USA Men’s Basketball blast Australia in Rio Olympic Games 2016

Team USA Men’s basketball team continues to lived up to the fans expectation by getting win number 3 at the expense of Asia Oceania Champion Australia Men’s Basketball Team. The biggest disparity came from the 3-point goal percentage with the NBA superstars shooting 44% from the floor with a final score of 98-88,

Australia led by two points early in the final quarter and the US had to pull up a close defense to get ensure the win , the Dream Team was led by veteran Carmelo Anthony (31 points 11/21 shooting, nine treys 9/15 shooting). Patty Mills lead the scorers for Australia, 30 points as big guns Andrew Bogut and Matthew Dellavedova provide the short support . Team USA entered the contest on a 70-game winning streak, including exhibition games, and a streak of 19 in the Olympics dating back to Athens 2004. USA has a life standing record of 7-0 back to 1964.

Beating the unbeatable is the most hardest thing to do, perfect practice makes your work perfect – Paquito


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