Vape, Experiences and Expectation from its users

Philippines, Cubao Quezon City -Tobacco smokers are traceable way back the ancient history when the people living in the high altitude cold mountains were puffing some smoke to make themselves warm and keep control of their body temperature to do their daily chores , works and others. Tobacco leaves were cheap during the early part of the 1900’s that almost everybody are resorting to smoke to what they called before as to chill.

Past forward, Vape Smoking is the new fad and most sought after type of puffing nowadays especially to the millennials. I was able to hear some insights of two regular puffers of the so called Vape and I was a bit surprised to learn something from them literally and maybe they’re right in some areas but a bit totally wrong when it comes to overall health effects once they’ve reached the age of retirement. Mr Dondie Pobre, 32 and Mr Bongbong Fajardo, 30  has the following words for the people of the same age.

The total difference between normal cigarette smoking as compared to this is that it’s a bit fashionable to see you outside or wherever place of smoking is allowed as the smoke is heavily bodied and visibly grayish white in color versus the fire induced white smoke from a lighted cigar said Dondie. As far as nicotine is concerned, Vape has a variety of flavors and it’s not as high in terms of nicotine content versus the old fashion cigarette. said Bongbong while puffing the e-cigar in front of Dondie. Its the vapor that makes it far different and i find it quite cheaper than the normal and e-cigarette as well he adds. Both also jokingly mention that they’re not contributing any hazards to the pressing demands of environmentalist to cut the carbon footprint in the healing of the damaged ozone layer to which they said that it’s like a moist thing in the morning.

Vapor or not, nicotine or not these still goes or passes through our youthful lungs and leaved sort of tiny particles that can cause harmful effects and lead to a more complex pulmonary disorders and pay for it big time in the future. Your author is proud to tell you that even at curious stage never nor think to try to smoke any type of it as our environment is already polluted that even those living in the enclave of exclusivity cannot escaped the wrath of a natural air pollution.

The Lord giveth and so we shall take full care of it. Our Life. – Paquito


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