When Credibility is being Challenge

We all get to experience both ends of it and it’s very easy if every word coming out from your mouth were dictated by your heart. Every step running around the bush type of cross examination will fail or bound to be faultless at the end of the day. And i’m pretty sure you were also able to be in the same predicament especially if the stake is high or equivalent to your whole being in the society. It is the time when reliability plays part to determine the worthiness of facts or supporting evidence you can put on the table in order to prove the dependability of your  word.

If you find it difficult to gain the true word of trust from the other side of the line the credible facts you believe in simply undermines the mere words you’re uttering at that moment in time. Let the true color of the story shown in its glorious form and hues to establish the credence of clear water even if you’re under attack and being challenge at all fronts and leave the dust of shady character victorious.

Words of fact simple or not created the man who can speak it freely without any rehearse.-Paquito


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