The 2016 US Presidential Elections

The United States of America Presidential election will be held on November 8, 2016, exactly 96 calendar days from now and the the US will embrace the new leader in the person of either Democratic party  official candidate, US Sec. Hillary Clinton, the wife of former US President Bill Clinton and Donald Trump representing the Republican party, a well known billionaire. Both hailed from the busiest state of the country, New York City.

Like a rockstar, they’re both a big hit in every state they land in, huge number of supporters both young and old put their solid faith attending each campaign. And the atmosphere and vibe are now escalating to its greater heights with both official candidates and their VP’s using their remaining but all the arsenals to win the majority votes of every states. This presidential election campaign period has seen a lot of drama and number of candidates with only one in mind which is to lead the most powerful country on earth and maintain the leadership in its homeland and allied countries. As both of them claimed their qualifications to lead and manage the country affairs, their future in the next 100 days to be the 45th President are still in the hands of the people of America who are expecting the continuity of an american dream that were sustained by the incumbent US President Barack Obama and his cabinet.

Even in this very advanced and powerful economic country, challenges are abound in the form of homeland security, migration, jobs, gun control and allied affairs to name a few bolstering the need to sustain and  ensure that the people of America will be as safe and good place to live in. Foresight to solutions and positive effects to its current and future challenge are the most important substance they need to think of once they decide who to vote for on that election day.

Let your voice be heard aloud silently in a piece of ballot and faith. In God We Trust.- Paquito



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