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Defying Orders

What does it mean, and how it can be considered as one? Many times or most of the time some people never really take seriously some instructions or  orders of others. They have the right reason to do so and occasionally to some, they just ignore it. Then how it can be avoided, is it something we can just pass on or nothing to be worry about? That depends on the  … ehem.. uhhmmnnn,, who is on the other side of the communication end.

They can be a person in authority to discharge whatever institutional power vested upon them. A coach, adviser , you name it. The next thing is how somebody felt neglected, ignored or disregarded.

Everyone’s have their own time in either position of  neglect. Intentional or not. Acceptable or not acceptable. Whatever it is, once you neglect it they’ll considered it defies their order.

No one wanted it but everyone’s waiting of it. – Paquito


The Climate has Really Changed

How many super typhoons we needed to bear for us to act and seriously face the whole fact of mitigating the ill effects of this phenomenon. Is it really doable? does cutting carbon emission foot print somehow help the planet to lessen and create an impact to reverse the extreme weather pattern we are currently having right now? As i was watching the final debate between Sec. Hillary Clinton and Billionaire Donald Trump, they’re both seemed unprepared with the potential program intended for the climate disastrous effect not only in their states but for the global cooperation as well. Look around and see and feel for yourself, aren’t it supposed to be wet season and yet we are under a scorching heat of the sun. Truly the climate has change and will keep on changing once there is no cooperative participation of putting our acts together. I hope its not yet too late and for the next generation to have a better habitable planet in their time.

And with the holiday season fast approaching, try to give or share a waste-free gift as we are throwing more than 25% of trash during these season, don’t purchase an item of dubious quality that may have been manufactured under unfair conditions and transported thousands of miles to the store at the cost of burning fuel, concentrate on giving people experiences like tickets to music, theater or sporting events and even voucher for meals at restaurants that support local resources and use organic ingredients or lessons to help discover hobbies or further existing ones are just  few suggestion of gifts that wont get sent directly to the landfill along with the heap of wrapping papers.

Our oceans are literally littered with trash that has been slowly killing the natural habitats of the sea, mangroves and even seabeds are suffering from the human consumption’s and disposal of food tailing and wrappers. Let us stop and holistically veered away in doing so. As the people change the way he lives the same the climate have parallel of change in response to humanity.

Learn the bearings and shattering effect of phenomenal disaster by cutting down the wastes we produce in our everyday lives. – Paquito

Paquito Quote for the Day 08

Climate Change is real. To those who are not subscribing to the idea, you better think twice as the way it has been wrecking havoc to places that has been unable to experience extreme weather conditions for more than a century are the walking proof of how things especially climate patterns have change. Hurricane Matthew is currently flexing its muscles of devastation on the other part of the globe while i’m writing this article and i cannot help but remember the parable of “the boy who cried wolf” as the extreme change which is obviously felt and seen in almost the entire planet is being regard as a hoax or something the we shouldn’t take seriously at all.

How many lives are needed to be sacrifice before we put our acts together ? Industrial revolution is nothing if there are no people to benefit from it, the time to revisit the phases of technological advancement is now knocking our doors of conscientious heart and soul.  Let’s start small, by picking a piece of candy wrapper, it is a big help to eradicate garbage problem in a city or a country. How do you imagine a ten billion people picking up trash at the same time? that is a small but a huge impact stance we can effortlessly do to our mother earth and it doesn’t even eat up a minute of our lifetime isn’t it? Let us not  be like the boy who cried wolf and watch helplessly the earth vanished right in our sight.

People always measure their greatness but fell silent when it comes to their weakness. – Paquito

Does a Shared Public Restroom can be Considered Green ? 

Philippines, Shangrila Mall EDSA Mandaluyong – In my previous article I’ve tackle the need for an improved facilities especially when a public place is dealing with today’s women. A better and larger physical set up somehow became a timely requirement for any places where queens of our lives roam and mingles.

I was having my favorite brewed coffee in one of the famous coffee places in the metropolis serving hot and cold coffee based drinks and has the best facilities when it comes to being socially and environmentally conscious and compliant through the so called green architecture or green certified facility which means the house was built using finest materials that were produced with so little carbon dioxide utilization or an almost zero carbon footprint. But it is also pretty obvious that they’re offering to their loyal customers a “shared restroom” which has its pros and cons to its users. And at that scene of a long queuing line of both men and women towards the he/she restroom gives me the question of “does a shared restroom can be considered green?”

What do you think my dear colleagues and readers from all parts of the world, please share your thoughts and let’s put a better understanding on the green built environment with a sound convenience to every people patronizing it.

Criteria are parameters, convenience is the measurement of a good form follows function ideology.-Paquito

Vape, Experiences and Expectation from its users

Philippines, Cubao Quezon City -Tobacco smokers are traceable way back the ancient history when the people living in the high altitude cold mountains were puffing some smoke to make themselves warm and keep control of their body temperature to do their daily chores , works and others. Tobacco leaves were cheap during the early part of the 1900’s that almost everybody are resorting to smoke to what they called before as to chill.

Past forward, Vape Smoking is the new fad and most sought after type of puffing nowadays especially to the millennials. I was able to hear some insights of two regular puffers of the so called Vape and I was a bit surprised to learn something from them literally and maybe they’re right in some areas but a bit totally wrong when it comes to overall health effects once they’ve reached the age of retirement. Mr Dondie Pobre, 32 and Mr Bongbong Fajardo, 30  has the following words for the people of the same age.

The total difference between normal cigarette smoking as compared to this is that it’s a bit fashionable to see you outside or wherever place of smoking is allowed as the smoke is heavily bodied and visibly grayish white in color versus the fire induced white smoke from a lighted cigar said Dondie. As far as nicotine is concerned, Vape has a variety of flavors and it’s not as high in terms of nicotine content versus the old fashion cigarette. said Bongbong while puffing the e-cigar in front of Dondie. Its the vapor that makes it far different and i find it quite cheaper than the normal and e-cigarette as well he adds. Both also jokingly mention that they’re not contributing any hazards to the pressing demands of environmentalist to cut the carbon footprint in the healing of the damaged ozone layer to which they said that it’s like a moist thing in the morning.

Vapor or not, nicotine or not these still goes or passes through our youthful lungs and leaved sort of tiny particles that can cause harmful effects and lead to a more complex pulmonary disorders and pay for it big time in the future. Your author is proud to tell you that even at curious stage never nor think to try to smoke any type of it as our environment is already polluted that even those living in the enclave of exclusivity cannot escaped the wrath of a natural air pollution.

The Lord giveth and so we shall take full care of it. Our Life. – Paquito

Rock-Round the Clock Fun in Northern Marianas Islands! Saipan, Tinian & Rota

Once in our lifetime we deserve to have  an extreme off work time to revitalized, rejuvenate, explore things and places we’ve never done for the rest of our lives. Escape the concrete jungle of the commercial business district and breathe the freshest air that only an island could give, an infinite breathtaking horizons that’ll surely make you forget even your latest memo on your table back in the office. An island that is just less than 150 kilometers apart which you can tour around within the span of three full  round the clock time frame. Isn’t it cool and exciting ? Am gonna tag a friend who are all amazingly nature loving adventurers and explore the Northern Marianas Islands culture, food , sceneries and its people, go island hopping around and see for real the famous Banzai Cliff, feel the cold damp interior of the Kalabera cave, have a groupie taken atop the Forbidden island and attend a mass at Mount Carmel Church for an immersed spirituality in an island far from the noise of a city.

The au naturelle experiences will surely continues to the Tinian island where the long Broadway road is a totally new adventure to measure the breadth of the place. See and educate ourselves to the history behind the Japanese Memorial at the suicide cliff and appreciate the Torri’s majestic view point towards the Tatsumi’s reef. Climb down the stair of the Tinian harbor and be abreast of how this strategic island has been used to win the battle of the Pacific during WWII. Passing thru Aguijan lies within the 100 kilometer air distance is the island of Rota which is the nearest island to Guam. We wanna see for real exotic birds and kingfishers feeding from fish amidst the strong waves hitting the white fine sand of the beach shore  of the Bird sanctuary.

Relax, rejuvenate and revitalised in a paradise that awaits you in the form of both inland and underwater vacation activities as we are looking forward to learn and promote the conservation of the natural habitat and connect its meaningful importance to the mainland US in winning the war in the Pacific. And it’s gonna be a Rock-Round the Clock Fun once we hit the Northern Marianas Islands gems, Saipan, Tinian and Rota islands.

We are all part of the habitat, people needs nature and nature needs nurture, let us all be at the forefront of promoting the conservation and preservation of the mother earth. – Paquito