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Paquito Answer for the Day 18

Time is gold but not for everyone.. For the accomplished and those who are in the moment of enjoying their life to its fullest, memories are as shiny as the priciest diamond well known ever to man. Company of people whom you’ve shared the fondest of them all likewise spell the greatest and unforgettable moment you had.

Then it is indeed immaterial to keep chasing time, for its nothing if it spent without utmost care.  Silly things there is as to others it may, goodwill and deeply rooted memoirs still count the most.

It’s how you’ve lived the moment that you can happily relive even in despair. – Paquito  

Paquito Montero
I might not be the best but am sure You're looking for the best, glad you found it... read on and share your thoughts. Gracias!

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