It was made for a great purpose long before we were born, to aide the moving of goods from the outer skirts of the Metro Manila to its several market distribution drop offs for further trade. People are happier before but not today. People kept the blame to EDSA which is as serene as a pristine sea once every time our Pambansang Kamao, the only 8-Division Title Holder Manny Paquiao fights in the desert of America and also during the Lenten Season. During the 16 hours stretch of the day, we keep on hearing unconditional blame, cursing EDSA of its traffic status in every transistor radios, internet feeds, social media users uttering words of dissatisfaction and many others. I’ve asked myself, If EDSA could speak, we could maybe hear the same words we utter mercilessly as it was enduring the weather and population disturbances without any respite. If only EDSA could speak, it might be telling us in our dreams to please stay away in my spine as i am now the oldest and the weakest link of my relatives bloodlines as almost all of you are scrambling every void space i have that i can no longer hold. Many times it showed and yet you failed to listen nor see things thoroughly that we will be enduring the same unless i can tell you this in a time that will never happen as i cannot speak unto you for my role is to keep you safe but not to speak to you.

We were gifted with good eyesight, better hearing, clear voices to speak and a brain to tell this three of what is right, good and best for everyone one of us. Use it as its FREE.-Paquito


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