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How to be a Good Promodizer

Buyers often wanna hear and  things first before they give you their full attention and buy the product we’re selling. said Joy Herrera, a Sales Promodizer in one of the biggest mall in Asia. The day starts with the long lines to punch-in and get prepared inside the locker rooms putting enough make up as per mall standards. Fix to sell is what they’re told to, smile and be alert all the time.

We’re selling something not as basic as items such as apparel or groceries but gadgets like cameras, mobile phones and karaoke equipment that requires a lot of demonstration in order to entice the buyers and ring the cashiers box occasionally. Standing for long period hours also gives us a tired leg in the evening but it is the art of dealing profitably with customers that makes us a standout as a promodizer in any part of the mall. The free use of the equipment during demonstration brings us the better side of our job that makes us a better promo seller as days passes by, proudly shared by Mr. Joliver Morales

And being in a very stiff competition with other brand ambassadors, we are compelled to do our best to get notice and land that sale of the items were handling. Thinking of creative ways but of reasonable gestures that’ll make the customer stay and seek some inquiry is almost an equivalent to making a list of possible buyer come grand sales day.

There are joys in promoting a great merchandise that makes a difficult job a jolly one. – Paquito

Paquito Montero
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