Staying Safe During Rainy Days

The tropical storms are lording the weather system of Southeast Asia and as expected, lives and properties including crops that are suppose to be harvested come October are damaged. Unexpected travel woes are abound during the wet season and staying safe and dry becomes a habit everyone needs to practice. So how do we keep ourselves dry and safe in this type of season? Here are top 5 ways to do it !

photo credit to ABS CBN

  • Watch and Listen to News Update particularly Weather Forecast Reports. Never take it for granted!
  • Gear up, protect yourself with the right rain gear. Boots, raincoats, jackets, cap, umbrella, extra shirts and others. You’ll never know what’s gonna happen once a heavy rain struck.
  • Create an option when it comes to traveling or getting to train stations. It’s so easy to get home if you’ve had an option available to you but if the option is not viable then stay safe inside your workplaces, gas stations, bus and train stations or be sorry getting soaked wet.
  • A happy tummy is a happy Daddy as they say. Be sure to have energy replenishment. A pack of biscuits, instant coffee or chocolate drink that you can consume during the trying hours is a must as you don’t wanna end up in the nearest ER and be treated to IV due to exhaustion.
  • Last but not the least! Stay Connected with a full charge phone! Keeping yourself connected via SMS, social media and phone calls surely relieve the pressures of your love ones. Keeping them updated to you Le whereabouts is a good sign of communication. Take photo of your surroundings and let them know how difficult it is at that moment in time as you’ll never if they’ve got an acquaintance near that place and seek solace for a while.

There are a thousand more am sure that you can consider during the rainy season. Staying out of trouble such as flash floods, traffic and hassles can be done if you do your research very well relative to your normal route. But if you get trapped, take it as an opportunity to make new friends and who knows you might just stumble to the person your soul has been searching for!

Stay safe everyone! – Paquito


Data Protection

Don’t panic, everything under your watch should’ve been under your control.  What is this? Another information technology jargon or just an act that needs sincere and honest disposition in behalf of those who’ve subscribed to a certain IT based or cloud based data that’s vital for your daily finance, mail, logistics, fitness, organization or whatsoever that requires your personal information to realize a background inputs of profile it needs to scan or select the appropriate pattern of your choices. What is that again!?

I am at lost while writing this piece of article with respect to the hottest topic of the social media , Data Breach…

Have you been breached? Can’t access your account? or somebody is using your personal account identity? Don’t let that ruin your day… be vigilant and create key pass that you find too difficult to remember except you.

Don’t pass-d-word or you’ll end up sorry. – Paquito

What other things should people keep protecting ? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, as I learn just as much from you as you do from me.