Lost Without Your Love

It’s appreciation weekend for all of us and I’d like to share to you how this contestant from a humble family have able to grab the golden microphone held by the defending champion in one of the most watched singing contest in the Philippines, Tawag ng Tanghalan sa It’s Showtime. Let’s watch it! Enjoy….

Here’s the link ! Abigail De Guzman

Everyone’s going gaga over the song that it had them caught in a Last Song Syndrome. Amazing!

Have a great day everyone! – Paquito

Video credit to the owner ABS-CBN.


Listen Carefully

Everyone loves to talk, share their ideas and lead a group discussion in any areas of  issues surrounding politics, health, sports showbiz and the most dangerous  of all , to gossip. I was browsing my social media handle for career growth and opportunity and stumble upon a group of discussion that highlights peoples tendency to talk, to lead and to some to mentor. There is even a great word for every single letter of the word and i politely asked the author Mr. Anthony Pangilinan , Chairman of his company and he has the following which is worth sharing to you!

People always forget to listen, providing an earful moment of respect is the most powerful search engine you have in order to fully understand the real deal.


That said it all. Need I say more. – Paquito