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Paquito Answer for the Day 20

Comparing macro and micro isn’t sounds bad or good as to who is either at the other end of the comparison. A lot of sound ideas and extra ordinary solutions are available right in our nose but we can’t execute it without a haste due to the legal impediment it may pose once we start scratching the tip of it. With the on-going talks with regards to those small business players source of capital being the next target of the government crackdown to “illegal activities” in the society, “lending thru 5-6” included… we can’t fathomed the idea of how these small entrepreneurs might end up once the capital source are plug for good.

An alternative source must be delivered or created if  they’re seriously considering the full stoppage to loan sharks, including with the our friendly foreign small time but lenient and very considerate business partners. Astronomical salaries and bonuses these so called experts are receiving only kept me asking, where are the alternatives to the problems they seemed making the poor, poorer in making both ends meet on a daily basis? Isn’t it better to put the solution first before plugging the “illegal business” they’re talking about… just asking.

Running around the bush sometimes get you on time to your preferred destination. – Paquito

Paquito Montero
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