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Surplus Impulse

We never cease to invent, create and discover new things for the modern and future world we live but out of this picture is a larger frame of people whose love for second hand items is incomparable. What drives them to do it? What makes them to choose it over the new ones and how do they see things from a different or rather the other side of the tunnel when it comes to finding they need.

While to some it is for the sake of finding the most practical buy available in the market others find it addicting to return to that specific place where they’ve found the very first item that catch their inner thoughts on “satisfaction” .

Does being satisfied is enough to let them do a “repeat buy” ? Enter the power of scientific impulse. What is it? Is it a character, drive or addiction? Let’s dig deeper.

Send me your idea’s when it comes to “impulsive surplus buying” that’ll give us true source of reason behind every reasons we all have. – Paquito


Business means Busyness

So you wanna go into business… if you possess an understanding with regards to these..  vision, mission in life, not that expert idea about the line you wanna go, a small capital or a real source of capital, time and hard-work for the next 120 days of your life…. go for it. Besides you wont be able to learn what it have for you on the very second day if you don’t start any day. Agree.?

Ask those people who’ve been there and those in any field of business, food, supplies, trading or even the simple small handy store in the street corner and for sure you’ll learn a thing or two on how to put things up from scratch. But everything is within your reach now, try googling it and voila you got what you want, your questions answered up front. Then what’s next to it? That is where your intuitive thinking is badly needed. While some prefers to hear real stories of success rather than experimenting on their own, saving time and money… the truth is they trust their instincts and accept the fact of what they’re capable of when it comes to critical things especially if it involves a huge sum of money. See just thinking of business to put up makes you busier than ever? Agree?

There are no pretentious practice day in business, everyday is game day. Being in business means a lot… of your time, money, contacts, connections and other aperture to magnify the multiplication of your capital…. better known as busyness. It cover’s all the aspect relative to your choice and passion. But don’t forget that in business everything is counted and being accounted and dont forget no to go hard in trading as everything especially in dealings as emotions has no space or value in this world when money talks and walk the progress of success.

Money changes lifestyle… you want extravaganza then get yourself busy doing business. – Paquito

How to Plan your 2017 within the remaining 27 days of the year

Here we are again in the same atmosphere of cramming and juggling our remaining time of the year 2016 to carefully establish long and short term plans for the next one. Some of us must be relying on “what comes to us is destined to come” while for others its like “keep it coming and will do face it once its there” attitude… enough of it, as there is no surefire way to face the reality than by being at least discerning the future within the last 27 days as of this writing.

So how do we go about it, what i can give you is only my own way of process to do it which has been effective to me and i hope to you as well.. Here is how’d did it last year.

Identify your 5 major pain and gain things ahead for the next 365 days and divide the remaining 27 days of the year doing it… of course you need to write it inn whatever piece of medium you’re comfortable with.

These are the 5 major pain and gain things i always got in mind.

  1. Health
  2. Family
  3. Bread and Butter Booster
  4. Connections, Connections and long list of connections
  5. Wealth

See how life was created simple for everyone by putting your cerebral strengths to think of these only five majors and live a better one this coming year. On your first five days of the remaining 27, list down everything about your health, remember that your scientific age defines wellness and we must put in the same amount of consideration to ensure were fit and fab once we start facing the rigors and rigidity of life from the very first day of the coming year. We must stay healthy because we love our family, we wanted to share all our success and lead them to a happier life situation as compared to the current experiences we have, including spirituality for a better understanding of our purpose of the others. Then we list down everything in regards to our careers, sources of income and the like. We list down the prosperity plan of our leadership to boost our worth in the coming year, nobody wanted to settle for less right.

No man is an island and it is a nomadic way of strategy to not to expand our horizons, our breadth and depths when it comes to “who you know” It should be a never ending list to gain contacts and acquaintances… you might be talking to the next millennial millionaire without knowing it so we must make use of the promising way of communications in all medium, portals and clubs. Being old school should not be taken for granted in lieu of these new playground of the millennial brats.

Lastly lets have our biggest last 5 days listing all about W.E.A.L.T.H ! … oh c’mon we dont plan for nothing, right? There is always the ratio and proportion factor to consider whenever we are discussing bout wealth. It comes in many forms, either number of  friends or acquaintance, organizations, charitable or social responsibility…. you name it. We should have a balance sort of this mans best friend that will make us feel fulfilled and successful once were doing another round of planning by the end of the 2017. Think like the way the wealthiest people on this planet.. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg  and Richard Branson to name a few. Read their stories and analyze their philosophy in life. A fellow Filipino success story such as Jhet Torcelino-van Ruyven and many others that you can find from the books as written in the Go-Negosyo series of Joey Concepcion. And of course you must be one the wealthiest when it comes to the Almighty’s word and inspiration…

It only summed up to 25 days and what we gonna do with the last two days of the year? We must celebrate the life we had of this year  of 2016.

Dont fail to plan, if you do… you’ve just planned, to fail. – Paquito

That thing called Blogapalooza Experience

A battle is half won by being present in the battlefield. Difficulties in any certain situation never ends and provided answers are abound for everyone waiting for rightful use or timing to unleash the motion or decision and move forward…. victorious. 

Expectation were controlled on my way to the venue which is just a 5 minutes drive from my place, though unofficially registered.., still tried my best to ensure that I’ll be participating no matter what as I’ve missed the previous engagement held last May 2016 at Centris Quezon City,…. dubbed as the Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0 Charting the Uncharted Business to Blogger Networking and Marketing event… Payoneer Country Manager Miguel Warren talked about monetizing your blog and the best way to secure payments in doing online business involving international clients… new learnings indeed.

I’ve been attending events for a couple of decades now but i can say that this is a bit far different from my professional life as an Architect, meeting new faces, learning new businesses and establish new acquaintances including well known figures or luminaries in this uncharted field of business. I came in empty-handed with only my iPhone and car keys but went home with bag of goodies, countless friends and most importantly… strongly motivated that there is indeed a great silver lining in the horizons of any endeavor especially in the realms of blogging that needs to be taken seriously.

I’ve never imagined in my wildest dream that i’ll be meeting one of the most celebrated story of tremendous courage and power in the person of Ms. Jhet Torcelino-van Ruyven. Reject – rejection as she repeatedly said to the well attended event at the hall of the Novotel Manila Araneta Center . The Tale of Juliet, is sure to capture not only the heart of an aspiring individual to dream big but also have a stronger faith in believing that you have the power to change your life convincingly.

After spending my precious time reading the book…. I am encouraging everyone to get your copy now and read it to your parents and to your children… a lot of remarkable happenings in a well described chapters will tour back our elderly’s to their prime years and help them reminisce their past once more. It was truly an amazing experience and a great source of business networks and tie ups no matter what profession you’re into. Till next time.

In wilderness you find the unexpected people and opportunities you once unknown of. – Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 15

You must be wondering … how come there were no articles for numbers 13 and 14. Superstitions got in me as it is my norm that i really practice ever since. High rise buildings high-speed elevators also dont use those numbers especially if the owner or the group operating it are all superstitious.

There is no harm in observing it, will there is no scientific evidence or court decisions that tells us of the unlucky circumstances it brings. To some… they say there is, but to most its the opposite.

It is the faith and fate of every individual lives that a certain things or circumstances transpire for a reason. And we have all different and unique destiny that we must admit to ourselves without any hesitation that it is indeed us, who draw our luck.

Good or Bad Luck , it is by far the same… your luck. – Paquito 

How Easy is easy and How Hard is Hard?

Hello my dear reader around the globe! As we are celebrating several milestones in our lives let me share to you my thoughts and resounding obligations to keep our brain running of great ideas and possible solution of fact to everyone’s challenges right now.  It is easier said than done! The harder we tried the harder we fall. To some it is true and they’ve experienced it in their own small or big ways previously.

A little known supplier once said during a small talk in a far flung local trade school of how he was able to compete or stay afloat in midst of big time players and traders. His answer was very simple that he always say the dictum unto himself whenever he is facing the truth, hurting facts of adversity of competition which is “easy is easy and hard is hard”. Reciting these words on his way to a client meeting to which he has viewed enough information in the man’s company’s website finding what is not written or indicated carefully analyzing the best offer he can do to get the man’s nod and account for the smallest needs of the company.

Many of us are eyeing the biggest account in the market, spending sleepless nights and voluminous research and proactively figuring it out how much it’ll add in the coffers and many as in many are doing it just one candy that the competition becomes fiercer than ever and in bad luck they fall harder than expected. Sad to say rejected. As compared to the man who keeps on reading about the things he gonna offer staying on the course of his small business and keep in competition in his own chosen way.

The man who chases the smallest has the best  option in the market as many as in many are floating ahead of us or shall i say right before our nose are being neglected as we tend to see its small returns rather than the traditional big. Neglect becomes our dictum in life in doing the same where then the harder becomes hardest and easy became hard which should not be the ideal way. The name of the game is not about size but of counts. True enough there are some where size does matter but the world is composed of a few who lead it by a mile and a thousand more who are performing it by a yard.

Easy things becomes harder whenever we chose to deviate from a tried and tested formula of success.-Paquito

Let’s Eat Healthy, Let’s Eat Organic! Peoples Champ-o-rado 

Wow , what a year it was… as we race to loosen those fats we gained from the high calories holiday foods let me share again to you this wonderful article of going organic, which is the best way to re-create the old you before that revelry. You got to try their organic coffee its totally different !

Every-Juan is turning organic! Contrary to genetically modified food sources Zonvil Food Ventures is creating its own wave of great food sources and it’s selling like hot cake in the center of Greenhills Tiangge Exhibit Area. Black and brown rice is the “bida” at the stall of Ms. Vivien Banzon, a lady who is in her late 40’s while trying to explain to everybody who are taking turns  buying the People’s Champ-o-rado made of organic thru a mixture of white, brown and black rice with no cocoa and grown for over a six-months period prior to its harvest to give us the satisfaction no other champorado have made in our entire life. I myself have to queue to get a taste of it and found it more satisfying than it is being advertised in  terms of pinoy-lasa that in a matter of less than 8 hours exhibit hours they’ve cooked and served at 8 huge rice cooker sized pot, that’s a big pot per hour my dear readers and not only that they also served brewed and ground coffee which were grown in the mountain regions of the northern Luzon.

High in health benefits especially the grains used are rich in micronutrients such as calcium for bone density restructuring and magnesium for a healthier muscular needs of the millennials. With the pressing demands of fast replenishment of loss health fibers and high sugar content a BPO agent get in the performance of their graveyard shifts job this high fiber antioxidants contains anthocyanin found in food which more than that of blueberries. Zonvil Food Ventures will open its product for franchising next month of September 2016 as they’re on the final stages of setting up the business into the food mainstream.

Experience the organic benefits of the People’s Champ-o-rado right at the heart of the Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas San Juan City in the on-going Tiangge Exhibition and get to taste the delectableness of a healthy and great antioxidant pinoy merienda.

For a knockout inquiries you may reach the proud owner thru their official email ad or dial +639 28 505 7050 or share this article to all of your social media fandoms here and abroad and get the best discount for wholesale buy.

Cultivated ground produce great food source, Intelligent minds creatively produce great product organically. – Paquito

Convention, Exhibition, Sales Drive What do these 3 have in C’mmon ?

What does a convention, exhibition and sales drive have in common? asked the attendees of one of the professional organization in a ballroom. Is this an effective way to grow connections, joint venture, tie-ups and merger? How do this event could help us grow ourselves as a pro and our business? 

We need to evolve in many ways to get notice and know the real happenings outside the four corners of the offices we have. We go to convention to socialize, grow our connections and be updated with the latest and movement in terms ranking and development in the making and see for ourselves how to be on the same level of opportunity with that continuous changes could bring to us.

This is one way of keeping the fire burning and get that smoke as high as to get notice and always be on the radar of those potential customers and clients.

When there is smoke, a fire is efficiently burning somewhere. – Paquito