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The Ber Months of 2016

During the early 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s whenever the the ber-months enter the scene we could feel the difference of morning and afternoon air kissing our cheeks a bit moistened and chill-cold as compared today. So what’s going on? It’s wet season and yet were experiencing hot as summer noontime to mid afternoon weather pattern, it must be the continuous reversal of season around the globe, rising sea water level and stronger wind velocity that cyclones audacity are becoming bigger and more dangerous than the previous records in terms of damages. Ooopsss, that’s too technical folks.

 I just wanna ask if you are also feeling the same as it’s quite different hearing christmas songs while we are sweating hot outside the scorching afternoon sun. Maybe we’re too early prejudicing things out especially the ecological changes our planet have had the past few years. Or maybe there’s just a sort of delayed recourse of pattern wherein it’ll be colder once the leaves start to fall which is the scientific recurrence to announce to the planet inhabitants that the ber-months of 2016 is still the same as the previous ber-months 50 years ago.

Whether we like it or not  ber months are scheduled to past and so must we anticipate its good sides and memory without any let up. – Paquito

Paquito Montero
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