Paquito Answer for the Day 23

Creativity comes in many forms, it is not limited to our five senses. A winding road can be easy to some but not to you… yet you can have unlimited choice to go with it or decide not to go at all. That’s how short or brief your unlimited thoughts on unlimited challenges are… remember when, if you get there ahead of time…

Unlimited not all possesses the same genetics to see things as they are.  – Paquito


RESULTS !!! The UAP-QC Chapter Newly Elected Officers for FY 2017-2018

The members have spoken and voted the next set of officers task to run and manage the administrative and organizational affairs of the UAP Quezon City Chapter for the fiscal year 2017-2018. Incumbent president Ar. Carla Epino formally cemented her second term with almost the team with some officer moving up a position or two. Committee Chairman for Election affairs past chapter president Ar. Maricel Arce-Ignacio led the proclamation of winners of the election result inside the Max’s Restaurant in Quezon City where a monthly General Membership meeting were simultaneously held  for a productive evening attended by more than a hundred members. See complete list of set of new officers who will take oath this coming July 2017 in a venue to be announce. Watch out for it! Congratulations.


UAP Quezon City Chapter Officers 2017-2018

Chapter President : Carla Epino

Vice President for Programs : Marian Eileen Florentino-Marudo

Vice President for Operations : Dante Aguirre

Secretary : Norma Mae Ferrer

Treasurer : Nilda Santos

Auditor : Jacobsen Montoya

Directors : Marlon Reyes ; Cielo Perez ; Jonalyn Lauchengco ; Jordan Cerina

The beacon of an organization’s success depends on the height of of sacrifices and dedication to uphold its purpose of existence. – Paquito


Earthquake Information and How to Deal with the Big One?

It’s early morning hours of office works and everybody’s just arriving and queuing at front stairs, hallways and elevator lobbies… it was a normal day and suddenly the lights went out and you heard blast like a power transformer explosion, the floor you’re standing shakes sideways sending all into shock and panic, screams and cries filled the once cold space into a hot and seemed unventilated place with a humming sound eeriest at anybody’s ears coupled with glass walls breaking and falling debris from above…. what will you do? And that simple question is like a thin hair strands gap you have between life and death or succumbing to extreme injury a devastating phenomena like an earthquake could bring. Are you ready for the big one?

Too many visuals, reminders and all other suggested preparations were published, shown and disseminated to the general public and yet there’s still some  casualties that are recorded whenever an earthquake strikes. Maybe we should rethink our way of dealing with it, will quick response action based on our own knowledge help us in a way or two? perhaps we can use our own technical, health, communication and practical expertise deal with the situation once it struck us? What i’m trying to say is to act cautiously the way we think it is effective. Like if you’re an engineer , how do think you’ll react in the first five seconds of the scenario? The first thing that’ll run into your mind is to position yourself in a safer part of the building you’re in right?   What about those in the media, use your loud voice to say “stay calm everybody” in a very mild and calming clear as headphones… and so on. This way you are helping yourself to survive by having everybody else survive also.

Remember that it is not the earthquake itself that kills people, it is the surrounding structures, fires, suffocation, abrupt water level rise, tsunami, unstable earth grounds and hard falling object. Count the unhealthy nervousness that most of the old people have… these are the true killers, the source of casualties that is retributive to the calamity.

Why people can’t be vigilant when it comes to wrath of nature? It is because of our differences in cultural beliefs that we must put to stop as early as yesterday. Earthquake has been scientifically explained and made known to man and yet not all people believe and subscribed to the idea. For as long as people continue to believe with what they think is the true source of the earthquake, with what their ancestors have taught them with regards to  the disastrous effect it brings to mankind there will be countless casualties in the coming generation. Preparation is the key.

Allow me to share to you a message from the government agency DOST-PHILVOCS as to types of earthquake hazards for you might be living in any of the illustrations shown.

Your survival depends on your willingness to learn. – Paquito

Paquito Quote for the Day 26

We tend to make promises just to put a stop at those people trying to force us to do something out of their own prejudice. But will you give in even at the back of your mind you’re not subscribing to the idea or issues just to please them outright? Sounds common in every corner right, albeit annoying.

So how does someone create a no-offense-meant response in the middle of conversation ? Depending on your relationship with the same person you can always speak your mind the way you’re doing it in a normal and casual way. Besides it’s better to hold on nothing that is true and sincere to your heart…. than something that’s in the first place you’re aware you can’t formally do as expected.

Promises should never be pronounce at all, as simple as that. – Paquito