Five Star Series of Articles Coming Up !

I will be running a series or articles in relation to great but practical do-it-yourself architectural solutions to your normal or perennial problems that has been hounding you for quite a long time.. And it’s now or never that we must look and try some of the best and tested project detailing works that’ll surely suit your urgent needs…

It’s time to get your handy tools and look closely for materials inside your storage room or backyard that can be re-use, redo and re-create your home style and design in the most practical and executable manner. Watch out for it !

Look closer for a better detail but remember to look farther to appreciate the whole. – Paquito


How Do You Offer Your Tomorrow

Planners, calendars, smart phones and many other mediums are a great tool for planning our days ahead and even for weeks or the coming twelve months. Tick listings are highlighted to avoid the derailment ahead. Good idea… isn’t it ? but i wanna ask you this, how do you offer your tomorrow… and why ? I remember in one occasion someone said that “as long as there are a lot of why’s that needs an honest answer, you got  to continue and keep on striving to reach your dreams” and how ?

Going back, do you realized that most of us are talking about tomorrow even if we are aware if it will come or not. A sincere heart of ours are mostly pre-occupied with our future taking no time or giving praise and thanks to what a day it had for us instead. Picking up from where we left is the best  attitude we need to let us move freely with our planned tomorrow…. again, what “if tomorrow never comes”  loudly we heard it from a radio.

Surrender we must, ourselves to the faith we believe in and act swiftly with the righteousness and norms of life, work and leisure days we gonna live for another day. This should be the easiest part of our life as we’ve seen the pros and  cons of for tomorrow in the acts we had… today. I offer my best for tomorrow as i did knew that i have a better of me today than yesterday.

A hundred times we fall and a hundredth one time we must… get up. – Paquito