Paquito Quote for the Day 07

Unlocking the secrecy code, why it comes to be the norm of intelligent work force of the society? If it is a secret why it needs to be broadcast and be heard by those people who were left out of the situation or reasonably behind the beliefs of causing panic or misconception to achieve a certain goal. Most of us are caught unaware once the beans were spilled and vented freely to anyone involved. Are we subscribing to this idea because we seemed to know less with the information and the real truth behind or we just don’t wanna left out of the circle and pretend to know more like everybody else.

There are only two things to do better in keeping a secret of information when it is needed. First, if you knew nothing at all, do not try to immersed yourself in the fire of controversy instead focus on the matters or information you knew as general as everybody. Second, So you’re one of the promulgators of the top secret, learn to extract information without letting those in the loop notice it. It’s tough but that’s the way to do it.

Esoteric activities require a faithful mode of discretion. – Paquito 


Paquito Answer for the Day 08

Fact Checking How Important it is?

It comes in all sort of words with the focal point of direction to the real truth. Our system of community as surrounded by other communities are the constant reminders that historical facts and storied principles must co-exist to establish a commendable, reliable truths and make the world a better place to live in. How many time you were put in a silly situation where your stories or statement are put into factual checking prior to acceptance and deliverance? it’s quite uneasy for somebody who are making up stories just to get the nod of the majority. This is the current world we live in and there is no denying that  it’ll stay so long as there is conflict and miscommunication with our circle of acquaintances and the like. So how do we able to avoid this? We should start it from ourselves truly i say to you as it is important that we seek the truth and nothing but the truth before indulging somebody for any discussion to eliminate distress and distraction of strategies of permeating hoax and make up excuses in the end.

Facts are easier to tell than the dumbfounded ones. The way it is delivered and shared needs no extra effort at all in terms of announcing it. And the rewards it brings on the table is crystal clear superb for all the parties involved.

Hearsay’s are whispered words of evil that sound and look too good to be true.- Paquito  

Seven Magnificent Reasons Why You should Hire a Professional Architect for Your Renovation Needs

As we enter the last five days of the current month many of you are contemplating to  finish a small renovation project either in your newly acquired condo unit, a kitchen extension perhaps or an adjacent gazebo for your holiday season needs being the assigned host of the 2016 family reunion. You are in a quagmire of tight budget allocations and pressures of short time duration to do it without any glitch along the way. Should you call the family’s great grandfather carpenter or your mother’s uncle to lead the work accordingly? Either you are in a tight or open ended budget, i suggest you get the services of a professional. An individual who can lend and led a team with two things in mind which are budget and duration primarily but of course with thorough  eye on the quality of execution to stay away from the subject of embarrassment during the actual party instead of getting praises and a little help for their own needs.

Let me share to you at least 7 tried and tested practical reasoning to decide why you need to get the services of a pro instead of those pretenders.

Training and Experience plays a vital part when you are shopping for services. You don’t wanted to do those complexities of getting the just required measurement in order to shoot down excess in materials causing irrelevant cost. Architect’s have the most extensive training in doing multiple phases of the job entails and they do never ceases to feel stress and strain as it is the normal part of their genes, and they become stronger when facing a daunting task of budget and duration combination as it’s their distinct pride and status at stake here.

Connections and Reliable Team of Technical Professionals are the best assets of a well established design and construction service providers. They employ good technical people who knew right from the start the very needs of your pet project. Aside from these, they know where to get the proper trades that sometimes extremely make a certain simple project more complex once it involves coordination with the building management team.

Wide Range of Designs to Choose From since the very beginning of their careers they were able to pile up a cache of design system that you could choose from if your project is as almost the same to their previous undertakings. (we mentioned “as almost the same” since there were no project of the same or alike) and that saves time which is one of your factual needs. The schemes remodeling will just take a few steps and gives you ample time to decide on those options right in front of you.

Communication is the Key Tool that an Architect have as an advantage against their peers. You never wanted to be in a situation where your idea falls unto deaf ears as they seemed to not understand your simple pet project where A’s becomes B’s and a long list of irresistible errors due to communication handicaps. Architects speaks the language of the corporate world and professionally understood the rudiments of a good interconnections and mutual interactions in any place, time and event. Multi-lingual  Architects have learned so much right from the mouth of the people working under their team and this is one of the gap that they usually breaks in the first place to seal a good deal for the clients advantages.

Consumer Brands support the Architects in every step of the way for the best results of any project they’re involved with. Ranging from tiniest screw bit to aligned your costly LED TV on the wall becomes a habit for the purpose of attaining the right quality till your color preferences are just a few you can expect from a pro. A tons of suggestions bordering from the previously agreed color schemes somehow gives you the most from their best practices. Files of suppliers who are always on the supportive end of their services will make your errands lighter if you choose to go on your own. Technical support if you wish to fully understand your programmed way of maintenance once the project is done.

Professional Architect services surely examine your preset ideas into a check  and balance if it is doable or not with your actual available space. These professionals played it best being the medium between you and your project, sharing the pros and cons is one of them even to the extent of not getting the project as it is for the purpose of giving the true accountability of project expectations being put on the table once you get them to lead the project.

You’re paying for a Professional Services not a skill trade person. It’s totally different and a well rounded service of a professional you are getting. Will you let your money go down the drain without getting your expected results? And how would you like to visit your project in terms of intervals, timing and sequence? These are the several reasons you are hiring their services. The dirty hand job are just one of the basics and with them at your side were sure of doing the work right and in a time bounded schedule.

Now that we learn the pros and cons of getting the right professional for your certain job requirement, let us not fall prey to those pretenders who are very good at dropping names instead of dropping prices just right for your requirements. The Architect understands your predicament and limitations curbing aside the prolong agony of unending waiting game as to final delivery of your actual dream project in due time. Let them lead and magnificently receive the product of a professionally crafted services you deserved.

Don’t settle for less as it’ll give you lesser value of results, get the best and be abreast of the finest. – Paquito 


Paquito Answer for the Day 07

How important an Expression of Interest to the business world? Will diving straight to the contract isn’t enough to show the faithful participation of the service provider to the principal in need of a certain services. 

There are still several if not many individual or company caught in this blunder. Discerning things way ahead of the process of the other party in need of their services. The competitive edge somehow establishes the pros ability to show what they got versus the amateurs, right from the start of  participation to a future contract or engagement as being sought by them.  First let’s be definite with the outright information that were asked. Bear in mind that it is not to be treated as an application but a business process to test the possible qualified takers once an important project, contract or any service of professional or amateur level is highly considerable  for it to move forward and eventually lock-in an agreement written with full disclosure of scope and limitations of a full circle job orders.

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Interested? Express it properly

If you think that you have the resources, skill and funds to participate in a certain job then send an official EOI or Expression of Interest stating your faithful participation to join them in the process of execution to deliver the goods once contracted  officially.

Faithful roots bears the greatest fruit. – Paquito