Making New Things

We are being challenge equally by the test of time. As we embrace without any choice the coming year… we are somehow given the same amount of time frames for us to work with and be successful about it, profusely.

It is the best bet available for everybody, and it’ll run its course of desire to be use at a level we could make of, a leverage fairly square given and taken. By hook or by luck we must make new things for ourselves by always being the best that we can be even in the most difficult  way it should be.

Loosen up and be the happiest person on earth relentlessly. As the saying goes that  we should not let our happiness be source from the others but we should take pride to create our own… unique, adaptive, expressive or whatever you may want it to be as long as you’re the real and only source of it. We got our own heart and our own desires… work it out to flourish your contentment and fulfillment. Nobody will do that for you especially during your darkest hours.

To dream big is to work harder, strive hardest and sustain seamless excellence. It is a perfect thing that no one has ever achieved without trekking the part of despair, defeat and being turned down. Rise if you fall and skip if you must, the arrows of blunder a hundred times if that elusive cloak of satisfaction becomes too hard to grip and control. Make new things under your control like a commander in chief as to his armies. That every planned details of realistic work must bring results either preferred or not. The important thing is you made it happen. 

Dream like a kid but work like a man, new beginning simply means new chance. – Paquito


Rebuilding Enough

Hello my dear readers and fellow bloggers, my country had been hit by a super typhoon… international code name Nock Ten, packed a strong winds and heavy rains with the rate of signal number 4 putting those directly hit places under calamity status. A serious national concern if you are to ask me.

Philippines is a home to great white sand beaches and natural beauty, great food sources of seafood’s and agricultural harvest. It is also the home country of the worlds famous personalities in sports and beauty where in fact the 2017 Ms Universe pageant will be held this coming    January. But that is not the issue we will gonna be highlighting here but the possible turnaround solution in the event like these weather phenomena, typhoon… sitting above the equatorial belt my place is a tropical country where we experience only two types of season the wet and dry. Having a dry condition is not a problem at all as the solution lies in front of us, a trip down the shorelines we can beat the heat during summer months and it is the wet months that’s been hounding our fellowmen as continuous rains could spell flooded roads, overflowing rivers and strong cyclone winds that destroys houses, community and dreams.

Numerous times I’ve witnessed and read through newspapers that it’s like a cycle where it’s a come and go situation for them, that it seems like they just got to live with it all throughout their lives. Weather either good or bad, sunny or rainy are like the clothes we wear in our life that we got to really think a way to live with it harmoniously perhaps fittingly. It is better to think of ways to lessen if not eradicate the potential destruction it’ brings once it hit any part of the three big islands of the country. It is a wake up call to us as a professionals in the built industry to think of something that’ll benefit our countrymen. I believe we have the talent more than those consultants of foreign origin as we’ve all seen the vast reality of life of those living around the belt of our precious shorelines and even in the hinterlands.

Our government must spearhead a program aimed to help the people to have the adaptive design, cost effective construction and low maintenance houses of decent but functionality at its best by tapping the talents and resources within the country and lessen the damage anytime a typhoon hit the urban and rural areas. Rebuilding in a way it’ll stand the pressures of strong winds and flood waters or rising sea-water levels and its tributaries. This is not an easy task for the government and its people but with the right framework and adaptations of all sectors… no doubt this is the only and possible solution, if not a suggestion.. to those who are in the forefront of this battle. Weather disturbances is now in its hyperactivity as compared twenty or thirty years ago due the ill effects of denudation of mountains, over-extraction of deep water sources and waterways continuous constriction through mass dwelling of urban re-settlers in search for a greener pastures and decent life. Let us help rebuild the community not only through safe and sound infrastructure but a strong political and economical support to rebuild the lives of our countrymen for good.

A challenge where many leaders have battled it out yet fell short of the their prescribed results. A more pressing issue of urgent concern where the stats has a large discrepancy as against the war on drugs in terms of pressing needs to defy the odds every time a natural calamity strike their long suffering heart from the un-ending rift that resulted from multi-faction bickering. Who’s the best is better be known from the way we put those in the indigent minorities, where basic utilities services are still alien to their uncorrupted minds, where people are still uneducated due to presence of local bandit intrusion and harassment. Be the champion of your people by providing the eradication these challenges and reach out to those who believe they’re also the best without looking at their political parties, without looking at their beliefs,  for i believe that we are all Filipinos.

No odd is defiant if there is one clear direction at the other end where ALL is looking at. – Paquito

Paquito Montero Milestone Alert! 201st Article for the Year 2016

Whew! I can’t believe it, were now about to share the 201st story of the about to close year of 2016. A lot of unforgettable experiences are worth reminiscing. The blog world open up my eyes to appreciate things around me even if it was not the line of my interest. I really now understand how it works, on how to not to turn down things in front me and explore the unexpected God given talent upon me. Glory to God!

The next hundred stories and articles will cover so many great ideas and personalities of different interest. I hope excitement and forward looking feeling is all we got here as I am inviting you my dear readers to let your ideas, principles and experiences be read or heard throughout the four corners of the world as we are widely read globally.

To all of you who are very supportive and holistically following my blog site my heartfelt thanks and warmest greetings. Merry Christmas !

Figures are countless, thoughts create processes. – Paquito

Paquito Quote for the Day 19

We are always caught in shock whenever an “untimely passing” headline the news feeds of our browser, instinctively we look back at the specifics relative to the person involved. Death comes like a thief that we’ll never know when it’ll hit us. Chances are too difficult to guess unless someone is terminaliter male yet still unpredictable.

Looking back… it’s the way a lost life spent during the younger and peaked years that stay, the talent and distinct contribution of the chosen life which was music at its best that will serves as the strongest recollection we can have of him.

Allow me to share one of his best repertoire where the balance delivery of vocals and instruments sends shivers intimately to anybody who’ll gonna listen to the song “Where Did Your Heart Go” by Wham , Rest in Peace George Michael… like your music you’ll always be remembered even if this was your Last Christmas.

Where Did Your Heart Go

I spend my nights down on the wharf
In unlit alleyways
By the church downtown
Where Sally prays
Come down sometime
We’ll share a rusty can of corn
And listen to the radio
I love you, I love you, it says

Where did your heart go
Did you put it on a train
Did you leave it in the rain
Or down in Mexico

You cry, but I don’t know
I’ve heard it all before
There it goes again, the slamming of the door
Sometimes the river calls me
And at night it calls my name
Says “put your troubles down beside me”
Things have always been the same
And rock ‘n’ roll won’t teach me
What the river said that night
I jumped into this beauty
And drifted out of sight


Hits of the 80’s wont be complete without Wham, one of the British greatest music artist. – Paquito

Merry Christmas Everyone

It was one of the oldest and greatest story of birth everyone knew all over the world. The greatest gift mankind ever received thru divinity. The birth of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Isaiah 9:6
For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; And the government will rest on His shoulders; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.


I wish you all my fellow bloggers and dear followers the happiest moment of the tradition in today’s modern age that despite the unending miracles and banal works… hunger , war and terrorism continue to sow fear and untimely death amongst our fellowmen. 

Let there be the realization of a true peace and unity in all other nation and its people. Merry Christmas and Enjoy the Holidays

We are all saved thru the grace of our Father. – Paquito

Transition Period and It’s Importance

What a great college days it was, the summary of career paths are now prepared and its time to move forward to the professional world. On the job training, apprenticeship, mandatory applied training’s or whatever you may want to call it as long as it is the required acts to transitioned from being an entry level or beginner to an amateur status of the corporate world.

In this article we are going to set our focus in the field or getting professionally recognized as a full time Registered Architect, where the passing of a government official examination or city state exams is a part of the requirement to earned that prefix title before your name. Programs are dependent on each country or state but in the Philippines, a 24 months full time apprenticeship works is mandatory before an aspiring candidate can have his hand full with the 3-days board examination. Special studies both in the office and field site works are the two major requirements an apprentice must fulfilled.

Architecture firms with local and abroad commitments are the number one beneficiaries  of these graduates numbering to several hundreds if not thousands given the hard challenges to pass thru a series of battery test that includes thesis dissertation. Contractors and property developers are the second option where to earn and further nurture the actual studies needed to fortify the knowledge. Works covering CAD/CAE and or micro-station production drawings are just the threshold, materials and methodologies follows then quantity survey and project controls including overall project construction management. These are the technical side… and you’re bound to unconsciously learn the tricks and heirloom of the professional practice should you get the nod of your immediate superior to be given a task outside the program.

Though am sure that you got a pre-planned direction in your mind once you passed the board exam, i suggest you pick up the hardest and most challenging lesson you’ll encounter with during your stay with the firm or office as the work in the industry are somewhat a cycle of events that repeatedly transpire even if you dont like it. Have your notes handy to armed yourself with the basics and learn its complexities on a daily basis.

You’re bound to learn the inconvenient truth of going into a pro circle as you’ll come across the hardship of marketing the services that includes extended working hours to beat a deadline or presentation. Notice the way it is being done such as those back up plans and  strategies where the only goal is to left the door of war room victorious by means of a new contract of engagement. These are just a tip of the iceberg as no firms or offices are the same as all have their own mission and vision. The most important an apprentice like you to do is to find yourself within the organization, share your skill talent that you firmly believe are your strengths and further hone your weaknesses by continuously asking valid and varied questions in humility. That is the most important transitional way to pass thru the narrow gap of being an apprentice to a professional.

Learning the curve is the most difficult but  surviving it is the most rewarding. – Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 18

Time is gold but not for everyone.. For the accomplished and those who are in the moment of enjoying their life to its fullest, memories are as shiny as the priciest diamond well known ever to man. Company of people whom you’ve shared the fondest of them all likewise spell the greatest and unforgettable moment you had.

Then it is indeed immaterial to keep chasing time, for its nothing if it spent without utmost care.  Silly things there is as to others it may, goodwill and deeply rooted memoirs still count the most.

It’s how you’ve lived the moment that you can happily relive even in despair. – Paquito  

Business Development for Architects and Engineers for 2017

Everyone must be on vacation mode right now, merrily celebrating the year of success and failures, discussed the strategic rebounds and recovery…. that’s how the world of Architects and Engineers randomly ends and its time to be subtle for several days away from the rigid pressures of milestones and commitments. Welcome to the kingdom of the built and reconstruction industry. Like other pros and amateurs, we do need to brief the people involved for the cycle of successful approach of a certain project, before we leave the office, site office and the actual site itself to celebrate the coming of a new dawn.

Another full twelve months of borrowed time needed to be carefully plan and spend in a right direction, stumble once and the remaining time are subject to re-planning or schedule to squeeze in important lost dates. But the biggest question lies ahead is how… and why?

The clue is right unto your nose, planners and all sizes of calendars are sprawled in every bookstore you drop by and even cafeterias offering hard bounds once you’ve completed a couple of dozen stickers. But again, does planning really bring in the desired results or near expectations? Or play it like the way most of your peers does which is just keeping a project per month for a total of twelve for the whole year affair that according to them are less tedious but  less profitable and stress.

No matter what or how your choices are, it’ll be a busy year ahead for all of us who are passionate about rigors and rewards of the industry. And it all boils down to marketing strategies we all knew about and further enhancement we need to stay in the competition. Here are my five proven and research backed suggestions to stay competitive.

  • Update your company profile now and have it delivered the very  first business day of the year.
  • Send thank you notes and renew the expression of interest towards a new endeavor.
  • Get publicized or promoted thru any internet portals especially products related to the profession and services.
  • Connect with the bigwigs of the supply and subcon side , in doing this you are enticing them to make it  appear that youre always available once they got a requirement needing your expertise.
  • Send an email and sms message blast to all those you’ve worked with and to those you seem to know as potentials in the future.

Be crearively tech savvy with the marketing and business development side of the profession and consultancy services as the clientele out there are always nitty picky when it comes to initial introduction. Make it the most impressive.

A thousand fishes never bite a bait incidentally, they’ve got preferences either in size, color or texture… Make yours as the most recognizable and reliable. – Paquito

The Handiest Gift

Hello fellow bloggers and dear readers.. you must be one of those in a hurry to complete your gift list this coming holidays. How many times have you been gone to malls, searching that “unique gift” for your dear friends and acquaintances. Have you asked yourself what in this world is the handiest gift I can give this year ? Something that i can no longer think about after giving it and expect the widest smile from their faces once they have it?

We all normally think of ideas such as food, gadgets, smart phones, home improvement or enhancement things and a lot more. These are a packed of little or big heavy and not so handy to carry about while attending a party, isn’t it?

Here are my suggestions.. and the objective is to arrive in the party as if the special guest of the evening even if you are not and maintain that suave look all throughout the party.

  1. Gift Certificates
  2. Hotel Reservations Voucher
  3. Cinema  or Movie Tickets
  4. Sports Game Tickets
  5. A domain certificate of your blog site

I bet you’re all raising eyebrows but its sure a hit for these are not so typical ideas most of us are thinking about during this holiday season, in fact…. these are also applicable during birthday and anniversary occasion’s.

It’s the thought that counts they said… but its what she wants that count most. – Paquito

Think about Yourself

Hey, you’ve been so busy thinking about the holidays! The gifts , parties and all other amazing things relative to Christmas. Accept it, you’re way too busy about them but not about you…. isn’t it.

For you to better express and strengthen your love and care for your loved ones you have to think of loving yourself…. first and foremost. There is this thing they called reciprocal phenomenon that simply tells us to do things first for ourselves to become better for the others! Sounds true, as how can we be better or best for them if we are a mediocre for ourselves … Think about it.. and feel it.

The word Priority never had an “A”, rarity resonates best when it’s being considered. – Paquito