Continue to Learn from Your Mistakes

The lessons and experiences of the 83 unlucky  contestants in the recent Miss Universe 2016 beauty pageant will surely lead them to a greater opportunity in their home country. Apart from meeting new friends in every pretty soul the contest had, even the fans, spectators and followers of each contestants cannot hide the joy and satisfaction with the way their bets performed during the week-long pageantry. Many predictions were nowhere near the exciting part and pressures of what a true confidence of a woman should have in times of diverse adversities. Miss Andrea Tovar who’ve represented Colombia showed what she got amid the pressure to bring back the glory to her country which was once held by her countrymen before the controversial announcement of winner where the whole world learned the greatest lesson of truth and moving on convincingly. Miss Colombia finished Second Runner Up overall , a great feat looking back the remaining 83 candidates.

There are more mistakes than the right things around, learn how to learn from it. – Paquito

photo credit to rappler and miss universe press site.


Paquito Quote for the Day 23

The live telecast of the Miss Universe 2016 is very timely with the societal issues and global respect our woman of modern times must deserve. At the start of the program, a question as to why they wanted to be the Miss Universe?

A lot and of huge impact answers are all we could hear as these women from the seven continents of the  world are all focus and very much willing to share their diversity and make a difference by leading through a great example and inspired millions of people by being the Miss Universe 2016.

Behind every great women is their own universal diversity, love and power. – Paquito 


Miss Universe 2016…… Paquito’s Personal Choices

In the less than 9 nine hours the new Miss Universe 2016 will wear the crown every single woman has dream of as a kid… it is expected that most of the Filipino fans will skip the first 4 hours of their respective works and offices just to watch the pageant that’ll be witness around the world,  and just like the days when Manny Pacman Pacquiao fights in Las Vegas, all the busy major roads are deserted and free of traffic… the number one and perennial problem of the country.  And tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning, we are all in for a treat,… a great one!

With the pageant broken into three major stages, first is the top 13, next is the top 6 and lastly the top 3 who are all assured of the title and runner-up finishes respectively. So here are my personal choices that I carefully watch in two preliminaries, the swimsuit and long gown competition while looking also at the official website of the Miss Universe. Photo images credit to Miss Universe official website.

First are my lucky – 13 , in random order…




They’re all pretty and posses the “it” thing of a Miss Universe queen or what they commonly call as the x-factor and it’ll gonna be a different story once they compete once more in the swimsuit and long gown competition that it’s quite difficult to choose the top 6, this will gonna be the most difficult part of the contest. Here are my top 6 , again in random order…


Wow, I wish I got the best six of them all… as the final 3 will be drawn from here and what a feeling this will gonna give to those rooting for candidates that they believe are also deserving to be in the final three! They’re all deserving, i swear but we got different ways to see the beauty and the level of appreciation. I truly respect your choices and please respect mine… Here they are!


Any of the three from the countries, Venezuela, Nicaragua and our very own are all deserving to continue Queen Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach’s reign for the next twelve months and spread the importance of it’s existence in this world which is to promote awareness in all charitable works, help fight global disease through social awareness and outreach in global proportion.

The greatest beauty a woman has is her capacity to help continue the human existence in every race. – Paquito


Kung Hei Fat Choi Everyone! 

Hello to all my dear followers and fellow bloggers and readers especially from China and it’s territories. I wish you all the peace, good health and prosperity as we celebrate the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017.

Today’s celebration is very significant concerning all the countries of the world as the Philippines hospitality and world renowned beautiful places take center stage together with the prettiest contestants from 86 countries as they vie for the crown of Miss Universe 2016 which is currently held by our very own Ms Pia Wurtzbach.


Happy Chinese New Year to All of You! – Paquito



Watch Out for the UPDATE with the Latest on CPD and IRR for the Architects as per R.A.10912

The venue were filled to the rafters as the UAP-QC Chapter members attended and get a glimpse of the most talk of the town topic amongst the Professionals of country, read as ALL Professions except the Professional Practice of the Law. The general membership meeting lasted than the prescribed schedule as the guest speaker Architect Chona E. Ponce presented the intricacies and cobwebs of the Continuing Professional Development programs and activities that’ll covered the needed and mandated forty-five (45) CPD points or you may want to call it CPE points.

This column will publish the presentation made last January 25, 2017 at the Tower Restaurant once we get a copy through the kind consideration of the presenter, Ar. Chona E. Ponce,fuap;Phd.

Watch out for it!

Gentlemen and Ladies,  hold-on to your horses, the race is about to start, again.. – Paquito

Perilous Living, Right Locations the Key to a Better and Healthier Living

Modernization is the best word to described a transformation that takes in any place encompassing community development . During the 70’s specifically in the Philippines, a major highway labeled as Highway 54 is a long stretch of empty and wide road linking the north and south portions of the metropolis. Bicycles, horse driven hearse are the mode of transportation aside from few wide bodied cars driven by the elite class of the society. Industrial revolution’s swarmed the world like fire that there are only few country’s left without the modern means of transportation…. that was then.

Fast forward, that same major highway which is now called EDSA is a place of direct convergence of all walks of life. There stand in the middle is an elevated and sub-way-ed rail transport system exist and a wider congested highway is serving the millions of motorist of all types, including wooden push cart. Improvement infrastructure works were in place thinking that this could ease and comfortably give the road user the convenience of travel. Rain or shine it is the most busiest highway in the country that a couple of steps you’ll find lines of big developments, commercial, mixed-use, terminals, schools and most recently high-rise condominiums. Not that it adds up to  the multiple branch-out of side roads going to inner part of a city or place of work, posh subdivisions held their fence high with a long lines of full blown trees to address the noise and air pollution the highway motorist vehicle emissions create.

Several high rise buildings of open balcony type condominiums were built and are being build that they’re selling to young professionals seeking independent living and to those on the look out for a starter house located in the city. With proximity to primary needs of living like hospitals, schools, supermarkets and work-places and outdated travelling time as its lead marketing ploy, these buyer’s have no time to contemplate on what they’re having in the future. Add the “only few units left” strategies of these sales agents, buyers can’t help but give-in to the market.

The discussion points to vehicle emission as the leading factor that contributes 69% to the country’s air pollution. 90% of which comes from Metro Manila.

Air pollutants travel in all direction above that most of the would be victims are those living in an open type buildings which are prevalent along the highway spine. And to immediately address the issue, the occupant has no recourse but to close the windows and let an air conditioning system running 24/7 and see his power bill shoot without any let-up. Aside from future safety in respect to fall, it is high time to go back to the drawing boards and reconsider things first that we offer to the general buying public of a product where their blood and sweat and savings are their only means of purchasing power.

The real initiative must come from the conceptual promoter who in the aid of technical experts comprised of the Architects, Engineers and the Contractors must speak out their loudest when it comes to the safety concerns of the customers, especially their health welfare. Time to rethink what is safer than what is a seller. No wonder a high rise building located at the mountain were aptly designed and erected with due diligence to both safety and health concern of their prospective buyer. gone are the day’s where consideration for healthy living and safety utilization are the primary aim of the forms that follows function. Time to revisit the zoning master plan if it still useful for the next generation to come.

We are morally obliged to provide development that’ll served both man and his environment. – Paquito

Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag …… Trip Up North in Manaoag Pangasinan, Philippines

Devoted Roman Catholics make their daily trip to one of the most miraculous church in the northern part of the Philippines, the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag in Manaoag Pangasinan which is under the administration of Archdiocese of Lingayen-Pangasinan. People from all walks of life or status seeking divine intervention… healing of the sick and asking guidance through strong prayers were found true according to those who have manifested and became ardent devotee and follower after receiving the requested favors and petitions. You must attend a mass before receiving the holy communion and seeking grant to your petition/s.

Getting there is now made easier than ever as new highways interlinking the major thoroughfares from Metro Manila are already in place, and for only half an hour and two the 200 kilometer is the fastest with the usual traffic. Having the Quezon City Memorial Circle as the starting point, head north to Mindanao Avenue and straight to the very first toll gate of the North Luzon Expressway or NLEX and pay the minimum toll fee (45 Php). Go straight and take the exit SCTEX/Clark Airport (+/- 300Php) then had towards an interchange and take right to follow Clark North/Hacienda Luisita/Tarlac City/Baguio /TPLEX… you wont get confuse here as this is the only expressway leading to the last exit point of TPLEX which is the Binalonan Exit (+/-300Php). It’s just another 10-15 minutes drive going to Milo Street where the basilica is located to your left. I suggest you take the same route for a hassle free travel in going back, as bridge going to Urdaneta is under construction. As for the food, it’s up to you since there are a lot to choose from, but i can’t help but tell you that a small tupig vendor located downstairs to the left of the basilica is the probably the best i’ve ever tasted!

It’s an amazing spiritual experience and going back is an option as the Lord have paved the easiest and safest way to the basilica minor. For more of Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag, check Google and see the history, other options to go directly and communication details.

In prayers we seek thy blessings, in humility we act courageously. – Paquito


UAP QC Monthly GMM January 2017

Hello fellow Architects, the UAP-QC Chapter will hold it’s first general membership meeting for the year 2017 this coming January 25 at 6:30 – 11:00 in the evening, the topic will cover the “Understanding the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Law for the Architects and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR)” with the Chairman for UAP Committee on CPE  and a Member of CPD Council For Architecture, Dean Chona E. Ponce, fuap; Phd.

Reservation can be made thru sms and clicking yes at the Chapter’s group page, for details contact UAP-QC Chapter Secretary Ar. Mae Ferrer

The next paragraph was lifted from the PRC Official Website for your further read..

Full Implementation of CPD Compliance in 2017


Manila, October 17, 2016— In compliance with Republic Act No. 10912 entitled An Act Mandating and Strengthening the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program for all Regulated Profession, Creating the Continuing Professional Development Council, and Appropriating Funds therefor, and for Other Related Purposes, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) will fully implement the requirement for CPD. The implementation of the said Act will be on the first quarter of 2017. This is to give time to the Professional Regulatory Boards (PRBs) in consultation with the Accredited Integrated Professional Organization / Accredited Professional Organization (AIPO/APO) and other stakeholders to promulgate the general Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) which is mandated within six months from the effectivity of the said Act. Each Professional Regulatory Board (PRB) shall issue its own operational guidelines for the implementation of CPD Program. 

End of the paragraph.

We choose to continue learning by humbling and conducting  ourselves within the realms of rules and regulations for the global generation. – Paquito



Dealing with the Fault Finder The Easy Way

What a great first two weeks it has been for everyone of us! With my brothers and sisters in the America’s looking forward to a new life in the horizon as they chase the dream of making America great again…. let me share to you a simple idea that pops up on my way home from a long drive down south. Happy reading and dont forget to click that follow button to subscribe to all the articles, unique articles as i wanna say only from your humble blogger from the pearl of the orient… here it is..

Have you had experienced the stress of indirect interrogation, where your words were seems to be scrutinized part by part. If yes, then welcome to the world of fault finder. As most of the people are far too busy to notice it, many low rank entry level rebel are falling into the traps of this webbed situation. Some are very good at it that you can’t even fault them for doing so even if its pretty obvious they are at it, as you find yourself the grit of the thematic way they’re delivering the alien words to you and finally pull you down flat the bottom of the ladder way.

Relax, you can’t be in the same place with them if you think that you are not one of them. Strayed those ideas like a handful of marbles and let them slip and figure out how to get up on their feet. But it is not that easy as what you think. You gotta do some research and get the fact-sheet clear before doing so.  Remember, it pays to be obligated and pro-active in arming yourself of the system or culture you are dealing with and working with. Find time to read and asked how it works and slowly camouflage yourself into a willing learner even if you’re not.  Dont be a bad ninja.

Dont accept the fact especially if you dont get the real source of conundrum. – Paquito


Paquito Quote for the Day 22

A change in command everybody commonly known as transition. Even before the civilized world a lot of change in command have transpired… some as ugly as you could’ve imagine, cities destroyed, millions killed and some were treated with the label as DMW or dead man walking. And a lot also transpired in a fairy tale like stories just like in those thick children’s book. The world has been fair to man, it was the man who’ve not been fair to world.

They’ve said that there is the starkest evidence of how the world is seen should we used the  wealthiest net worth versus the total number of population ratio and proportion comparison. With a 1% to 50% ratio, one thing popped up my mind. These one percent holder of the 50% of the populations wealth will continue to widened unless we start looking.. to learn how’ did they do it. A country like the America is already in that phase and pace, by electing for the first time in the US history an incoming leader… who is a billionaire. All are forward looking and all are very much willing to learn.

An experienced man need not to tell you what to do, just watch him do it and learn fruitfully. – Paquito