I shall say i was one of the lucky soul to what and learn from the movie Unbeatable. The learning’s are real and really hit straight the heart of every person who’ve seen it. I will not divulge any scene here to spoil those who are eager to see it though it was shown three years ago after reading this article, instead share the ideology of being in our strongest faith whenever we are facing adversities. Being unbeatable requires inner source of strengths anchored unto your well being and life aspirations. In order to be an unbeatable we need to be the only person who can do that to us, not anyone or any distracting elements that’ll put out the desire to come out victorious in any challenges.

Don’t wait to hit rock bottom before we desirably decide to straight things out in our dear lives. Cultural difference sometimes dictates the way we see things differently from the others and in this very one word “unbeatable” i’m sure we all share the same meaningful outlook and rhythm. To be in our best, smartest and unbeatable form of mindset and well being. As i was always saying, be proactive and you’ll see results follow suit.

You are unbeatable until you decide to call it quits.- Paquito


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