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Paquito Answer for the Day 16

Hello my dear readers and fellow bloggers ! it’s been a while… your blogger was quite busy with the other half of my being which is the Architects life. Anyway, many important and mind boggling events a couple of weeks ago…. politics from the  east and west, sports records occupies both the broadsheets and tabloids up the consistent denial of two prominent search engines of being branded as print media…

How enough is enough ? is the topic we got now that we will try to dissect the composition we need to say we have enough. For many who are both idealist and purist simply put it this way…  enough is a little over than required and thats it. While for some who thinks the opposite, it’s dependency to one’s contentment, that they can attest  it is indeed more than enough than they’re asking for. Have you reach the pinnacle of certain things you think you’ve enough without even trying? Think about it…

A glass filled with water enough over-under than its half are both considerable as enough. – Paquito 

Paquito Montero
I might not be the best but am sure You're looking for the best, glad you found it... read on and share your thoughts. Gracias!

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