Paquito Answer for the Day 06

They gonna make one of the perpetrators as the star witness of the gruesome crime to pin down the other member of the group. Does it undermine the credibility of the investigating body or agency’s capability or capacity to perform its job correctly? Anonymous

How deep do they trust people of ill motives, recidivist and hardcore bad eggs of the community in their tell tale statements? Sometimes it is very irrelevant to the one performing the task as to its pros and cons just to get to the bottom of it and sealed a case close for good. It is by far the unsolicited advises or opinions that were being highlighted rather than the basic factual purpose to do the job. Converts as they’ve labeled it is believed to be the shortest route to case in the group involve in a shorter period of time so as for them (the criminals) to be neutralized and eradicate the propagation of people like them. People involved knew right from the start the consequences of their strategies and weight further options towards the destruction of any group of villainous act. It is still the knitting of facts and gathering of solid evidences that can tell them that they were not fooled by the so called star witness.

Intelligence comes in many forms but evidence forms the intelligent action. – Paquito


Employment Working Status, How it is affecting the Workers Performance and the Company

Anywhere in the world, even those company, large organizations have the same dilemma once there is a disproportion in the worker-company relationship.  The actual effect is a huge loss not only to the production but profit as well, time loss will never be recoup not unless the business plan template will be revisit for a restructuring sequels to catch up the incurred losses.  A lot of company has so much that it offers the best perks an employee could’ve ever imagined and made him settle for good. But is it good for someone to stalled himself in one organization even if he is young and full of inspiration to make it bigger? To those holding high level position somehow has their own justification for this and it’s a big competition out there. What about those in the low level, rank and file positions who needs to work for 40 hours a week and sometimes more than that as the task requires? Where do the word security of tenure applies if the position is already pre-defined as contractual or per project contract basis. And why do they felt that they’re used if they knew the facts of the engagement they got or signed beforehand in a certain company?

On the company’s side, they’re aware that the task requires continued manning or needs people all throughout their planned existence? Yet they chose to do still with the system that creates never ending disruptions keeping a not so clear future ahead of them. Will staying away from the contractualization scheme brings better prospects for both sides? Or the workers must try to understand that it is the best option for both of them? Perhaps a sound explanation to the workforce will keep them stay with utmost understanding to the business as whole, have we forgotten the power of delegation? Giving them the temerity of their existence in relation to the company performance is one of the most transparent way to do it.

As I’ve mentioned, even those big organization with big pays have experienced the rut of maintaining the balance sheet of pays both for the employees and the organization. CBA, Labor Incentives etc. are the horns of productivity that once become rowdy will struck both parties deeper than expected. So the main culprit here lies in the realm of basic communication, that failing to disclosed the heart of the employees engagement knitted to the core business robustness simply bring down the house. But not all people are alike and there is no person who think, talk, hear alike wherever you go that a common denominator of policies is a must which is the existing HR policies. It is a tiring process to repeatedly explain these and an innovative way must be on its way to keep it rest for good.

With all the fuzz around the ending of contractualization, it is by far only the word will change not the process or business model built around it as it is still the scaled balance of facts that will make these businesses stay and keep on trusting the workers, forget the ideology of chameleonic strategy used by the self proclaimed leaders of the ordinary workers as they’re the slowest link of our fast changing world of everything including the foster family like organization whose aim is to feed the people trusting behind every worker no more no less.

No struggle is won by being at the upper-hand but it is easily won thru the virtue of fairness and equity. – Paquito