About the Blogger


Paquito Montero is a legitimate blog identity coined by a humble professional in various fields of real estate, construction, project management, architecture and entrepreneurship. The continuous change of professional challenges have made the man adaptable to it and increase the radial reach of practice with the digital platform. Like any individual, I get excited hearing breaking news in relation to current events, finance, medical breakthrough, construction and high level development and of course.. sports! An avid sports fan of basketball and an active cross-trainer whose only aim is to stay fit and fab. It is by the virtue of old saying that ” a pen is mightier than a sword ” but in today’s generation “blogging being part of the advance communication have become more powerful than the mighty pen” now that everyone are riding high with the digital age of inter-linkages in sharing and uplifting a common goal of excellence to every people’s daily lives.

Behind every difficulty I saw a lot of opportunity”  – Paquito 


"behind every difficulty have you seen the opportunity" – Paquito

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