Remember The Voice and the Memories Forever

They were once a part of our life. Of simple thoughts and inspirations… sometimes our cornerstone of hope… that in every struggle we were comforted and repeatedly they’ve pulled us back to pick our life battles that made us stronger for another round of challenge. These are the tremendous loss we had after they’d called it quits from their earthly being and departed eternally.

Our tears are not enough to bring them back nor our rituals… but their memories are the only best thing we can hold on to, those cheerful smiles,… voice of unique tone that made them great a singer and sometimes  the pitch of anger but who  cared. We can only say that a certain thing or person is very important once they’re gone. Forever…….

Express your love and devotion to all the people you care about for tomorrow holds nothing but emptiness as we can’t tell if we are also alive to do it. – Paquito


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