Freeze the Moment


 The society of today if freeze, even for a little while will show you the different facet every person is doing in just given time. While others are enjoying the food and sounds of a certain bar others are able to witness the precise operations of anti-crime unit of the police force that some were able to enjoy a cup of hot coffee with a pair of donuts in one cozy cafeteria. Have you tried freezing your moment and extricate the good vibes within rather than the negative ones ? You must try it…

Still photos gives us a thing of the past to remember and makes us stronger in the end. – Paquito


Five Star works for an Entrance Way or Driveway

You honk your old-school model car so loud that you get the attention of the whole neighborhood, and there’s no better way to drive it inside your place than on top of a well designed patterns or materials that acts as a pristine floor for it to blend with the promoted circa or motif of atmosphere within the privacy of your property. Tired of running the concrete pavement for more than ten years? It’s time to  check what’s cooking from the data bases of these vehicular pavement suppliers or designers that you can consider as a fitting small remodeling project within the budget. You’re not yet off the fads and trending mix-match thing as there are a thousand way to have it handily done with several twitch and voila… you have the best rugged pavement dating back to the old days.

  1. Adorable rough materials brings classic and elegance such as adobe stones.
  2. How about getting a couple of sacks of cobble stones, just make sure the cement mixtures are proportionate enough to hold it in place.
  3. To some old folks they still give freedom to the paving blocks which are available in any reconstruction supply shops…. just have it bedded with the right thickness or amount of sand to ensure sturdiness.
  4. I still remember during my younger years when my uncle let me hopped-in to his Beetle and that tiny-rumbling sounds of gravels that go against the tires were still crisp and exemplifies the rural ways of having “paved” drivers as compared to muddy plateaus outside which was best suited for horse-driven carts.
  5. Get that motorized-blowers and clean that concrete driveway and paint it with the rubberized mixture of paint… this simply acts  the canvass of your four wheeler or sports car coupe once you’re home.

 Again I would like to remind you that our imaginations are far better than what was written or suggested as your needs are quite a lot different from what was mentioned. Consult a pro for  this and sure you’re in for a great experience of getting the five star works you’ll ever have.

Drive me crazy before I lose control of the world… rugged road to car.-Paquito

Five Star Fenestration’s or Windows

Hello my dear fellow bloggers and readers. We are now on the second of the multiple series of practical do-it-yourself pet projects applicable to your current and future needs. Let’s talk about windows, yes … that blank space just after your door, where we sneak a peek whenever somebody ring our bells at home. And where fresh air enters and circulate throughout the other window for a full ventilation process. There are a thousand types of windows either full or half and even smaller once. There’s no denying you wanted to prop it up and add a little spice of character to the wholeness or part of your house instead.

  1. Re-painting it is always one of the primary option you might want to do, bright colored tones or pastels as well as dark ones rejuvenate those big squarish opening your house have.
  2. Try to visit the nearest demolition-service provider in your town as you might stumble upon a piece of window that’ll matched your pet-project of facade works.
  3. You can add bris-soleil or movable baffles for the functionality solution you’ve been wanting for a long period of time, isn’t it….  louvers are the cheapest.
  4. Sometimes the most basic is the best option at hand, pick up those stored denims, polyesters or corduroys and have it sewn as a patch-up curtains, that’ll surely add a new look to that old window.
  5. There are those plug-in type or plug and play lighting products available in your nearest hardware, get a pro of electrical expertise to help you with this and add a dashing look to your facade with the windows are the highlight of your house in the middle of nowhere.

Remember again, that you can always achieve these simple suggestions through creative thinking and asking questions from a pro to have that five star look you wanna have.

Imagination is free , always begin with your desires and inspiration.-Paquito

Five Star Portals or Doors

Your door is your representation to the community you’re in. You never wanted to have an understatement when it comes to it, try to look at it at one time as a “visitor” and create or feel that experience you have at that moment in time. Are you impressed ? just be honest and you know what you wanted for with that experience you have afterwards.

Let me ask you this… when was the last time you visited a home repair supplies depot or indoor hardware ? And with the holiday season playing its part, several items including door refurbishment items are probably on sale that leaves you no option but to try and convince yourself to get your doors dressed up not only for the occasion but all throughout the year as well. Here are my five star best suggestion to your new portals …

  1. Re-paint or do the retouch works using bright colored tones or pastels as well that might turn your entry door into a work of art.
  2. Cladding works are worth a dime or two. Giving your doorway a massive new look that’ll transform your door jambs into a commanding entry port adding superiority and elegance once done.
  3. Change those panels into smoked or frosted glass sort of symmetry to add lightness to the whole massive wooden door you have. Why not try stained glass to create an old-chic vibe.
  4. Familiar with the acrylic plastics? You can always recreate the drama including lighting effect by boxy-frames filled with LED lights changing colors, just dont forget to involve the help of a professional electrician to do the connection of source to power it up.
  5. Try the wrought irons works as an added feature of your portals and painted in black or brown and even gold details will give you an entry way to a palace never seen before in your neighborhood.

Remember, you can always be the most creative guy in the world and this needs no further illustrations as your imagination plays big deal in achieving the five star look you wanna have.

Creative imagining always begin with desires and inspiration.-Paquito



Five Star Series of Articles Coming Up !

I will be running a series or articles in relation to great but practical do-it-yourself architectural solutions to your normal or perennial problems that has been hounding you for quite a long time.. And it’s now or never that we must look and try some of the best and tested project detailing works that’ll surely suit your urgent needs…

It’s time to get your handy tools and look closely for materials inside your storage room or backyard that can be re-use, redo and re-create your home style and design in the most practical and executable manner. Watch out for it !

Look closer for a better detail but remember to look farther to appreciate the whole. – Paquito

How Do You Offer Your Tomorrow

Planners, calendars, smart phones and many other mediums are a great tool for planning our days ahead and even for weeks or the coming twelve months. Tick listings are highlighted to avoid the derailment ahead. Good idea… isn’t it ? but i wanna ask you this, how do you offer your tomorrow… and why ? I remember in one occasion someone said that “as long as there are a lot of why’s that needs an honest answer, you got  to continue and keep on striving to reach your dreams” and how ?

Going back, do you realized that most of us are talking about tomorrow even if we are aware if it will come or not. A sincere heart of ours are mostly pre-occupied with our future taking no time or giving praise and thanks to what a day it had for us instead. Picking up from where we left is the best  attitude we need to let us move freely with our planned tomorrow…. again, what “if tomorrow never comes”  loudly we heard it from a radio.

Surrender we must, ourselves to the faith we believe in and act swiftly with the righteousness and norms of life, work and leisure days we gonna live for another day. This should be the easiest part of our life as we’ve seen the pros and  cons of for tomorrow in the acts we had… today. I offer my best for tomorrow as i did knew that i have a better of me today than yesterday.

A hundred times we fall and a hundredth one time we must… get up. – Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 16

Hello my dear readers and fellow bloggers ! it’s been a while… your blogger was quite busy with the other half of my being which is the Architects life. Anyway, many important and mind boggling events a couple of weeks ago…. politics from the  east and west, sports records occupies both the broadsheets and tabloids up the consistent denial of two prominent search engines of being branded as print media…

How enough is enough ? is the topic we got now that we will try to dissect the composition we need to say we have enough. For many who are both idealist and purist simply put it this way…  enough is a little over than required and thats it. While for some who thinks the opposite, it’s dependency to one’s contentment, that they can attest  it is indeed more than enough than they’re asking for. Have you reach the pinnacle of certain things you think you’ve enough without even trying? Think about it…

A glass filled with water enough over-under than its half are both considerable as enough. – Paquito 

Paquito Quote for the Day 16

Don’t add salt to an injury… it’ll just keep the wounds unbearably difficult to heal. Be the first to offer a dose of hope and comfort whenever you are facing a man in need. It might be too difficult at once but simply easy for you once you weight everything up objectively.

No wound has been healed without the help of time. – Paquito 

That thing called Blogapalooza Experience

A battle is half won by being present in the battlefield. Difficulties in any certain situation never ends and provided answers are abound for everyone waiting for rightful use or timing to unleash the motion or decision and move forward…. victorious. 

Expectation were controlled on my way to the venue which is just a 5 minutes drive from my place, though unofficially registered.., still tried my best to ensure that I’ll be participating no matter what as I’ve missed the previous engagement held last May 2016 at Centris Quezon City,…. dubbed as the Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0 Charting the Uncharted Business to Blogger Networking and Marketing event… Payoneer Country Manager Miguel Warren talked about monetizing your blog and the best way to secure payments in doing online business involving international clients… new learnings indeed.

I’ve been attending events for a couple of decades now but i can say that this is a bit far different from my professional life as an Architect, meeting new faces, learning new businesses and establish new acquaintances including well known figures or luminaries in this uncharted field of business. I came in empty-handed with only my iPhone and car keys but went home with bag of goodies, countless friends and most importantly… strongly motivated that there is indeed a great silver lining in the horizons of any endeavor especially in the realms of blogging that needs to be taken seriously.

I’ve never imagined in my wildest dream that i’ll be meeting one of the most celebrated story of tremendous courage and power in the person of Ms. Jhet Torcelino-van Ruyven. Reject – rejection as she repeatedly said to the well attended event at the hall of the Novotel Manila Araneta Center . The Tale of Juliet, is sure to capture not only the heart of an aspiring individual to dream big but also have a stronger faith in believing that you have the power to change your life convincingly.

After spending my precious time reading the book…. I am encouraging everyone to get your copy now and read it to your parents and to your children… a lot of remarkable happenings in a well described chapters will tour back our elderly’s to their prime years and help them reminisce their past once more. It was truly an amazing experience and a great source of business networks and tie ups no matter what profession you’re into. Till next time.

In wilderness you find the unexpected people and opportunities you once unknown of. – Paquito

TEKA – Bunny Baker Cafe & Cake Studio , An Inspiring Experience of Cakes & Toppers

It was an afternoon of learning and wonderful experience that filled the atmosphere of Bunny Baker Cafe & Cake Studio pastry restaurant as Kuysen Enterprises Inc, one of the leading supplier of timeless brands of home and commercial appliances including Teka Induction Hubs, sinks and ovens partnered with the husband and wife tandem of Chef Zach Yonzon and the bunny baker herself Aila Yonzon before an overflowing crowd last November 10, 2016 at Hemady Square along E. Rodriguez Sr. Road in the heart of Quezon City.

Holiday season is a timely occasion to discover new things or two inside the kingdom of your sacred kitchen… Pastries, sweets and other dessert preparation are the most preferred activities moms and kids alike… also do creates time to spend with activities that’ll keep them busy during vacations…Cake enthusiast and moms were able to take part in a unique and inspiring kitchen baking demo-clinic which was presented with the use of the newest addition of Kuysen Enterprises Inc., to its long prestige line of kitchen appliances under one of its trusted brand Teka, Multi-function oven, Advand HL 940.

The multi-function Advand HL-940 Oven is Easy and Fun to Use! – Chef Zach

You need to know well your oven just like your smartphones for you to make the most and best out of it,… said clearly by Aila… Make sure you have the suitable temperature all throughout the baking process and with the multi-function oven just like Advand HL-940 it has a cool display, reheating, conventional top/bottom heat and fan, Maxi-grill – multi function especially for Pizza, Rotisserie and defrost functions and most importantly there is the Child-Lock feature that’ll make your baking experience a safer one added by one of the Manila’s pastry Chef Zach..

Unique and a wholesome easy to follow presentation were delivered ala cooking show on television, sharing detailed techniques and a couple of trivial reasons behind the functionality of basic drying-racks and the way to achieve a denser or fluffier cakes using the right liquid needed. Not only that! Chef Zach cheerfully teach the participants how to make a great and near perfect looking cake toppers that they’ve covered the most adorable cartoon characters Pikachu and Snorlock, that after every pair of hands soaked in what Chef Zach called his super smoothing lotion… a clan of different looking Pikachus and Snorlocks filled the cute boxes of Bunny Baker Cafe & Cake Studio after the workshop. And the event never ended there as the cake studio served their best menu for snacks, Creamy pesto, Beer blackened Pork chops and Fish fillet that goes well with an overflowing lemonade and iced tea drinks.

With a solid 25 years of Inspiring Creativity and Delivering Solutions… Kuysen Enterprises Inc. provided once more another exciting event highlighting not only the newest addition to its long prestigious line of kitchen appliances under Teka, showcased another authentic and original kitchen talent in the pastry market… where, dedication and talent meets multi-functionality and results.

For more of Kuysen Enterprises Inc. products you may visit them at 236 E Rodriguez Sr. Ave, Quezon City, 1113 Metro Manila or contact Ms Grace Enriquez – 09274880850 and for a salivating cakes and gelatos, Hemady Square along E. Rodriguez Ave. Quezon City is the place to see The Bunny Baker Cafe & Cake Studio at the third level and reach them thru contact number 650 4153 or talk to the bunny boss Aila Yonzon 09178129711 .