but better not go out if you got nothing important to do during heavy rainy days. And in addition to this always maintain enough fuel in your vehicle diesel tank.

Can’t leave office due to traffic? Stay where you are and Inform your relatives of the situation and make the most out of it productively, better be dry and productive than wet and sickly the next day. Check the local and international internet news portals to get the true facts of the weather condition and give you a better insights of its duration and strengths.

A bag of no cooking needed instant food to nourish you during these hard times is a great move as supermarkets sometimes cut down operations in order not to sacrifice their facilities during extreme weather conditions. Of course an extra gallon of potable water must come with it.

Let’s sum up to be ready and survive the weather extremities ill effects

  • Battery Full Charge, Rain gears ready  and think like eskimo.
  • Survival kit, Radio and PA announcement careful listening is a must.
  • Full Tank, avoid flooded areas or don’t leave home or office parking area if necessary
  • Stay dry and productive while at work during forced stay hours and inform relatives and check  updates on the internet.
  • Food and Water supply must be more than enough to survive the deal.

Being well informed raise the chance of survival and gives you ample time to recreate your days without any fuzz and the only person available to do this for you is you and no one else. You don’t like to tell yourself several if’s and but’s once you’re trap in a situation you could’ve never imagine in your entire life, right? Get started and proactively put your thoughts into actions and preparation to assure yourself and relatives of getting the sunrise once the storm is over.

The amount of survival depends on the amount of preparation we put in. – Paquito

Your comments and suggestion are truly welcome, send them in and let’s create a proactive list of preparation 101 for those who can’t do it for themselves.

Let’s Eat Healthy, Let’s Eat Organic! Peoples Champ-o-rado 

Wow , what a year it was… as we race to loosen those fats we gained from the high calories holiday foods let me share again to you this wonderful article of going organic, which is the best way to re-create the old you before that revelry. You got to try their organic coffee its totally different !

Every-Juan is turning organic! Contrary to genetically modified food sources Zonvil Food Ventures is creating its own wave of great food sources and it’s selling like hot cake in the center of Greenhills Tiangge Exhibit Area. Black and brown rice is the “bida” at the stall of Ms. Vivien Banzon, a lady who is in her late 40’s while trying to explain to everybody who are taking turns  buying the People’s Champ-o-rado made of organic thru a mixture of white, brown and black rice with no cocoa and grown for over a six-months period prior to its harvest to give us the satisfaction no other champorado have made in our entire life. I myself have to queue to get a taste of it and found it more satisfying than it is being advertised in  terms of pinoy-lasa that in a matter of less than 8 hours exhibit hours they’ve cooked and served at 8 huge rice cooker sized pot, that’s a big pot per hour my dear readers and not only that they also served brewed and ground coffee which were grown in the mountain regions of the northern Luzon.

High in health benefits especially the grains used are rich in micronutrients such as calcium for bone density restructuring and magnesium for a healthier muscular needs of the millennials. With the pressing demands of fast replenishment of loss health fibers and high sugar content a BPO agent get in the performance of their graveyard shifts job this high fiber antioxidants contains anthocyanin found in food which more than that of blueberries. Zonvil Food Ventures will open its product for franchising next month of September 2016 as they’re on the final stages of setting up the business into the food mainstream.

Experience the organic benefits of the People’s Champ-o-rado right at the heart of the Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas San Juan City in the on-going Tiangge Exhibition and get to taste the delectableness of a healthy and great antioxidant pinoy merienda.

For a knockout inquiries you may reach the proud owner thru their official email ad or dial +639 28 505 7050 or share this article to all of your social media fandoms here and abroad and get the best discount for wholesale buy.

Cultivated ground produce great food source, Intelligent minds creatively produce great product organically. – Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 03

“I want to promote myself as how i want the people to look at me not the way they want me to look at them.”  the parting words we heard from the man who’ve been our brightest and wittiest college batchmate after our lunch get together a couple of weeks ago.

The olympics fever is done and a bit of it still lingers on your thoughts and admirations and most of the athletes are safely home and back in the family’s arms. Hello there my dear readers I wanna give you my thoughts on this and I hope to hear your thoughts also for a better interaction experience as we are heading near the 100th article for this very young and promising blog site you could’ve imagine.

As you can see it is loaded with the word “want” and the inquirer is not asking but demanding something he nor I holds for as far as everybody’s respect is concern. As i was always telling you respect is earned not demanded, let the people give or share their word or two which is their rights and period. To be remembered as the best, you got to put on the best of you 24 hours a day seven days a week. That’s a full of acts to do. To live a life as normal as we could is not even easy, we got set of problems and challenges ahead of us as we all knew that life without challenges is not a life at all. As long as we are not intermediating with others lives , for as long as we are living a fair and square thing we are for sure be best remembered with what we haven’t demanded, favorably asked or forcibly taken but by how we put our best in any little things we do, shared and equally given respectfully.

Block by block we live and locked, love and peace we leave in pieces. – Paquito

Does a Shared Public Restroom can be Considered Green ? 

Philippines, Shangrila Mall EDSA Mandaluyong – In my previous article I’ve tackle the need for an improved facilities especially when a public place is dealing with today’s women. A better and larger physical set up somehow became a timely requirement for any places where queens of our lives roam and mingles.

I was having my favorite brewed coffee in one of the famous coffee places in the metropolis serving hot and cold coffee based drinks and has the best facilities when it comes to being socially and environmentally conscious and compliant through the so called green architecture or green certified facility which means the house was built using finest materials that were produced with so little carbon dioxide utilization or an almost zero carbon footprint. But it is also pretty obvious that they’re offering to their loyal customers a “shared restroom” which has its pros and cons to its users. And at that scene of a long queuing line of both men and women towards the he/she restroom gives me the question of “does a shared restroom can be considered green?”

What do you think my dear colleagues and readers from all parts of the world, please share your thoughts and let’s put a better understanding on the green built environment with a sound convenience to every people patronizing it.

Criteria are parameters, convenience is the measurement of a good form follows function ideology.-Paquito

Vape, Experiences and Expectation from its users

Philippines, Cubao Quezon City -Tobacco smokers are traceable way back the ancient history when the people living in the high altitude cold mountains were puffing some smoke to make themselves warm and keep control of their body temperature to do their daily chores , works and others. Tobacco leaves were cheap during the early part of the 1900’s that almost everybody are resorting to smoke to what they called before as to chill.

Past forward, Vape Smoking is the new fad and most sought after type of puffing nowadays especially to the millennials. I was able to hear some insights of two regular puffers of the so called Vape and I was a bit surprised to learn something from them literally and maybe they’re right in some areas but a bit totally wrong when it comes to overall health effects once they’ve reached the age of retirement. Mr Dondie Pobre, 32 and Mr Bongbong Fajardo, 30  has the following words for the people of the same age.

The total difference between normal cigarette smoking as compared to this is that it’s a bit fashionable to see you outside or wherever place of smoking is allowed as the smoke is heavily bodied and visibly grayish white in color versus the fire induced white smoke from a lighted cigar said Dondie. As far as nicotine is concerned, Vape has a variety of flavors and it’s not as high in terms of nicotine content versus the old fashion cigarette. said Bongbong while puffing the e-cigar in front of Dondie. Its the vapor that makes it far different and i find it quite cheaper than the normal and e-cigarette as well he adds. Both also jokingly mention that they’re not contributing any hazards to the pressing demands of environmentalist to cut the carbon footprint in the healing of the damaged ozone layer to which they said that it’s like a moist thing in the morning.

Vapor or not, nicotine or not these still goes or passes through our youthful lungs and leaved sort of tiny particles that can cause harmful effects and lead to a more complex pulmonary disorders and pay for it big time in the future. Your author is proud to tell you that even at curious stage never nor think to try to smoke any type of it as our environment is already polluted that even those living in the enclave of exclusivity cannot escaped the wrath of a natural air pollution.

The Lord giveth and so we shall take full care of it. Our Life. – Paquito

Let’s Always Try to Avoid Earthquake Damages Holistically

A strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Amatrice, Italy at around 3:30 in the morning local time. Most of the structure are more than hundred centuries old. Half of the town were damaged and the bridge connecting the town of 3,000 residents have collapsed and now cut off from the rest of the province. Rescuers have their hands full as they are scrambling to save those who were trapped under the rubble. Several souls were lost on the spot while some are still unaccounted for according to local officials of Amatrice. Death toll currently at 160+ , while there are hundreds more still missing.

Like a thief in the night, nobody knew when an earthquake could strike anywhere in this planet, though USGS have an extensive data of records showing each movement in every places real time, giving us a data to plot where an earthquake have occurred. This is reactionary, but how can we avoid huge damages during and after an earthquake strike? As we are in a better position as to the determination of physical capacity of our houses, buildings, bridges, underground structures, elevated platforms, railroad tracks and others,  we should then be prepared how to avoid the potential damage once a ground shake attack and creates aftershock. Clear and sound warnings visibly placed in areas where a bigger damage is possible is an example to limit fatalities.  Government agencies must do a research and recommendation as to possible structure related incidents and let the local residents be aware of it and forewarned them in advance. As ground shakes left and right, you won’t get injured or killed if you know what to do during the occurrence of such calamity. Earthquake is a part of our lives and must live with it resiliently through a smart and practical approach to negate pre-identified potential damage it could get to us.

We should start promoting the voluntary demolition of structures which are too unsafe and condemned in status and lessen the possible earthquake related accidents such fire and collapse paving the way to a simple to critical injuries to people living nearby.

Better be forewarned and ready rather than be sorry in the end – Paquito 

Learnings from the Rio 2016 Olympics games

Winners knows no race or color and the medium used in determining the best out of the best are fair and square. This is the reason why the olympiada is considered as the highest form of competition ever played on earth. Watching the games bring me and the people of all ages a new understanding as to how the game was made, scored and officialized. Civilizations of all races, nationalities and social status just reminded people that an ordinary athletes can compete with the same mindset, to win the gold and etched their names in the history book of sports. That the world peace is achievable, no matter if there are 42 sports disciplines, 306 events, done in 37 venues and comprised of 205 countries, camaraderie is best exemplified by counting those who compete to complete the records for those whose excellent performance are justly rewarded. And that through numbers as a measure of greatness are jointly approved by participants who went there to experience and be recognised that their presence alone is a testament of support of peaceful world order.

Four times square we came prepared, Dovely at peace we are all one. – Paquito