Let’s Always Try to Avoid Earthquake Damages Holistically

A strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Amatrice, Italy at around 3:30 in the morning local time. Most of the structure are more than hundred centuries old. Half of the town were damaged and the bridge connecting the town of 3,000 residents have collapsed and now cut off from the rest of the province. Rescuers have their hands full as they are scrambling to save those who were trapped under the rubble. Several souls were lost on the spot while some are still unaccounted for according to local officials of Amatrice. Death toll currently at 160+ , while there are hundreds more still missing.

Like a thief in the night, nobody knew when an earthquake could strike anywhere in this planet, though USGS have an extensive data of records showing each movement in every places real time, giving us a data to plot where an earthquake have occurred. This is reactionary, but how can we avoid huge damages during and after an earthquake strike? As we are in a better position as to the determination of physical capacity of our houses, buildings, bridges, underground structures, elevated platforms, railroad tracks and others,  we should then be prepared how to avoid the potential damage once a ground shake attack and creates aftershock. Clear and sound warnings visibly placed in areas where a bigger damage is possible is an example to limit fatalities.  Government agencies must do a research and recommendation as to possible structure related incidents and let the local residents be aware of it and forewarned them in advance. As ground shakes left and right, you won’t get injured or killed if you know what to do during the occurrence of such calamity. Earthquake is a part of our lives and must live with it resiliently through a smart and practical approach to negate pre-identified potential damage it could get to us.

We should start promoting the voluntary demolition of structures which are too unsafe and condemned in status and lessen the possible earthquake related accidents such fire and collapse paving the way to a simple to critical injuries to people living nearby.

Better be forewarned and ready rather than be sorry in the end – Paquito 


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