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Safety over Profit

I am delighted to hear it right from the Samsung Electronics Limited that they’ve have decided to discontinue the production of one of their supposedly promising product, the Galaxy Note 7 that has been a topic of safety of its users who’ve a first hand experience of explosion and burning of their units without any agitation or the like putting peoples lives at risk and potential property losses related to the incidence.

Samsung Electronics Limited officers and it’s management should be commended in their prompt action with the proper damage control approach by frankly calling the attention of all Galaxy Note 7 unit owner’s to turn-off their respective smartphones  around the globe without a second thought and that should be emulated by some other company’ of whatever business acumen facing the same or parallel predicament where lives of every human soul are in imminent danger. This is a very fine example of people centered business where the customer safety is always the first priority over profit.

A dime or billions loss is replaceable, while a life loss is simply irreplaceable. – Paquito

Paquito Montero
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