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Good day my dear wonderful readers and fellow bloggers around the planet where some are basking under the beautiful summer sun while those on the other side are trying to catch up with the remaining tail of winter for comfort. This just popped up and I’ve try to ask someone what and how does it feel to experience being blindsided…

According to several research and psychology experts, everyone experiences the consciousness of being  and unconsciously. Depending on the situation or person and or shall I say circumstances, you’ll never know you’ve been hit or attacked not until you’ve realize it.

To avoid it is like being too attentive with your words, action and opinion. And you’ll never like the results or it’s ill effect to your being as like what we said….,  it comes from a direction we don’t really knew and in an unexpected grounds.

Don’t turn a blind eyes to the obvious ones instead lead them to the brighter side. – Paquito

Paquito Montero
I might not be the best but am sure You're looking for the best, glad you found it... read on and share your thoughts. Gracias!

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