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Top 5 Reasons You’re Bound to Win the Lottery

Like everybody else’s dream you’re surely high of daydreaming as to what to do next once you won the lottery! But the question is, are you betting, putting some hard earned grand with your favorite numbers and combination? You better move on and do it at once and let the destiny play its role. So what are the odds that you’ll gonna hit the jackpot of your life! One in a 10 million maybe or a little bit higher than that. Let’s take a look if you’re doing or have tried doing one of the 5 reasons that you’ll gonna win the lottery jackpot.

  1. Bet, bet and bet .. if you’re a simple yet brainy mathematician type of person, chances are you’re putting a combo made out of birthdays, Anniversary, lucky numbers and what else’ you got on your mind and your palm. Some are betting on their cars plate numbers, Registration numbers and sometimes by the receipt they got in one fancy restaurant. According to some high rollers it’s a one is a twenty million odds if you use this strategy until you hit rock bottom of your savings.
  2. Ritual betting is the fifty percent economical version of the the bet, bet, bet thing! Say you’re placing your bet after every Sunday Mass or Monday is any day of the week but just for once. While you’ve put limit to your stakes you do have the same chances since if you’re bound to win you’ll win. That’s a mantra where everyone else have the same chances of winning but not with those who place any bet at all.. simple isn’t it?
  3. The Odd bettor, they simply bet on the odd numbers and never with the even ones! Ridiculous ? Nope I must say since if you’re trying to figure complexities of chances it’ll take us more than a year to complete the combination just by using the odd numbers… the same goes with even numbers.. agree?
  4. The rule of round numbers such as 8, 9, 6, 3, 2 and zero and 5 ! Most of the Asian people especially those mandarin speaking people in the Southeast Asia strongly believe that luck must revolve around the year and so does the way they place bet in the lottery. But there’s this superstitious belief that they always put one “unlucky number” such as 4! As according to old scriptures… 4 used to be lucky as well until it close itself to the outside world thus forming the triangle and isolating it from the outside world.

Last but not the least is the Lucky Pick guy! He simply put his chances on the machine that technologically prepare the combination either it’s full of unlucky numbers or not. The thing is they just believe that a lucky pick stands a better chance of winning since it’s machine generated. Trusting the system as local bettors always say. I gotta try it for one simple reason and that is … it’s the only bet that possess the word “luck” !

There’s only a reason for you to kiss your chance goodbye and that is to forget to put your bets in any of the 5 chances I’ve shared to you! Good luck

We always believe in something we don’t have controlled with for we put our trust to a divine word which is “miracle”. – Paquito


Paquito Answer for the Day 23

Creativity comes in many forms, it is not limited to our five senses. A winding road can be easy to some but not to you… yet you can have unlimited choice to go with it or decide not to go at all. That’s how short or brief your unlimited thoughts on unlimited challenges are… remember when, if you get there ahead of time…

Unlimited not all possesses the same genetics to see things as they are.  – Paquito

Paquito Quote for the Day 24

This is how we are being put into a test, our faith should always stand tall whenever we are facing diversity.

For there is no greater source of strength but Him. – Paquito

The Random Analyzer

We can never be the same again… and nobody wanted to go back to anywhere near the dangers of challenging circumstances. Randomly we accepted the fate of being what it is to be someone like we used today.. far from complacency but picky with the odds, and we brand ourselves as the random analyzer. Seriously trekking the heights of failure and depth of success, closely they desired the most coveted price of fame and fortune but we can never be at the helm of it for we chose to be the random results of forgiveness.

People of any strata possesses this feeling of immortality once they’ve engulfed the fire of triumphant sound echoing in any cerebellum of humanity by digging the deepest trench of a sound impartiality. We can never be in any portion of it, either in defeat or success of integrity for we chose to be the most randomly desired ubiquitous of the human race.

By random selection we picked our choices to reckon with and unwittingly immersed our comfort of defeat that somehow mistakenly coded as our success.

Whichever it was, it will go to its end , logged as record of fate. – Paquito

How Do You Offer Your Tomorrow

Planners, calendars, smart phones and many other mediums are a great tool for planning our days ahead and even for weeks or the coming twelve months. Tick listings are highlighted to avoid the derailment ahead. Good idea… isn’t it ? but i wanna ask you this, how do you offer your tomorrow… and why ? I remember in one occasion someone said that “as long as there are a lot of why’s that needs an honest answer, you got  to continue and keep on striving to reach your dreams” and how ?

Going back, do you realized that most of us are talking about tomorrow even if we are aware if it will come or not. A sincere heart of ours are mostly pre-occupied with our future taking no time or giving praise and thanks to what a day it had for us instead. Picking up from where we left is the best  attitude we need to let us move freely with our planned tomorrow…. again, what “if tomorrow never comes”  loudly we heard it from a radio.

Surrender we must, ourselves to the faith we believe in and act swiftly with the righteousness and norms of life, work and leisure days we gonna live for another day. This should be the easiest part of our life as we’ve seen the pros and  cons of for tomorrow in the acts we had… today. I offer my best for tomorrow as i did knew that i have a better of me today than yesterday.

A hundred times we fall and a hundredth one time we must… get up. – Paquito

Paquito Quote for the Day 12 Unanimously Humbled

Once again sincere humility were witnessed by the million fans of the boxing world yesterday. Our very own Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao won via unanimous decision over the WBO Welterweight champion Jessie Vargas, who now represents the US as his country in an exciting 12 round battle that saw the “young” Pacman creatively put some lessons to the much younger opponent.

A thousand times… the only 8 Division champion mentioned whenever he has a schedule fight in their pre-fight conference that he have surrendered everything to God, and that it is more of a purpose to promote sincere humility. For those who have watched the bout… it is very obvious that a couple of chance are available to knock Jessie Vargas out but he opted to give and share the ring to his opponent and through masterful sportsmanship skills… dodging counter punches and even throwing some friendly smile reminding the champ that Pacman is not a patsy fighter they’ve think of in his native country.

That second round “test power” straight punch have gotten all the preparation both fighters had from their training… meaning the Legend have gauged the Champ and  Jessie Vargas was blindly blasted by a power punch sample of a true “boxing legend”…. that Jessie Vargas was honored to raised his hands after the last bell and a gesture telling the world that he was able to finish the fight against the most feared pugilist  of the modern times.

Manny Pacquiao fighting not only for his country but for the humble purpose God has bestowed upon him once again and convincingly taught us the simple lesson of humility before the eyes of the world… unanimously indeed he deserved the victory.

Congratulations Senator Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao… We’re proud of you ! – Paquito

Paquito Quote for the Day 04

Always be serious with anything you’ve heard or listening to, but beware of in between words you choose. This is absolutely right my dear sredaer (read backwards). We tend to assume or presume things the way it is whereas we shouldn’t. The chance to be in the middle of things without any choice where to proceed to regain our credibility has been prevalent in our daily lives. Have we learned from it? Do we learn from it? Here we should!

To get rid of being quoted for something or issues you are facing, try to exercise the art of keeping your mouth shut until you see the red flag to speak your minds in a positive way, with the goal to help not to put or add salt into an injury. Generally speaking with a positive thought of helping out the person to regain his or her credibility nothing more nothing less.

Salty words creates excitement for gossipers but sometime incite bitterness if added more than needed. Stay away from these conversation or immersed yourself and fix things out with the right amount of salt.  – Paquito

12 Things I like about Running, Jogging and Brisk Walking

Hi readers, i’m reblogging this article to seriously remind everyone to start the grind during this long Christmas celebration as we wanna take advantage of its opportunities to offer to us especially the weather where we can hit the parks and track ovals to burn those oily foods we take every visit to those food trucks, tiangges, food festival and you name it.

 I just came from a normal Sunday routine run from a public city sports center track oval  and i swear it was a blast and an added shedding of loose fats and getting my heart rate on-check. A lot of people especially during weekends trooped to the open parks, track ovals, tree lined roads, university roads and even around the still closed commercial shop  areas of the city to sweat it out and be revitalized for the next weeks working days ahead of them. Let me share to you the twelve best things i like or love about it and am quite sure some of you share the same.

First is the People – everybody wants to run no matter what are the aim were, to stay fit, healthy, prepare for a big run event or just for fun. There are some running with a single companion, most are in partners, several are group of friends or club and others are there to train or keep the training program at check. People from all mobile ages, a baby just starting to walk to a septuagenarian starting to regain their walking reflexes which they’ve lost to sickness or coming of age. From different faces you’ll learn to realize the battle of lives they’ve somehow been to and you’ll thinking the background they might have by glancing with the aura they have for that sunny morning. People who have made those Sundays as part of a normal business day selling anything from sportswear to delicacies and even horticulture products that its a fantastic views and idea to think how these evolve to change your mood big time.

Second is the Smell of the Morning  Air – an early morning jog definitively sets your attitude for the day, relax, no pressures, smile on your face and managing your expectations are all due to the morning breeze naturally created for everyone to enjoy. Crisp clean morning air rejuvenates everyone and that most of us are not aware of the soothing effect it brings to us aside from listening to a classical music. It brings the excitement within the exhilarating feeling of getting a bigger space to spend at and expecting your vision to feed on cool greenery lawns or grass including trees separating the crowd from the blue sky. That fresh air makes your lungs healthier effectively creates a stronger and quicker agility in you. Though the city is widely polluted it is in the presence of trees and the distant location of the jogging path that makes us want to pursue the happiness embolden in it.

Third is the Morning Sun – the vitamin coming from the sun during morning is still the best way to prop-up our calcium needs. It acts like a laser inside an operating room showing best result from the rays at a speed a billion times that staying under a prolong period will also gives you a charred skin. Under the sun everybody has the liberty to show their best outfit, sweat shirts, running shoes and even the flashiest shades to combine with the choice of music they’re playing on their gadgets. The sun rays is always there  to nourish us free of charge.

Fourth i must include the City Park – ask yourself of how do you end up running in a certain park and your answer will give you the things you were expecting the day before you hit the park to jog. Affirmative? It’s the park recreational features that invites us to get there, children friendly amenities and an educational areas about animals, plants, playground miniaturized places to appreciate at and others. The cultural history of any park somehow put us to reconnect with the past and appreciate the effects it gives to the current generation thereby leading you to yearn for more and add an experience you’re not  aware before.

Fifth I like is the Olympic size Track Oval – here I get to think and feel like an athlete competing with fellow runners while counting laps in that comfy red floor. It’s remarkable size creates the longings for a record setting goals like running the 100 meters dash and checking how you’ve clock and the endurance running by counting the total laps you’ve made in a 10 minutes clock set. Even brisk walking is greatly done in an oval track because of its even surface and lined separated lanes gives us the directed balance. And in the tracks you’ll see the presence of some athletes making rounds of their training regimen with the aide of their coaches and co-athletes.

Sixth on my list Pre-Fun Run Activity of Sleeping Early – as most fun runs starts the activity as early as 5:00 in the morning. The chance to hit the sack as early as 8:00 in the evening somehow instill the discipline in me and my friends. After a long exchanges of messages using the Internet posting given uniforms numbers and the like telling the world that you’re running under the 3k category gives a shot to humorous fame. The chance to be at the venue without hitting a traffic. After that breeze in the finish line and eating up breakfast with friends it is also a great time to sleep again early to regain strength and the body normal clock. It is the known schedule of activities that unwittingly puts the needed discipline in you to add recognizable photos you’ve taken and paid to the organizers.

Wearing that colorful and comfortable Pair of Sneakers is my Seventh – even if you’re wearing that egg laden sole or memory foam they’re talking about doesn’t matter as long as you’re running without any distractions under your foot soles you’re off to a good day and you’ll get the rewarding endurance you are wanting for. Some dress to impress while running as if they don’t wanna get their brand new sneakers damage or dirtier that they run like a floating angel without touching the floor and some you’ll notice runs like a roaring thunder due to their overweight and round body mass wrapped in a black sweat bag to collect out salt and sweats. Have you asked yourself how many under utilized pair of sneakers you have in your shoe rack? Time to burn rubber and do it double time. Flashy and led-lighted shoes are a fads you’ll mostly seen in all sorts of colors and shade.

Eight in the list is Rehydration Drinks – some gives you strength and longer pacing while some gave you stomach ache that you were unable to get out of your car as you stuck in a seat cramping your belly like hell. There are several energy drinks in the market that’s a big NO for acidic people and to drink a new product after a stressful run must be taken with care as we don’t want to spoil that big run of yours. Tips from experienced runner will help but you’re still the best judge if it suits your body needs. Another great thing about energy rehydration drinks is it gives you the sense of powerful will to finish a run decisively.

Ninth is The Loud Ambience – try to run in a park and you’ll feel the intense energy filling the air with the latest reggae, Latin, hip hop, trance music genre keeping those Zumba fanatics dancing on the feet choreographed by a sexy and toned instructor complete with back ups. It’s a fiesta like Sunday you’ll see and heard drumming up your energy to keep running and enthusiastically give yourself a limitless options to walk-run-pace-run with the loud music as your mood-setting sensory directional guide it brings the better in you to run conditionally. Besides those music updates you to search and listen once at home and keep you abreast of the music fashion and fads.

Tenth are the presence of MMA, Boxing, Arnis, Karatedo and Cross-Trainers – little did we knew that these set of multi sports trainers are all professionals during their prime years and it is their passion to share basics and intermediate fundamentals to those interested to learn for an extra low diem complete with practice mitts, gloves, arnis sticks and headbands. Asking for proper foot stand and stance helps relieve stress and somehow brings you to discover your other self doing those routine and absorb new simple ideas we felt applicable to our situation. Sooner you’re in for a serious cross training that you won’t regret and earn new friends and acquaintances helpful to your career.

Eleventh on the list is the Tiange and Taho Vendor – as you make your trials to beat your previous time you are spending too much energy that you wanted to replenish your sugar needs through soya and sugar bette locally known as Taho. I myself get to have a glass of it before starting to jog as it makes me more energetic. Need a new rash guards, head gear or sun visor ? You can find it at a bargain price at the nearby Tiange in different colors and sizes bearing prominent brands and logos. Tiange stalls offer a variety of personal gears and things that’s why it’s a must to check it out before heading home, is your faucet dripping? Your led bulbs needs immediate replacement perhaps your pet needs comb or cage or anything under the sun it’s almost there and at a lowest prices just be careful of broken products.

Finally at Twelfth is the row of Great Food Stalls – breakfast lunch are being serve by most of them. Famous silog entries are mostly chosen by the local folks these are served freshly hot combined with brewed coffee or hot chocolates. There are stalls that serve coconut water and milkshakes and even eat all you can orders inviting runners to forget their training regimen and indulge into sumptuous meals available at very affordable prices to enjoy with your companion before deciding it’s a day.

Our Sunday evolves in different ways and one of them is to habitually run, jog and walk to maintain our vital organs healthy and functional at all times . Have a safe and fun Sunday.

We breath the air for free, never lose the privilege by not doing your best to run around the roundabout.-Paquito  

Why Do We Love the PBA 

This is the game we all admire in the country! Everyone plays basketball, from streets, gyms and even in top clubs. Nobody get to retire to play the game at his own will. A group of four young men who travel all the way from Central Luzon just to watch their hoop professional idols Beau Belga of Rain or Shine – Mark Benedict Castro-19, PJ Simon of Star Hotshots- Raven Bergonia-18, former MVP James Yap-Leenard Daroy-22, Paul Lee of Rain or Shine- Mark Aguinaldo-18 in the ongoing 2016 PBA Governors Cup at Araneta Coliseum in Araneta Center Cubao QC.


Seeing the game live is far different from watching it on television and that we also wanted to see in between timeouts and feel the energy and intense game inside the venue. said Raven who plays small forward in their school STI College – Sta Maria Bulacan School. And seeing the 8 Division World Champion boxing icon Manny Pacquiao serves as a bonus in our experience. Meanwhile Rain or Shine leads Mahindra Enforcers by 4 at 48-44 with 10:34 to in the 3rd quarter in the featured game of Wednesday’s twin biller where Phoenix Fuelmasters beats Purefoods Star Hotshots 106-93.

While the Pambansang Kamao entered the game late in the 3rd quarter getting the loudest cheers from the fans till the half of the last quarter after a hustle and some floor drop defensive stop underneath the basket. This is the PBA.

Once an experience always spells a difference. – Paquito 

Paquito Quote for the Day 03

As we are celebrating the local heroes extraordinary contributions and sacrifices let me share to you my thoughts in one of the blockbuster children’s hollywood Disney movie The Toy Story where Buzz Lightyear firstly shouted the words “to infinity and beyond!” and pretend he soared the dark universe in search of creatures needing his help.

It is our instinct to help, share and sympathize to anyone who needs it, that character traits are one hundred percent present in everybody’s human brain and it it the impulse to decide whether to act or not in a dire situation we got into. Ain’t it great to imitate the words of Buzz Lightyear whenever, wherever we are given the chance to help, share and sympathize to the best effort we can? Think about it. As the famed scientist Albert Einstein said before that two things are infinite, the universe and the human stupidity and he was not sure of the universe. Let us erase the stupidity in our genes with infinity and beyond.

Stupid people cares nothing but themselves, Sympathizer cared not for themselves but for others. – Paquito