When Compliance becomes an Issue

The million survivors of the recent 6.7 magnitude earthquake that hit Surigao province in the southern part of the Philippines and  currently experiencing repeated and unexpected aftershocks as strong as 4.3 magnitude caught everyone flabbergasted with the heavy damages in infrastructure as almost the entire capital were involved, where most of their daily lives evolved for years.

The human instinct is to react to any adversity and as an act of resurrection… this time stronger, educated and willing to rebuild their lives and city. For some it’s easy and doable… given their financial resources and access to professional services needed for a brief rebuild but sadly for many of the affected families it’ll take a lot time for them to cope up that they’ve got to stay for the meantime inside the local government provisions of evacuation centers.

Join me as we tackle step by step as to how we can help the common population in dealing with this type of disaster by at least setting the limits of destruction through best practices in design and construction standards in a moral and obligatory way of services.

Civilization will continue together with natural disasters… social responsibility requires no age, gender and beliefs as all must choose to live a life to its fullest…. responsibly. – Paquito 


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