Paquito Answer for the Day 15

You must be wondering … how come there were no articles for numbers 13 and 14. Superstitions got in me as it is my norm that i really practice ever since. High rise buildings high-speed elevators also dont use those numbers especially if the owner or the group operating it are all superstitious.

There is no harm in observing it, will there is no scientific evidence or court decisions that tells us of the unlucky circumstances it brings. To some… they say there is, but to most its the opposite.

It is the faith and fate of every individual lives that a certain things or circumstances transpire for a reason. And we have all different and unique destiny that we must admit to ourselves without any hesitation that it is indeed us, who draw our luck.

Good or Bad Luck , it is by far the same… your luck. – Paquito 


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