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Diving into the Depths of Thesis

A group of serious and responsible students have approach the author and ask some valid queries in respect to their current school requirements to eventually reach the end of the beginning of their professional career lives. Here’s the question, “Does it really need for us to do this (thesis) to make it to our graduation ?” “We seemed passing thru the eye of a needle.” adds the other .

As written in the dictionaries, thesis is a noun the·sis \ˈthē-səs, British especially for 1 ˈthe-sis\

Understanding the true essence of it has definitely gave us the process of substantiating the specifics of a certain studies or topic to prove its probability and viability in terms of commercialisation it is trying to obtain. Behind the topic lies a lot of hard work, perseverance, research and money. It is the liberty to choose a subject matter that makes it a level field for both the presenter and the critique.

That scrounging the bottom depth of it is the only way to prove and convince the panel of criticism whose’ inquiry and cross-analysis are the added value to what is being presented. With an astonishing smiles from Mr. Arjan Cordero, Ms. Ayessa Magallanes, Bernadette Rapsing, Regina John Binuya and Rochelle Suficiencia they can’t wait but make to promise to themselves to have their dissertation a remarkable one.

Learning how shallow or deep depends on the eagerness of the learner. – Paquito

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