Remember The Voice and the Memories Forever

They were once a part of our life. Of simple thoughts and inspirations… sometimes our cornerstone of hope… that in every struggle we were comforted and repeatedly they’ve pulled us back to pick our life battles that made us stronger for another round of challenge. These are the tremendous loss we had after they’d called it quits from their earthly being and departed eternally.

Our tears are not enough to bring them back nor our rituals… but their memories are the only best thing we can hold on to, those cheerful smiles,… voice of unique tone that made them great a singer and sometimes  the pitch of anger but who  cared. We can only say that a certain thing or person is very important once they’re gone. Forever…….

Express your love and devotion to all the people you care about for tomorrow holds nothing but emptiness as we can’t tell if we are also alive to do it. – Paquito


Paquito Answer for the Day 12

Many of us are wondering how far we can go in any opportunity given and even dangled upon us. We can’t help but recall the pros and cons it would have…. should you do that or this…. I could be like this now and so on… “it’s now or never… as tomorrow will be too late…”

Why wait for days if you can have it today !…. Tomorrow is a day we can’t promise for ourselves and so with the others. Today is our time and the greatest chance to do it is not yesterday or tomorrow but today…..

Our time is best define by our action for that very one day. – Paquito 

Paquito Quote for the Day 11

We are now on the threshold of the remaining sixty one days of the current year and have we asked ourselves, What good things have we shared to our fellows? … Great things that made a huge impact not only for us but to others as well. Less talk, less mistake act has been misquoted couple of times and led to misunderstanding and sour relation in the end.

It is in the normal course we are always misquote, people whom are fast to judge others words or acts than the speed of light are real reason behind and there is nothing we can do but to simply ignore it. Killing the issue right there and then is the best option available to stop being misquoted. Refrain to highlight the whining rather move forward with the belief that nothing transpired of such encounter.

Words are like a sharp sword, the edge could create wound if not properly handle. – Paquito

Luckiest at 44

We were all born because of a certain purpose. We play the roles that don’t need rehearsing or practice to perfect any craft which is to some… they call destiny. A good example is the fate of the famous author of the children’s fable The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint Exupery who was a veteran of France Aviation bringing postal letters across Spain into Africa died at an early age of 44 years and 32 days and his body, never recovered. Remember the wild show host of the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin an Australian was killed when hit by a stingray…. he was 44. Here are a few notable example of people of different purpose who checked out at the ripe age of 44. And we are sure that many of us are still singing the hit song “How Sweet it is To be Love by You” will be surprised to learn that Marvin Gaye was accidentally shot in the chest by his father and died, age 44. Destined to happen and destined to be them.


We, as I was born with a twin brother are both lucky as we are crossing the early half of the river to reach our respective destinations. I, in the field of architecture, construction and literature and he in the areas of peace and order being a seasoned police officer. Destiny as you may call it, I was even given a couple of months to live after that rainy October 29, 1972 afternoon in our province being so small and weak as compared to my twin brother. Political polarization gave us our legal names copied after the President and the Vice President of the country. We are both chasing our dreams, realistically turning every corner into opportunity to be the best that we can be.


Luckiest at 44 as we are both celebrating the milestones that have cut the early ages of the famous and the good ones. That we will continue to hear the sounds of our contemporaries of the same age such as Rob Thomas Ricky Martin and Kate Del Castillo and even see Grant Hill gives his analysis in one NBA segment. We bow then to Lord Almighty for the good health and wisdom He’ have provided for us to see the next 44 years of the world to come.

Happy Birthday to my Twin Brother Fernando., “Can you hear the drums Fernando?”

Seventy Seven Seven times we must never forget to forgive those who came across our lives that wear our heart out infinitely. – Paquito