Athletes to Watch in Rio Olympics 2016

The Olympic ceremonies of the modern era were witnessed by millions around the globe, focus will now be relegated to the main ingredient of the games, the athletes. There are well known and some unknown but considered darkhorse to take home the most coveted gold medal to their certain events. Let us take a look at the list of favorites to hit the podium and the sports world expectation.

Athletics , 100 meter dash – All of us are waiting for this event to determine if the fastest man alive could beat the current gold medalist Usain Bolt of Jamaica

Swimming, Michael Phelps of the US Swimming team is still the favorite to get a bunch of gold in every swimming category he’s set to compete.

Weightlifting, Under the 56 kilograms event, London gold medalist from North Korea Om Yun-Cho I will have to defend the podium if they wanna put the same number of medals from the previous  summer games with the other coming from Gymnastics event.

Cycling, Great Britain cycling team is touted to continue its run to lord it over in all cycling events where its success can be dated back to three Olympics ago, 2004, 2008 and 2012.

Basketball, With the series of foregoing their participation, NBA superstars still sent its strong and younger team as the favorite to win its 15th gold medal with only a mosquito bite threat from France and Spain to get an upset and deny the Carmelo Anthony led USA Basketball team who is also set ready to receive his 3rd gold medal of the summer games.

With only the famous american swimmer Michael Phelps still active and who has a tremendous haul of 18 golds in record, the discussion lies as to how many he gonna add to his collection once after the Rio Olympics 2016 closes after 17 complete calendar days.

Medals are the hardware we chase by competing fair and square and its legacy of putting up your best that surely shines brighter than gold. – Paquito



Rio Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremonies Wonderful !

August 05, 2016, Maracana Rio de Janeiro Brazil, all eyes in the five continents of the world have focus their sight in the first South American country to ever host the event. Despite the intrigues, criticism and threats the organizing committee made it a spectacular event that captured the sights and heart of the world.

Traditional, cultural, modern achievements and future plans for the country were revealed and showcased as part of the opening ceremony, the ingress of the 206 participating countries with a total of 11,178 athletes  led by Greece and last to enter the stadium, Brazil. South Sudan and Kosovo will have its first participation in the most popular summer games of the world.

My heart weeps during the presentation of the first recipient of Olympic Laurel as they’ve shown the humble beginnings of a small boy from the underprivileged South  African place where most of the people especially the kids have the sports as the only road to their success in life. The flame was treated with sacredness combined with innovative invention of its rays simulation mechanically. Truly an amazing presentation of genuine Olympic Games opening ceremonies.

Let me borrow what has been mentioned during the welcome address of the olympians inside the Maracana Stadium, In the olympic world we welcome you as an enrichment into our unity and diversity, we compete and stay harmoniously in one place where everybody is treated with equality. – Paquito