Why Do People Write..

We learn to write things of our imaginations during our younger years, when we used to scribble crooked lines in any surface we seemed to likened… the visible the better. Communication is the rich and vital reason people penned a letter, stories or memos… even in notes. With only one thing in mind, to send an information. But sometimes it is not an obligation to return the gesture or respond as needed or deemed meritorious, depends on the exact situation. A clear message requires a clear writing even if it is …. your thoughts here. 

We must remember that the true essence of writing is just the beginning with certainty of getting be heard and send the message across and find fulfillment in the end. And please, don’t write to gain appreciation but write because you appreciate writing…. Send me your notes and correspondences by hitting that green follow bar and start appreciating things together.

All exploration have started in writings. – Paquito 


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