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Prayers for the innocent souls lost in one of the most tragic and horrifying shooting incident in the modern day history of the United States of America. This senseless act must stop not only in America but in every corners of the world.

Security lapses and bribery played part in this bastard act with ten firearms being able to breezed through “strict security blanket” – Paquito



Paquito Answer for the Day 33

Are you ready for the Big One ? – Anonymous

Manila, Philippines – May 30, 2017

The numerous earthquakes here and around the globe have been so prominent that the feared Pacific Rim of fire have a record high significant magnitude and devastating effect within and surrounding the said rim of fire. Recently another not so strong earthquake were felt in the evening that it has created an undue commotion especially to those living in the high rise building where the intensity was at least 15% to 25% stronger given the building design and expected reaction it may have during the ground shake. The local and international agency have made known to the public their prediction of something most of the people should be well prepared for, which is “the Big One”. Damages of colossal scale and hundreds and thousands or millions of casualties are something people are fearing about.

Why, How and What…  to do things are the common questions they all think about. It is the survival they’re all have in mind. A lot of tips are shown in local televisions, social media are flooded with useful and irrelevant post pertaining to it. And one thing for sure is bound to happen, the dreaded Big One, are you ready for it?  Your comments please…

It is the smallest preparation that will make you ready for that big one. – Paquito

Self Driving Cars…. How Safe it is?

More and more car manufacturers and communication companies are forging tie ups to bring on the road the first “self driving cars” of our generation. Many are quite excited but some are also twice asking if it is safe? Men have been so immersed with the wonders and potentials of the “artificial intelligence” that man also made and keep on improving to create a perfect one as equal  as the human intelligence. Did I said, equal?

If these so called scientist or tech-geeks or whatever you may want to call them are just into something that co-equates the human intelligence, then why create it in the first place? I am not a scientist or a tech-geek like these well researched and intelligent souls and also like you, we are not subscribing to the idea of something that is high above the normal scientific inventions or creations but we all knew right from the start the very cons of this scientific “breakthrough”…. it’s potential exposure to threat that might result to bigger problem and number one in the list is the loss of precious lives.

With the SDC “self-driving-car” artificial power, artificial eyes, artificial analytical system and everything that gonna make it run… artificial in nature, are we ready to accept the fact of hearing some news that read like “passerby died of head injury due to SDC” or something like this, “SDC accidents On the Rise due to Unpredictable Weather Condition” … Claims for insurances will most likely rise up and a new mandate to cover such condition should be discuss in the congress for further rules and laws… neutral to both parties and the population. If a system is running thru a PLC or set of programs the threat to hacking or mischievous acts will become the perennial problem in the future.

The technological advancement has so become intricate that it overlaps certain security blanket in every software or programs they’ve created. One of the biggest and prominent example is phishing, skimming and hacking. There are also fraudulent transaction involving an individual bank account in Asia that were emptied by a hacker somewhere in Europe. The word “advance” have been overused for a very long time and We haven’t heard yet any that says “Safest; Hacked-Free” because the one who are making the “anti-virus or security feature/keys” are also h.u.m.a.n. …..

Going back to the SDC, the way it is being built or improve needs another second look. You cannot just attached some go-pro-camera and control it wherever you are and tell the world that you are making the “self-driving-car” of the generation. Robotics and controls must come hand in hand , the same with where the SDC is about to deployed to…. memory-maps must be updated and the same with the local road and traffic rules of the certain place. Take for example the app-based car ride-sharing technology wherein they’ve encountered numerous loss of signal once the space between the satellite and the car becomes cloudy or obstructed by other signals/frequencies….. a potent for dangerous experience in the future. Greater challenges are facing the manufacturer and the communication companies more than we expect them to put one on the road within the framework of “preventing the loss of lives” and controlled technologies…. serving the peoples need to leave the idea of running the road with great carbon emission which has done so much destruction to our environment .

Your comments and suggestions are a piece i will treasure with for a fruitful discussion.

Driving requires senses, reflections and reactions… coordination at its greatest is the key to  safely arrive from one point to another. – Paquito

Let’s Always Try to Avoid Earthquake Damages Holistically

A strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Amatrice, Italy at around 3:30 in the morning local time. Most of the structure are more than hundred centuries old. Half of the town were damaged and the bridge connecting the town of 3,000 residents have collapsed and now cut off from the rest of the province. Rescuers have their hands full as they are scrambling to save those who were trapped under the rubble. Several souls were lost on the spot while some are still unaccounted for according to local officials of Amatrice. Death toll currently at 160+ , while there are hundreds more still missing.

Like a thief in the night, nobody knew when an earthquake could strike anywhere in this planet, though USGS have an extensive data of records showing each movement in every places real time, giving us a data to plot where an earthquake have occurred. This is reactionary, but how can we avoid huge damages during and after an earthquake strike? As we are in a better position as to the determination of physical capacity of our houses, buildings, bridges, underground structures, elevated platforms, railroad tracks and others,  we should then be prepared how to avoid the potential damage once a ground shake attack and creates aftershock. Clear and sound warnings visibly placed in areas where a bigger damage is possible is an example to limit fatalities.  Government agencies must do a research and recommendation as to possible structure related incidents and let the local residents be aware of it and forewarned them in advance. As ground shakes left and right, you won’t get injured or killed if you know what to do during the occurrence of such calamity. Earthquake is a part of our lives and must live with it resiliently through a smart and practical approach to negate pre-identified potential damage it could get to us.

We should start promoting the voluntary demolition of structures which are too unsafe and condemned in status and lessen the possible earthquake related accidents such fire and collapse paving the way to a simple to critical injuries to people living nearby.

Better be forewarned and ready rather than be sorry in the end – Paquito 

Woman with Ink, The reason behind the storied tattoo


We are always baffled with those women sporting designed tattoos visible in their arms, legs, feet, nape, neck and even eyebrows. There are according to those die hard patron of tattoos, women who are well covered by ink, which is a status symbol or sort of artworks that is profitable in some still photo shoots, movies, painting and  event appearances to name a few. The woman featured in this article has a very simple reason as to why she decided to get inked, in her bottom portion of left-arm-hand a vivid name is written which is the name of their only daughter “Loreal Marisse”, the proud owner Ma. Bianca Bayona,29 who works as TM at a business process outsourcing company EGS in Araneta Center Cubao in Quezon City told me that her husband Paolo Barretto, 513 LED Works owner is also sporting the same artwork as a representation of their unending and unconditional love towards each other.

Wonder if it hurts to get one? ‘it felt like you’re getting a facial, it doesn’t hurt at all and i got this done by a pro who were once a champion in the local Dutdutan Festival which is the reason it was well done and prominent.

Everyone has their own way of professing their love and expressing it will give us a million of choices and results, but for this couple the fruit of love engraved in both of them is more than a testament that there is “forever” in this world. Thank you for sharing your time Bianca and to those who are also inked, let me hear your voices and shout out with pride the primary reason behind those colorful tattoos you have in your one dear life.

Ink might be erased but the memories will surely never fade. – Paquito

Drones, Make the Most out of it Responsibly, Dutifully and Productively


Everybody wanted to have one and i wonder why? Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) , Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or simply call it Drones. These odd-looking robotics have been hovering overhead and being heard of with its zooming sounds of its tiny propellers and multi colored monitoring light as the only means of direct link to its ground positioned controller or its owner. it has been for tactical used by the military superpowers back as early as 90’s. War of colossal magnitude have deployed this system even in its tiniest form of a size of a small bird to make a better look prior to penetration of a main target of operations. Drones have its stealth characteristics that it can sometimes elude radars and systems and that makes the new era for the military solutions and systems more manageable with a little casualties on the ground.

Drones made the impossible in terms of peripheral views never ever encountered million of years ago, it’s sci-fi like results open up a new horizon to everyone’s creative thinking, filmmakers, photographers, underwater camera crewmen, military, researchers, geologist, farmers, architects, engineers, safety officers, CEO or COO and its a long list if were to write it here and lastly the hobbyist. The human race never stop innovating, research covering the viability to create man’s life convenient and narrow the gap of geographical distances for a real time answers and solution needed in every facilities such as healthcare, shops, stores, offices, transportacion facilidad, underground tunnels service booths and even to cemetery. And one of the primary reasons behind is to cut out the issues concerning precious lives of those involved in the performance of their duties.

The promising development it could bring to the society has somewhat shaken the existing laws and restrictions for the aerial transportation around the globe. Indeed this change has the ups and downs as we are again entering the phase of full acceptance of its vast effects to businesses who are currently studying the optimal integration of robotics particularly in logistics and distribution process. The factual effect of manpower resources displacement once it is put up in operation of any business entity is very imminent and a thing of today we must embrace.

In every opportunity lost they say there’s a lot we can readily explore such as in this drone issue, a new opportunity to be a ‘drone pilot or UAS/UAV Controller’ is waiting on the other door to fill up the immediate needs this development have. But it doesn’t end there, it just started a new challenge not only to its patronizing customers but also to its corporate operators and even the group producing it must live up to its purposeful promises laid upon. Are we soon gonna see a bigger insects hovering above our rooftops? How about its routes, who will police its operations once it is put in the mainstream? Is there any insurance takers, how will they put premium on it? An opportunity also awaits the would be end users that they could offer to their loyal customers. But beware, imitations are bound to hit also the mainstream and its digital space above creating foreseeable trouble that could be catastrophic in nature. Originally manufactured or not these are all potential incident agitator. Fire of unforeseen numbers might be the new landscape our neighborhood could witness, the firemen will be seriously considering the inclusion to its program the Prevention of Fire Resulting from a Drone of Irresponsible use , padding up its budget for a simple revision of its campaign. Calls from disrupted and disturbed household are also a picture worth looking at. So how and many hows do we really need to adjust or make promotion thereof of the proper and responsible use of a drone system?

There ought to be a specified by laws to cover, monitor and police in a most acceptable standard manner of drone use. Preventing its misuse by delegation of specific open spaces or areas for hobbyist and giving rewards to those who’ll convincingly report unauthorized use of the same will somehow negate the potential damage it may cause.  Just like a commercial flight, a record log book is a must for the operators which shall form part of its license renewal that can be downloaded from the government agency manning the system. Inventions are great if utilized properly and commercially adapted for a greater production opportunity is the only time we can say it is indeed a noble one.

Firstly let’s explore the immediate impact it could make if were to utilize it with those areas of enormous dimensions such as farms, mountain regions, ocean surfaces, stadias, cemetery and theme parks. The purpose shall be as follows, get up to date information of figures in terms counting how many cows are lounging around the farm lots and construction sites with tower cranes and large amount of scaffoldings around . Where does a recently crashed commercial flight jet debris might be for a possible clue to its location, provide an eye where the insurgents are hiding in the ridge of the mountains and keep track of their daily activities whether they’re launching attack to the lowland and municipality, keep an eye to the converging people in a sold out concert and monitor if illegal drugs and pots are being used. These are just a tip of an iceberg when it comes it its potentials and helpful effect. We just heard that a commercial convenient store made a successful deliveries using drones and a rope! A rope? how come such sophisticated invention could have utilized an age old tying knot system? In curiousity we must ask and listen how they’ve successfully did it, and how do they intend to improve the system relative to its rope thing.

Second, it must be regulated, as it is of the same potential hazard once it lands on the hands of those person whose main interest is to wreck havoc and chaos to a peaceful community. Black Market and online sellers must be check at once, this is one of the hardest part that lies ahead. The challenge to monitor and ensure that it wont be utilized into any terrorism act and the like. Wouldn’t it be possible to tied it up with the current mobile data service provider for a serious monitoring ? perhaps the government agency shall be at the forefront of this endeavor if we are seriously considering the immersion of all local government units to provide strict responsible usage of drone.

Third, a sophistically advance type of drone system should be readily available at the government disposal during the disastrous events such as earthquakes, floods and disturbance of civil proportion enough to instill bigger problems stemming from political polarity.

Lastly, it is not the physical unmanned aerial system that matters most but the results it can provided in the preparation of a possible immediate solution to a live challenges and its multi-faceted data whether it is in form of its camera, temperature, point to point engagement or whatever you want to call it. The real time informations potential solution at hand will always be the best part of this advancement lessening if not totally eliminating the loss of life and limbs for those high risk jobs and duties.

I want to challenge the unmanned aerial system manufacturers to take into consideration the potential damage it can bring once it lost point of contact from its base by figuring it out on how to have it transform into a foamy soft and spherical thing once it becomes contactless and or powerless during its journey. And to linked it with the current satellite system above for a synchronous voyage with the commercial jets in order to avoid large scale loss of lives and properties.

Thank you for reading my blog , are you a drone user or fan? Let’s discuss and see for ourselves how can we help bring this new gadget in a seamless motion. Paquito

An Informative Essentials in Air Exchange Enhancement Inside High Density Public Places

Like the air we breath all comes into pieces.

Call it a marketing tool. Owning a breed of pets nowadays is a sort like societal status and artic bred huskies roam the granite pave walks of the malls together with miniatures and furry poodles. They’re indeed a good sight to look at. A perfect picture of a community, people oldies and children occupying open spaces and playgrounds, teens chatting and shooting selfies, women clad in light top and shorts sporting clogs and walking side by side with their leashed pets and a bag of canine goodies of foods and poops. Parks are best appreciated with complete moving features and this includes pets and as promoted by some malls they allow leash pets to enjoy the cool atmosphere inside and the warm sun outside. Temperature controls the variables for specific areas where pets are designated and pampered. 

It’s a big challenge for the facilities engineering to ensure that fur and animalistic smell will not be an irritants to those who have super sensitive smells. To some it’s irritable to come across furry pets as this causes them allergies by sudden inhalation of microscopic irritants coming from animals. Supply and return cycle of induce air inside the malls must’ve monitoring system like infrared and negative pressure halls to preserve the clean air residue inside the facilities. But how sure are we that there are system in place to address this? Theres the scientific engineering way to do it or the best available option is to limit the pets in an open park with grass and fountains they can enjoy with, away from mechanically driven air controlled space with unknown body resistance to respiratory problems. 

With the influx of wide open spaces built by these mega developers we are all lucky to have many options to choose from to enjoy the well developed surroundings where people and all forms of massive art coexist harmoniously with the lush landscaping and water scenery  to enjoy with complete with the soothing pipe on music that’s truly relaxing. Hygienic rinsing of ourselves once we get home is best advised to avoid getting caught with unpredictable sickness that can be acquire from high density public places. 

Getting outside? Armed yourself with the best immune resistance vitamins and savor the moments of freedom even in a crowded places safely. 

Your comments and suggestions are highly valued. Follow my stories click Follow and start exploring the world of endless possibilities with Paquito Montero. 

Devastation Beyond Imagination Independence Day 2 Resurgence 

The prominent symbol etched in every corner of the planet that can be understood as planetary explosive invasion and total elimination from the solar system.

Colossal destructions beyond human imagination that’s how it was portrayed in the new released film Independence Day 2. How depth or cataclysmic it would be if the earths molten core are siphoned out by a machine built in the idea of billion light years technology ahead of us. As we all know that the planet can be likened to a very strong magnet made of minerals that keeps the humankind and all the living things up stand and gain the balance and directional path in a more controlled and predictable manner. Gravity is the best term used since the beginning of the world, relativity scientific theory as explained by Albert Einstein that the evolution of jet propulsion to escape the pull of gravity have changed the way we travel around the globe and way above within the orbit and leaped for a farther reach through a thousands of space explorations highlighted by greatest leap of a mankind above the surface of the moon and the latest unmanned vehicle Mars Rover to the planet Mars. 

During my younger years curiosity hit me a thousand times as I’ve ask our school teacher if those living down under are living upside down or how come the oceans don’t awash if it is located at the South region of the globe. Not until the Physics subject that I came to understand the true reason and scientific explanation it entails and comprehensively dissected the paradigm of magnetism. In the latest Hollywood movie The film elaborately showed the beauty of science not only to the kids but to the adult as well. The powerful force of plasma and the defensive negative effect it can bring against the piercing thrust of blazing weapon of unknown type. 

The importance of mathematics to delineate the interpretation of plans by extra terrestrial species whom does really exist and have the smartest and sophistication of stellar traveling machine and defense systems. They’ve displayed the future of space travel through the contrasting reliability of old and frequency based radio transrecievers that works even in the bottom of the ocean during the absence of satellite signals.

Labyrinth of reasons to understand the situation obviously challenge the human intelligence. The world can be wipe out in a less than an hour with the molten core as the prime target of devastation that a bursting ballon effect is possible once the magnetic core dissipates and keep unhooked all the things including us from the pull of gravity. 

In the end, it was the spirit of teamwork, faith and trust that makes the mankind victorious and learners of the new possibilities from the endless boundaries of intergalactic space science. Gravity defying transport system seems to be the greatest and difficult task at hand to achieve those interplanetary back and forth ride with mega propulsion boosters. I hope someday we will be able to achieve such artificial intelligence communication links and comprehension with the different species in the outer world and harmoniously be adaptable with their superior and advance technology in the protection and preservation of human race and the universe. 

Independence Day 2 is a great film to watch and witness the future of our lives.

10 Extraordinary traits that makes a Filipino qualified to be on a Mars Mission without Returning to the Earth

The most sophisticated mission in planetary space exploration is on going with the scientific advancement of the human race to an extremely extraordinary environment which is the planet Mars. This is a mission that will be considered as the most important of all as our race is counting the possibility to establish civilization outside the earth. To start something new in a place where the breath of life seems equivalent to support life. Start saving the human race to extinction due to severe climate fast changing condition that can eradicate the world population. Rising sea water levels engulfing low lying islands, melting ice caps ever recorded as fastest in a short period of time. Sooner or later we are doomed to experience the havoc of natural disasters and pay the price of extinction. Wildfires, Tsunamis, Earthquakes of stronger magnitude and foggy or dusty air environment have gone to a greater proportion that we cannot control and just live with the fatal effects it brings to humanity. Researchers are trying this long shot to prevail over the looming extinction which is to physically sent a team of researchers, scientist, dedicated professionals to start a brand new life in the planet Mars. 

As a Filipino I was thinking of wide arrayed of character traits and intelligence we possess that makes us qualified to be considered as a part of this mission. 

1. Filipinos are exposed to other cultural challenges and break barriers of universal language being the English language as the second most spoken after the local Tagalog vernacular language. We think, work, analyze things as the same from those of Eastern and Western norms. 

2. Resiliency to extreme weather condition. As our country is always visited by strong typhoons we definitely knew the way to go along with it and experienced to do whatever works that needed to be done in order to wisely flow with the extreme effects with a minimal damage to their livelihood. 

3. Multiple Intelligence Quotient to analyze and explore multiple solutions at hand and creative foresight in handling actual situations and challenges. We never falter in a silly situation perhaps it brings out the talent and preparedness to cope up with pressures. 

4. Filipinos work the hardest when it comes to logged hours of extended work we are born natural hard worker and it does makes us stronger and fulfilled once we were able to accomplish task within all bounds of expectations. 

5. Food lovers and never complained of any type of food served to us. We can go veggie, meat, grains, pasta, processed you name it and we love it. Is it due to our mixed nationalities of our forefathers that we end up food appreciative. And when the supplies are down we readily adjust our urge to go full tank. 

6. We came from a tropical country where most of the insects roamed the humid and moist environment are all natural to us. Our genes and immunity were somehow designed or patterned to deter sickness accentuated with it. In short we are highly immune tolerance a much needed qualification in dealing with the unknown environment.

7. We are natural born learner and can easily adapted to change. Though close family ties is one of the greatest norms in our culture its is the desire of doing great things to be proud of or brag about and this motivation push us to do more of an extra mile achievement and reap the accolades therefrom.

8. The physical height is like tailor made for the standard spacesuits making it easier for movement during mission and the BMI is like a one size fits all thing for zero gravity cockpit. And the athleticism in quickness generally common for both male and female is 

9. We love to travel and to go on a mission without returning back is the ultimate travel one could make. To preserve and be a part of procreation in a new and never before tested habitat is a fete all the races on earth dreamed of. It’s the evolution in other world and the possibility of preservation of our local language is another thing. Wouldn’t it be nice to be welcome in a new planet with our “Mabuhay” greetings? And part of our flag heritage be incorporated in the new Martian flag as well. 

10. Speaking of heritage a multicultural mankind presence in the Martian soil will ensure that a part of Filipino palatable dishes will be preserve and continue to get the taste of the famous “adobo, caldereta, Laing and lumpia” made from the available plant like things in the areas  where traces of waters once flow. We are above normal in terms of blood pressure and these traits might be helpful to break the atmospheric sphere of the planet. With the scheduled arrival of mankind in the planet, the longstanding type of air will be mixed with th breath of a human whose chemical composition is generated from all life forms available On the planet earth. It’s part of the mission to infiltrate the Martian soils characteristic with that of the Earth and start from there the propagation of living things. 

Trusting our faith in times of adversity and coping with the difficulty and adaptation to settle in an extreme situations are just a few challenges waiting the humankind in the Martian planet. And bringing the most ready and potential talents available in today’s generation is one of the most noble and scientific milestones a human can make and there is no best time to do the exploration but now.

Career Extreme Opus – CEO 

Everyone wants to be on top giving directions do this do that and loves to delegate works for further result that’ll grow their chosen field. Have you ever wonder what career a man can have nowadays and how they’re coping with it and their extra training needed to be on competitive level with their peers and retain their position in the industry. 

Embalmer – they’re the mild manner career person who has the highest tolerance to see morbid things. They’ve this so called extreme quality of seeing normal things even in an overly hair raising situation like a dead body. Possessing a skill set likened to a scientist that sliced their way like preparing onions and garlic in a kitchen. Working in the wee hours and eerie place inside a parlor of the dead. They seem not to care of freightening feelings drinking soda while he performs the deal. 

Cemetery Caretaker – freightening hours and nights spent inside the cold and eerie surrounding of dead mans tombs and Mausoleums makes this career only for those who can tolerate the freightening job entails. Burying of dead becomes a daily thing for them and there they spend half of their lives tendering the whole community of the silent souls. 

Forensic Pathologist – to carefully look, touch and analyze an exhumed dead body also requires great determination to pursue as a career given the variety of specialization. However, it is the interest to put oneself unto the forefront of deep investigative science and share the essential results in search for truth but nothing but the truth in an extraordinary cases.

Desludging Attendant – your shit is their way or means of living. The stench of a long stocked sewage sludge brings a poisonous aroma once a cover is removed and acquired possibly bacterium diseases after the work process inside the septic tanks of every household, hospitals, commercial malls and funeral parlors. 

This is the smell of money as they’ve said that they indulge in these not so normal careers and been able to even delegate the tradition to any member of the family. Highly regarded as a mere job and not as a career, there are modified and improved syllabus to follow to be a pro in these chosen field. And these special jobs becomes easier with the aid of advance tools and equipment removing the fear, anxiety and any obstruction in the performance of morbid jobs. This is bound to continue and evolve into something people will sought after about well because of pricy talent fee.