Continue to Learn from Your Mistakes

The lessons and experiences of the 83 unlucky  contestants in the recent Miss Universe 2016 beauty pageant will surely lead them to a greater opportunity in their home country. Apart from meeting new friends in every pretty soul the contest had, even the fans, spectators and followers of each contestants cannot hide the joy and satisfaction with the way their bets performed during the week-long pageantry. Many predictions were nowhere near the exciting part and pressures of what a true confidence of a woman should have in times of diverse adversities. Miss Andrea Tovar who’ve represented Colombia showed what she got amid the pressure to bring back the glory to her country which was once held by her countrymen before the controversial announcement of winner where the whole world learned the greatest lesson of truth and moving on convincingly. Miss Colombia finished Second Runner Up overall , a great feat looking back the remaining 83 candidates.

There are more mistakes than the right things around, learn how to learn from it. – Paquito

photo credit to rappler and miss universe press site.


Paquito Quote for the Day 23

The live telecast of the Miss Universe 2016 is very timely with the societal issues and global respect our woman of modern times must deserve. At the start of the program, a question as to why they wanted to be the Miss Universe?

A lot and of huge impact answers are all we could hear as these women from the seven continents of the  world are all focus and very much willing to share their diversity and make a difference by leading through a great example and inspired millions of people by being the Miss Universe 2016.

Behind every great women is their own universal diversity, love and power. – Paquito 


Miss Universe 2016…… Paquito’s Personal Choices

In the less than 9 nine hours the new Miss Universe 2016 will wear the crown every single woman has dream of as a kid… it is expected that most of the Filipino fans will skip the first 4 hours of their respective works and offices just to watch the pageant that’ll be witness around the world,  and just like the days when Manny Pacman Pacquiao fights in Las Vegas, all the busy major roads are deserted and free of traffic… the number one and perennial problem of the country.  And tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning, we are all in for a treat,… a great one!

With the pageant broken into three major stages, first is the top 13, next is the top 6 and lastly the top 3 who are all assured of the title and runner-up finishes respectively. So here are my personal choices that I carefully watch in two preliminaries, the swimsuit and long gown competition while looking also at the official website of the Miss Universe. Photo images credit to Miss Universe official website.

First are my lucky – 13 , in random order…




They’re all pretty and posses the “it” thing of a Miss Universe queen or what they commonly call as the x-factor and it’ll gonna be a different story once they compete once more in the swimsuit and long gown competition that it’s quite difficult to choose the top 6, this will gonna be the most difficult part of the contest. Here are my top 6 , again in random order…


Wow, I wish I got the best six of them all… as the final 3 will be drawn from here and what a feeling this will gonna give to those rooting for candidates that they believe are also deserving to be in the final three! They’re all deserving, i swear but we got different ways to see the beauty and the level of appreciation. I truly respect your choices and please respect mine… Here they are!


Any of the three from the countries, Venezuela, Nicaragua and our very own are all deserving to continue Queen Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach’s reign for the next twelve months and spread the importance of it’s existence in this world which is to promote awareness in all charitable works, help fight global disease through social awareness and outreach in global proportion.

The greatest beauty a woman has is her capacity to help continue the human existence in every race. – Paquito


Kung Hei Fat Choi Everyone! 

Hello to all my dear followers and fellow bloggers and readers especially from China and it’s territories. I wish you all the peace, good health and prosperity as we celebrate the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017.

Today’s celebration is very significant concerning all the countries of the world as the Philippines hospitality and world renowned beautiful places take center stage together with the prettiest contestants from 86 countries as they vie for the crown of Miss Universe 2016 which is currently held by our very own Ms Pia Wurtzbach.


Happy Chinese New Year to All of You! – Paquito