Paquito Quote for the Day 17

We cant serve two master’s at a time… So many are entrapped in a silly situation that they sometimes end up the weakest link to both directions a person has been through. But how about when it comes to differences… of irreconcilable issues that somehow kills a team instead of fortifying it? This has been the most common predicament of people in an organization, institution and even circle of friends.

Will you let the foundation of a strong organization or an institution ruined by issues we brand as irreconcilable? How irreconcilable it is depends on who is at both ends of the deal. No issues has no solution or the other way around. It simply easy to say that it can be fix and move further on with the flow of our normal lives…. Think about it.

Nothing in this world are irreconcilably difficult to settle if we want it to be settled for good. Paquito 


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