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The Magic Behind Fabulous Water Features

You must be amazed with the sudden sprouting of water features in every new development wherever or whatever country you visit. Simulates a body shivering experience as you listen to music those water plays or moves as if it’s alive and have its own brain. Excitement envelop us while we try to anticipate what will happens next music after music, color after colors…

So what’s the real deal here? What’ makes a water feature extraordinary, who are the people behind it and what particular equipment’s are behind these iconic crowd drawer?

Professional service provider specialist have a bunch of technical and artistic prowess in order to achieve such works. Careful planning and timing of actual burst of water must come hand in hand to perfectly create a masterpiece more than enough to used as one of the best soundtrack of gangster movie.

Engineering and artistry of several experts were all behind the success of these fabulous fountains, water features and falls. It should engage the public with mastery.

Imagination is the key – Paquito


Adventure, Adventure and More of It – My 18 TDL

I wanna ask you something that am sure you got a thousand answer or just simply none at all since you won’t be interested depending on what age bracket you belong to. This has something to do with your desire to explore, learn, experience and more importantly to establish a chain of personal or professional attachment to those who’ve been enjoying those and happy about with it.

Given the chance, What adventure will you consider the very moment in time if your were ask to? Where you wanna go and see right before your eyes that kind of unbelievable experience? With whom you wanted to share it with, do you prefer alone or in group? When you gonna do it, is there a right time or prompt schedule to do it? and a lot more questions that got into your mind once you hear the word “adventure” ?

Life according to many is an adventure already. Have you had one? The very situation you are right now while  reading this piece of humble blog article can be considered an adventure! Wait, pause for a while and take a deep breath… are you happy with the adventure you’re having right now? no… then you can take a 180 degree turn and have some that’ll make you happier than you’ll ever know!

Let those fierce mind do the exploration and decide which adventure you gonna take that’ll give you a great story line worth recounting for. You have the best navigation tool upon you that no technology have taken over yet and that is your “decision” the beauty of experiences that line up across your horizon are a sure feat of surprises and happiness no one could’ve ever gotten into… everybody has their own ideas that’ll make them happier than what they have right now.

Look out, get out and have one, two, three or more… It’s up to you on how you gonna wanted to start it, but one thing I tell you… have an adventure, adventure and more of it. Not yesterday or tomorrow but TODAY…. think about it.

Våra förfäder har uppfunnit kompassen för spådom och äventyrsinstinkten ledde dem till sjöfarten och allas in i den. – Paquito

Our forefathers invented the compass for divination but the adventure instinct led them to utilized it to maritime navigation and everyone’s into it, aren’t you wondering how exciting it was for them once they’re back ? – Paquito

Thank You For Being My TATANG

He usually arrives home late and leave too early the next morning … earlier than the sunrise literally speaking. His hands clearly showed hardships, hardship that started in his younger years… his father and mother died when he was at a very  young age before turning seven, constantly changing places from one sibling to another being the youngest of eight. A life that started way back during WWII where his loud cries are somehow annoying and have had spelled detention or worst their life…, should’ve they been caught during the Japanese invasion. Never got to finish even the Junior High for a guide was lost earlier than expected. Started seriously working part-time raising and dressing chicken in one of his distant relatives (distant for no one can ever trust a basic education graduate, attended his classes only during examinations used borrowed papers and pencils being the poorest of his class, but got to perfect several of it having born gifted and wise) yard, moving from town to town until the last head of livestock’s are sold. Oh how hard it was, working instead of playing with his generation. He fell in love and married at a very  young teenage year and raised his family within the realm of good humility.

And with all these hardships and longings for a loving parents he outgrew the most challenging phases of his life, young and full of simple dreams. His simple dreams becomes the wall to believe and continue chasing it …. and he succeed. No amount of thank you even over the brim is enough to express my thoughts and happiness for guidance and wisdom’s you bring  in my journey … thank you for shaking and teaching me all you can,. ..  and always showing me the way and thank you for everything.

Through thick or thin you’re the best . HAPPY FATHER’S DAY  Tatang – Paquito

Let me share to you a song we rarely heard in regular radio stations, it’s a perfect gift to our soul and leave positive thoughts how great all the father in this world are. No matter what race, religion and other societal description but as a Father to their Children. Credit to Mr. Jon baker for this wonderful music.

Music & Lyrics by Jon Barker.

A son rarely tells his Father How he really feels,
A handshake or a pat on the back Is all that he reveals,
I’d like to right that wrong,
Here in this little song.

Thank you for shaping my life,
Thank you for teaching me all you can,
You are no ordinary man,
You make me everything I am.

Thank you for taking the time,
Thank you for showing me the way,
And thank you for being thereWhen I need you,
Thank you for every single day.

Now I’ve been blessed with a son of my own,
Got my own bedtime stories to tell,
If I can raise him half as wellAs you raised me,
Guess I’ll be doing pretty well.

Thank you for your guiding hand,
Thank you for making my dreams come true,
You’re an extraordinary man,
And I hope you’re as proud of me
As I am proud of you.

Thank you for giving me life,
Thank you for showing me good from bad
.I guess I’m only really trying to say,
Thank you for being my Dad.

Even though the years drift away, I
never took the time just to say,
‘I love you, and I always have,
And thank you for being my Dad.’

‘Thank you for being my Dad.’

Thank You for being my Dad


Swimming Time… but wait, Health Alert!

Whew! … hot and super hot summer is here. People wanna take a break by hitting the beach, sip some cold pure coconut juice and eat some sliced green mangoes while munching barbecues in between dives. That’s how we picture it right and of course add up the pretty long lines of gym-prepared sexy and toned bodies of both men and women. And to those who got no lengthy time to hit the beach there’s a good option that is aside from cozy and offering marquee services it is within the metropolis… meaning you don’t need to get out the city and hit a long drive. Well to some who are providing this type of service have a word for it which is “play while you work or leisure at work” as you can stay updated with your daily grind through advance technology while you’re on the beach… or themed water park. Yes, you read it right… there’s a lot when it comes to number that is available 18 hours a day! And take note they’re all booked till the last day of summer and first week of rainy days. Wow that’s a great business I must say.

And that’s it, everyone’s summer is secured to be a blast due to many choices when it comes to where you wanna spend time snorkeling or diving and just simply dip and sip that juice while on dark sunglasses. Have you think of its further effect aside from getting the best vacation you wanted? You must… especially when it comes to your health …. while it is to seek meaningful and enjoyable time of summer to you, to some it is to seek health remedies.  Sun Sand & Summer  You just stumbled from your seat for sure… yes that is true! Hot springs, salt-water and running water coming down the mountain has high mineral contents that can cure diseases like scabies, skin diseases such as acne, eczema, warts and others. Even simple coughs and colds are better be cured by hitting the beach.

That’s just a tip of the iceberg, how about artificial? sands, waves, and even corals… while these are all great to experience at, you must somehow think of how it is being maintain? When we how we really mean how extra ordinary… if you’re to compare the sand from the beach against the sand “installed” in those artificial beaches, one thing always  come into my mind, how it is being “washed”? How do they conduct a “bacteria test” ? How do molds are being wiped-out? How about UV-Ion testing? Though we don’t wanna get too technical in this piece, still, the inquiries are quite meritorious to get the best answers to our questions as we don’t wanna go home sick or knocking the dermatologist clinic doors after a week or two of our rendezvous summer.

Hmmmnn…. I wanna try that white sand beach located a couple of stories high above sea level or maybe I rather enjoy the long drive going to the natural beaches and embrace the warm air and feel that grayish sand under my feet to generate magnetism as needed in my system to help me rejuvenate and feel extra ready for the work ahead. Enjoy your summer but do it in a healthier way.

People are always amazed by their inventions that forgot to be amaze naturally. – Paquito

Sun Sand & Summer

The hot air is blowing and telling everyone to hit the white, gray, greenish, reddish and muddy sand colors of the beach shorelines. Excited and free from school and work stresses I bet you’ll be one of them come three weeks from now. But wait before the fun hits you let me warn you of the downside of exposing yourself to weather extremes especially the heat that could damage your skin, eyes and cardio system.

Protection is the key and it doesn’t need to be expensive as you gotta do is to follow some simple suggestions that you can google including this article you’re engage in! Do you need to get protected from head down or feet up? It’ doesn’t matter where you wanna start just be sure to put those eyes , skin and feet well protected from ultraviolet rays and the hot sand beaches that’ll burn your foot soles if you neglect it. Wearing polarized sunglasses will not only make up the look better but the appreciation to whole beach scene will be fantastic as well, put on those SF100 sun block by rubbing those “exposed” skin including your feet… this way you’re a little protected before the sun hits perpendicular to the sand beaches. Wear also comfortable sandals or slippers while strolling the shores coupled with that buntal hats. And of course fit yourself with the proper swimwear, rash-guard, trunks and you know what am talking about.

Bringing some first aid medicine and kits is a default thought as some of the group members might experience flash-point, colds and insect bites once the majestic sun sets in… Drink enough water to re-hydrate once in a while as the heat makes our body sweat twice as fast as when we are in our normal activity and place , this will give you a faster heart palpitation and shoot your blood pressure higher than your normal reading. Enjoy the sun, sand and summer with extreme caution.

Fun under the sun is better when protected.- Paquito

Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag …… Trip Up North in Manaoag Pangasinan, Philippines

Devoted Roman Catholics make their daily trip to one of the most miraculous church in the northern part of the Philippines, the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag in Manaoag Pangasinan which is under the administration of Archdiocese of Lingayen-Pangasinan. People from all walks of life or status seeking divine intervention… healing of the sick and asking guidance through strong prayers were found true according to those who have manifested and became ardent devotee and follower after receiving the requested favors and petitions. You must attend a mass before receiving the holy communion and seeking grant to your petition/s.

Getting there is now made easier than ever as new highways interlinking the major thoroughfares from Metro Manila are already in place, and for only half an hour and two the 200 kilometer is the fastest with the usual traffic. Having the Quezon City Memorial Circle as the starting point, head north to Mindanao Avenue and straight to the very first toll gate of the North Luzon Expressway or NLEX and pay the minimum toll fee (45 Php). Go straight and take the exit SCTEX/Clark Airport (+/- 300Php) then had towards an interchange and take right to follow Clark North/Hacienda Luisita/Tarlac City/Baguio /TPLEX… you wont get confuse here as this is the only expressway leading to the last exit point of TPLEX which is the Binalonan Exit (+/-300Php). It’s just another 10-15 minutes drive going to Milo Street where the basilica is located to your left. I suggest you take the same route for a hassle free travel in going back, as bridge going to Urdaneta is under construction. As for the food, it’s up to you since there are a lot to choose from, but i can’t help but tell you that a small tupig vendor located downstairs to the left of the basilica is the probably the best i’ve ever tasted!

It’s an amazing spiritual experience and going back is an option as the Lord have paved the easiest and safest way to the basilica minor. For more of Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag, check Google and see the history, other options to go directly and communication details.

In prayers we seek thy blessings, in humility we act courageously. – Paquito


Trekking the Right Path with God

Hello and Welcome to 2017 my dear readers and fellow bloggers…. Have you ever wonder why we keep on asking, what is the key element of a modest success a person has? I’ve got to use the description, modest… as we are not gonna discuss the likes of the top five billionaires of the world but those who find success at their own will, simple, doable and bring results on their table and dear life.

One of the best way to re-establishes our path is to remember to keep those people you’ve met in your first 20-30 years as the’ye gonna play some simple thing in your life on the way to success of your chosen direction, respect them and tell them how good they’ are in their crafts, hobbies and what makes them happy to stay motivated… chances are, they could be your greatest motivator or influences in the coming years. You’ll never know until you get there. Always bring or give your best call card, your smile as that is the best key to open up a tightly closed mind of your neighbor or co-worker. Everywhere you go, don’t hesitate to show that card,

This is how people see the kindness and inspiration from a man who have been getting strengths and motivation from his family and his master, the Lord Jesus Christ. Having started the realistic challenges of life at a young age… the man who’ve found life beyond scissors, wide table and sewing machines applied his utmost courage and beliefs in surviving the ruthless competition in the field of garment business in a little over 30 years of existence in providing quality and comfortable sports wear locally and for his international clients.

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path… Psalm 119:105 

I keep on drawing guidance from Him ,  and of course with the unmatched help and devotion from my loving wife Marissa and our children. said Andrew

Man will always satisfy the four basic source of strengths to live a normal life…, family, spirituality, work and play. Most of the corporate life evolves within the Work-Life-Balance attitude, that there should be a demarcation line between the two in order to eliminate exhaustion in both aspect. Andrew has his hands full when it comes to indoor and outdoor activities. An active member of bike enthusiasts, he find relax yet recharge every time he rides his bike together with friends and church mate in trekking the slopes of the San Mateo mountain regions…. see the outskirts of the metropolis trusting safety in the Lord.

The bonding and the brotherhood simply provides a wonderful source of inspirations like what we have in a God centered activities at  JCSGO church, added Andrew.  Life never stop challenging us, everyone of us and in these challenges we make  commitment to be accountable for all our actions. And in trekking the right path with God everybody is assured of arriving in on our chosen life direction.

Brother Andrew Figuracion is married for 22 years to Marissa and a father of three boys… Arnel-26, Raymond-24 and Jhun-20; a businessman being the owner of Marvelous, a sports wear service provider, sportsman and a humble servant of God.

Find your pace and your place in a path God have created just for you. – Paquito

The Powerful Songs of Christmas 2

It was known that during world war 1 , European opposing forces were astonished by the message of this wonderful song that they solemnly sang it and laid down their arms in the spirit of Christmas. What a grace indeed a song could lead people even those hard and conflicting times.


Music is the only miracle that tickles that inner part of a man’s brain that makes him forget his anger and insanity even for a little time. – Paquito

The Powerful Songs of Christmas

For more than four decades people haven’t yet understood the true meaning of Christmas, with war and conflict in some part of the world making people suffer and deprived of the freedom they deserved since the creation of the civilizations. But who’s to blame but none as everyone’s clamoring for their ideologies and  beliefs. How wonderful this world would be without war and famine. Here is the lyrics of the late Beatles John Lennon that sends the message clear of peace and freedom to everyone.

“Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”

So this is Xmas
And what have you done
Another year over
And a new one just begun
And so this is Xmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear one
The old and the young

A very Merry Xmas
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear

And so this is Xmas (war is over)
For weak and for strong (if you want it)
For rich and the poor ones (war is over)
The world is so wrong (if you want it)
And so happy Xmas (war is over)
For black and for white (if you want it)
For yellow and red ones (war is over)
Let’s stop all the fight (now)

A very Merry Xmas
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear

And so this is Xmas (war is over)
And what have we done (if you want it)
Another year over (war is over)
A new one just begun (if you want it)
And so happy Xmas (war is over)
We hope you have fun (if you want it)
The near and the dear one (war is over)
The old and the young (now)

A very Merry Xmas
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear

War is over, if you want it
War is over now

Happy Xmas

In the observation of the holiday season, i will feature some of the remarkable songs pertaining to peace and freedom. Happy Reading and singing… – Paquito

How to Plan your 2017 within the remaining 27 days of the year

Here we are again in the same atmosphere of cramming and juggling our remaining time of the year 2016 to carefully establish long and short term plans for the next one. Some of us must be relying on “what comes to us is destined to come” while for others its like “keep it coming and will do face it once its there” attitude… enough of it, as there is no surefire way to face the reality than by being at least discerning the future within the last 27 days as of this writing.

So how do we go about it, what i can give you is only my own way of process to do it which has been effective to me and i hope to you as well.. Here is how’d did it last year.

Identify your 5 major pain and gain things ahead for the next 365 days and divide the remaining 27 days of the year doing it… of course you need to write it inn whatever piece of medium you’re comfortable with.

These are the 5 major pain and gain things i always got in mind.

  1. Health
  2. Family
  3. Bread and Butter Booster
  4. Connections, Connections and long list of connections
  5. Wealth

See how life was created simple for everyone by putting your cerebral strengths to think of these only five majors and live a better one this coming year. On your first five days of the remaining 27, list down everything about your health, remember that your scientific age defines wellness and we must put in the same amount of consideration to ensure were fit and fab once we start facing the rigors and rigidity of life from the very first day of the coming year. We must stay healthy because we love our family, we wanted to share all our success and lead them to a happier life situation as compared to the current experiences we have, including spirituality for a better understanding of our purpose of the others. Then we list down everything in regards to our careers, sources of income and the like. We list down the prosperity plan of our leadership to boost our worth in the coming year, nobody wanted to settle for less right.

No man is an island and it is a nomadic way of strategy to not to expand our horizons, our breadth and depths when it comes to “who you know” It should be a never ending list to gain contacts and acquaintances… you might be talking to the next millennial millionaire without knowing it so we must make use of the promising way of communications in all medium, portals and clubs. Being old school should not be taken for granted in lieu of these new playground of the millennial brats.

Lastly lets have our biggest last 5 days listing all about W.E.A.L.T.H ! … oh c’mon we dont plan for nothing, right? There is always the ratio and proportion factor to consider whenever we are discussing bout wealth. It comes in many forms, either number of  friends or acquaintance, organizations, charitable or social responsibility…. you name it. We should have a balance sort of this mans best friend that will make us feel fulfilled and successful once were doing another round of planning by the end of the 2017. Think like the way the wealthiest people on this planet.. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg  and Richard Branson to name a few. Read their stories and analyze their philosophy in life. A fellow Filipino success story such as Jhet Torcelino-van Ruyven and many others that you can find from the books as written in the Go-Negosyo series of Joey Concepcion. And of course you must be one the wealthiest when it comes to the Almighty’s word and inspiration…

It only summed up to 25 days and what we gonna do with the last two days of the year? We must celebrate the life we had of this year  of 2016.

Dont fail to plan, if you do… you’ve just planned, to fail. – Paquito