Paquito Answer for the Day 16

Hello my dear readers and fellow bloggers ! it’s been a while… your blogger was quite busy with the other half of my being which is the Architects life. Anyway, many important and mind boggling events a couple of weeks ago…. politics from the  east and west, sports records occupies both the broadsheets and tabloids up the consistent denial of two prominent search engines of being branded as print media…

How enough is enough ? is the topic we got now that we will try to dissect the composition we need to say we have enough. For many who are both idealist and purist simply put it this way…  enough is a little over than required and thats it. While for some who thinks the opposite, it’s dependency to one’s contentment, that they can attest  it is indeed more than enough than they’re asking for. Have you reach the pinnacle of certain things you think you’ve enough without even trying? Think about it…

A glass filled with water enough over-under than its half are both considerable as enough. – Paquito 


Paquito Quote for the Day 16

Don’t add salt to an injury… it’ll just keep the wounds unbearably difficult to heal. Be the first to offer a dose of hope and comfort whenever you are facing a man in need. It might be too difficult at once but simply easy for you once you weight everything up objectively.

No wound has been healed without the help of time. – Paquito 

That thing called Blogapalooza Experience

A battle is half won by being present in the battlefield. Difficulties in any certain situation never ends and provided answers are abound for everyone waiting for rightful use or timing to unleash the motion or decision and move forward…. victorious. 

Expectation were controlled on my way to the venue which is just a 5 minutes drive from my place, though unofficially registered.., still tried my best to ensure that I’ll be participating no matter what as I’ve missed the previous engagement held last May 2016 at Centris Quezon City,…. dubbed as the Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0 Charting the Uncharted Business to Blogger Networking and Marketing event… Payoneer Country Manager Miguel Warren talked about monetizing your blog and the best way to secure payments in doing online business involving international clients… new learnings indeed.

I’ve been attending events for a couple of decades now but i can say that this is a bit far different from my professional life as an Architect, meeting new faces, learning new businesses and establish new acquaintances including well known figures or luminaries in this uncharted field of business. I came in empty-handed with only my iPhone and car keys but went home with bag of goodies, countless friends and most importantly… strongly motivated that there is indeed a great silver lining in the horizons of any endeavor especially in the realms of blogging that needs to be taken seriously.

I’ve never imagined in my wildest dream that i’ll be meeting one of the most celebrated story of tremendous courage and power in the person of Ms. Jhet Torcelino-van Ruyven. Reject – rejection as she repeatedly said to the well attended event at the hall of the Novotel Manila Araneta Center . The Tale of Juliet, is sure to capture not only the heart of an aspiring individual to dream big but also have a stronger faith in believing that you have the power to change your life convincingly.

After spending my precious time reading the book…. I am encouraging everyone to get your copy now and read it to your parents and to your children… a lot of remarkable happenings in a well described chapters will tour back our elderly’s to their prime years and help them reminisce their past once more. It was truly an amazing experience and a great source of business networks and tie ups no matter what profession you’re into. Till next time.

In wilderness you find the unexpected people and opportunities you once unknown of. – Paquito