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Does a Shared Public Restroom can be Considered Green ? 

Philippines, Shangrila Mall EDSA Mandaluyong – In my previous article I’ve tackle the need for an improved facilities especially when a public place is dealing with today’s women. A better and larger physical set up somehow became a timely requirement for any places where queens of our lives roam and mingles.

I was having my favorite brewed coffee in one of the famous coffee places in the metropolis serving hot and cold coffee based drinks and has the best facilities when it comes to being socially and environmentally conscious and compliant through the so called green architecture or green certified facility which means the house was built using finest materials that were produced with so little carbon dioxide utilization or an almost zero carbon footprint. But it is also pretty obvious that they’re offering to their loyal customers a “shared restroom” which has its pros and cons to its users. And at that scene of a long queuing line of both men and women towards the he/she restroom gives me the question of “does a shared restroom can be considered green?”

What do you think my dear colleagues and readers from all parts of the world, please share your thoughts and let’s put a better understanding on the green built environment with a sound convenience to every people patronizing it.

Criteria are parameters, convenience is the measurement of a good form follows function ideology.-Paquito

Paquito Montero
I might not be the best but am sure You're looking for the best, glad you found it... read on and share your thoughts. Gracias!

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