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How Important is the Post-Workout-Meal

Hello my dear readers and fellow bloggers and also to those blog sites that i did clicked to follow, you are all amazingly beautiful and makes the planet a better bloggers world for every reader out there. We are now surprisingly about to read an original article that simply tackles the norm behind or about the workout activities suggested meal or what we call post-workout-meal, as some so called experts claimed there are written specifics when it comes to this… for me, it differs and have some standard norms laid before we were born that are worth thinking of… read on and please if you find this article good, don’t hesitate to share as am aiming for the 30,000 reads in the next couple of months so please help the readers reach by this article thru your power of  share buttons in all social media handles. Thank you

credit to kettlebells

The average age of the current population are either into super-active or semi-active workout ranging from weekly, bi-weekly or daily routines with single aim in sight… to stay physically fit and healthy in whatever way they can to stay sharp and fierce as they want. While most of them are doing it or into it to shave excess fats and lower their cholesterol level others do it to maintain agility even past the age of 70’s.

After a thorough and heart pounding activities most of us turn to what we call the post-workout-meal to support the loss energy and inner strength of our muscles which differentiate everyone from each in terms of food types, intake and volume.

Re-hydration is another key factor if you are into training or workout s the amount of sweat you’ve produced defines the amount of energy loss or used during the deal. How do you re-hydrate, what kind of liquid you need? Does a low-calorie packed drinks can serve your needed liquid, perhaps some smoothies will seal enough your needs immediately after. See, it doesn’t define at all to drink this drink that low-cal bottles but it depends on your genetic framework. While some consume a 500 ml bottle of hydrated salt before start training or workout, some do it afterwards but with the same aim in view which is to stay or keep hydrated.

Will several fruits crushed into smoothies can served the post-workout need as a meal? How about couple of wheat breads with a glass of milk or apple juice? Others eat their pre-freeze avocado smoothies combined with aqua mineral to stay full but oil-free after workout. So what are the best combination for a post-workout-meal? Yogurt, boiled eggs waiting inside your fridge?


Here is my two-cent word for this, better consult the expert advice of a registered Nutritionist and Dietitian  to determine your proper choice of foods to take after every intense workout. The right amount and timing are some of the greatest factors every active individual should learn. Consult those who are strict with their food intake and be aware of signals or key points they’ll share as those might not be fittingly the same for your own needs due to genetics difference and body types. And this might be the best time to see your personal physician in order for you to determine your current health alert status prior to indulging to any active cross training suitable for your age.

How about you, what is your preferred post-workout-meal? Share it and let’ the world known the positive effects it have for the next generation to come.

Less oil and high protein diet is better and healthier – Paquito 


Pasta Amatriciana with Italian Meatballs At Mary Grace Cafe, You-Gotta-Try it!

Hi guys especially to all my followers and fellow bloggers here in the Philippines. Have you tried the tomato based Pasta Amatriciana with Italian Meatballs of Mary Grace Cafe at Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons in Pasig City? If not yet, then you got to! … and one more thing, its a kids choice menu even it is flavored with bacon and chili.


pasta at grace

It became one of my favorite pasta in the city as I’ve fallen in taste of a true authentic Italian inspired food in one of the end corners of the Ortigas district where you’ll experience new entries in the food competitive business.

Great places are best enjoyed with a plate of an Italian pasta.  – Paquito  


Care for a Cup of Coffee

We all love to drink coffee ! Anytime of the day or any hour we wanted to. it makes us sharp, energize and to some inspired even more especially if its done with your favorite coffee making machine. Coffee has some health benefits that drug makers are integrating their drug-medicines with coffee not only to enhance its taste but to compliment each mixture with the right dosage and right results. Look around a lot of coffee shops have sprouted like mushroom anywhere you go and in any flavor or mixture you wanted it. Let me share to you an informative graphic idea as to how popular and how often this wonder drink are taken in any part of the world.


Coffee maker or roasters have become so popular that it have become a piece of the whole deal of one’s kitchen and patios of every home to give highlight to any stories and social event we are hosting. It is also even better having it with your favorite china cup and saucer with the right amount. Enjoy your day with a cup of coffee.

Most of the worlds wealth were agreed over a cup of coffee. Learn the tool of success through social drinking, care for a cup of coffee? – Paquito

Ginataang Suso with Enseladang Mangga at Inihaw na Pla-Pla 

Food have evolve the way man evolved with the exquisite dining experiences all these fancy restaurants could offer and not only that … we tend to salivate with those “promdi” or vernacular dishes served by our grandmothers. And i’m pretty sure you’re salivating just reading the title alone and could do nothing but to ask… where in Manila could I find this combo-nation  of sour green mango with bagoong and chili soy sauce as second voices of a great drumbeat bands. These not only compliment the succulent taste of the best part of the deal…  “Ginataang Suso” as its creamy coconut sauce will give you the flashback of your younger years where life was very simple and free of any stress that the millennials now have. Head on to Bali Gulp Bar and Restaurant, Mambugan , Sumulong Highway Antipolo City Rizal province and enjoy the quiet and cool ambiance once you plan to attend a mass this coming Lenten Season in Antipolo Cathedral.


Great tasting food need not be as expensive as it sounds when we pronounce it. – Paquito

TEKA – Bunny Baker Cafe & Cake Studio , An Inspiring Experience of Cakes & Toppers

It was an afternoon of learning and wonderful experience that filled the atmosphere of Bunny Baker Cafe & Cake Studio pastry restaurant as Kuysen Enterprises Inc, one of the leading supplier of timeless brands of home and commercial appliances including Teka Induction Hubs, sinks and ovens partnered with the husband and wife tandem of Chef Zach Yonzon and the bunny baker herself Aila Yonzon before an overflowing crowd last November 10, 2016 at Hemady Square along E. Rodriguez Sr. Road in the heart of Quezon City.

Holiday season is a timely occasion to discover new things or two inside the kingdom of your sacred kitchen… Pastries, sweets and other dessert preparation are the most preferred activities moms and kids alike… also do creates time to spend with activities that’ll keep them busy during vacations…Cake enthusiast and moms were able to take part in a unique and inspiring kitchen baking demo-clinic which was presented with the use of the newest addition of Kuysen Enterprises Inc., to its long prestige line of kitchen appliances under one of its trusted brand Teka, Multi-function oven, Advand HL 940.

The multi-function Advand HL-940 Oven is Easy and Fun to Use! – Chef Zach

You need to know well your oven just like your smartphones for you to make the most and best out of it,… said clearly by Aila… Make sure you have the suitable temperature all throughout the baking process and with the multi-function oven just like Advand HL-940 it has a cool display, reheating, conventional top/bottom heat and fan, Maxi-grill – multi function especially for Pizza, Rotisserie and defrost functions and most importantly there is the Child-Lock feature that’ll make your baking experience a safer one added by one of the Manila’s pastry Chef Zach..

Unique and a wholesome easy to follow presentation were delivered ala cooking show on television, sharing detailed techniques and a couple of trivial reasons behind the functionality of basic drying-racks and the way to achieve a denser or fluffier cakes using the right liquid needed. Not only that! Chef Zach cheerfully teach the participants how to make a great and near perfect looking cake toppers that they’ve covered the most adorable cartoon characters Pikachu and Snorlock, that after every pair of hands soaked in what Chef Zach called his super smoothing lotion… a clan of different looking Pikachus and Snorlocks filled the cute boxes of Bunny Baker Cafe & Cake Studio after the workshop. And the event never ended there as the cake studio served their best menu for snacks, Creamy pesto, Beer blackened Pork chops and Fish fillet that goes well with an overflowing lemonade and iced tea drinks.

With a solid 25 years of Inspiring Creativity and Delivering Solutions… Kuysen Enterprises Inc. provided once more another exciting event highlighting not only the newest addition to its long prestigious line of kitchen appliances under Teka, showcased another authentic and original kitchen talent in the pastry market… where, dedication and talent meets multi-functionality and results.

For more of Kuysen Enterprises Inc. products you may visit them at 236 E Rodriguez Sr. Ave, Quezon City, 1113 Metro Manila or contact Ms Grace Enriquez – 09274880850 and for a salivating cakes and gelatos, Hemady Square along E. Rodriguez Ave. Quezon City is the place to see The Bunny Baker Cafe & Cake Studio at the third level and reach them thru contact number 650 4153 or talk to the bunny boss Aila Yonzon 09178129711 .


How Do Sauces are Affecting Your Mood? Foods taste “yuck” without it!

We’ve been hitting fancy restaurants, fast food chains, buffet and ala carte and even pasta ristorante in almost our entire life and may i ask you, what do you think these all have in common? Yes, you got it and they all tastes good which is the reason you keep on coming back and continue reliving the great tasting food a resto has been offering. But what is behind the taste? Sometimes were thinking what the hell they call it and it’s so addicting that gave us the fulfillment of what satisfaction means to us. It must be the preparation I think? Or the secret process those Chefs have in their imaginative talent and high standards of palatable contentment. Perhaps the sauce they’ve used that simply put and add extra ordinary authentic taste to any type of food. Sauce can be derived from Soya, Fish, Meat and Vegetables and even Fruits of rare kind if done thru a great process produced a multitude of variety once it penetrates the food served. What about the condiments, those are used to suit one’s preference for a certain type food on the table.

As advertised and promoted, food taste enhancers are plenty and it started way back the ancient time during which it is even used to pay or trade for a thing or supplies every man’s need for his and family consumption. In today’s modern times scientific process of extraction of its juices, drying process to preserved and maintain its true taste and provide the necessary or expected tasting effects it’ could create in bringing out the best and limiting the natural odor a meat of any type and experience the aromatic and tender loving food taste of either sweet, bitter, sour and a mix of it cultivating your inner senses and put you into a reset mode and a fresh start of your brain cells accordingly. Does eating the food you’ve been craving for put you into a new dimension of how you think? Will it ignite the creativity in one’s self,  perhaps contentment it is. Sauce makers have these in mind and kept on perfecting their sauce produce trying to find the best ever that could reset the minds of the pressured, stressed and busy people of the corporate world and make them always at their brightest and roundest manner all the time.

In our country alone there are a thousand sauce producers and repacking company providing our needs and the world has a lot to offer that makes them unique and different from others. Raw tuna is tasteless without the refined wasabi+lemon+Sauce isn’t it? Pasta would taste like cooked grains without the tomato sauces+parmesan+a pinch of pepper. Even our favorite potato chips are enhanced with those variety of dips we crave for and sauces of sour, cheesy, process onion and others makes it a good snack while watching your favorite tv show. Jalapenos and chilli sauces are made to bring out the fiercest and war ready in us, better have these before seeing your boss for that company presentation you got, but if you’re not that choosy try having a packet of two of food chain ketchup to reset your mood.

A drop or two amplifies your mood, control your emotions as tiny as a drop of any sauce.-Paquito

They Came, They Saw and They’ve Conquered the Grilled Blue Marlin at Marlin’s Grill

An old saying always play a great part in any place, moment and person. In less than a week, throng of food lovers and ice cold beer aficionados trooped to the corners of Scout Chuatoco and Pasonaria streets to try and have a bite of the newest restaurant in the city serving hot grilled blue marlin.  Guest came from as far as the northern part of Luzon made sure they’ll experience the latest craze in town braving the rainy weather in one evening. Some have took time out in their TV series shooting session just to take a bite and relax. It’s not only their curiosity that brought them in but their desire to partake the great combination of off the rack beers and wines with the smoking hot grilled foods. It was a series of full house nights and it’s bound to be the norm in the city as we are always in search for new experiences.

The Nissan Gallery Quezon Avenue sales force also have their tummy full after that memorable night out. Ateneo De Manila University visitors were also present with the same thing in mind, to try the specialty of the house.

Truly every evening is a new set of experiences for every surprised guests that comes out of their cars, it was an amazing sight for once a dull place to become glittering bright not only for its lights but of the glamour and humble being of diners and guest with one common mission in the evening which is to conquer the specialty of the Marlins Grill in their own simple way.

Best Actor John Lloyd Cruz and the cast of Home Sweetie Home, Long Mejia and the gang spent the rainy evening and promise to return soon.

Good food, Cold drinks and Great people these are the mixture of success and its gonna be an unforgettable evening once you set foot  inside. Better make the reservations in advance to ensure you’ll enjoy the company of your new set of friends waiting for you only at Marlins Grill. Watch out for the announcement of promos and events by following this blog and liking Marlins Grill Facebook page. Order please !….

Meet you at the grille, soon. – Paquito 



Let’s Eat Healthy, Let’s Eat Organic! Peoples Champ-o-rado 

Wow , what a year it was… as we race to loosen those fats we gained from the high calories holiday foods let me share again to you this wonderful article of going organic, which is the best way to re-create the old you before that revelry. You got to try their organic coffee its totally different !

Every-Juan is turning organic! Contrary to genetically modified food sources Zonvil Food Ventures is creating its own wave of great food sources and it’s selling like hot cake in the center of Greenhills Tiangge Exhibit Area. Black and brown rice is the “bida” at the stall of Ms. Vivien Banzon, a lady who is in her late 40’s while trying to explain to everybody who are taking turns  buying the People’s Champ-o-rado made of organic thru a mixture of white, brown and black rice with no cocoa and grown for over a six-months period prior to its harvest to give us the satisfaction no other champorado have made in our entire life. I myself have to queue to get a taste of it and found it more satisfying than it is being advertised in  terms of pinoy-lasa that in a matter of less than 8 hours exhibit hours they’ve cooked and served at 8 huge rice cooker sized pot, that’s a big pot per hour my dear readers and not only that they also served brewed and ground coffee which were grown in the mountain regions of the northern Luzon.

High in health benefits especially the grains used are rich in micronutrients such as calcium for bone density restructuring and magnesium for a healthier muscular needs of the millennials. With the pressing demands of fast replenishment of loss health fibers and high sugar content a BPO agent get in the performance of their graveyard shifts job this high fiber antioxidants contains anthocyanin found in food which more than that of blueberries. Zonvil Food Ventures will open its product for franchising next month of September 2016 as they’re on the final stages of setting up the business into the food mainstream.

Experience the organic benefits of the People’s Champ-o-rado right at the heart of the Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas San Juan City in the on-going Tiangge Exhibition and get to taste the delectableness of a healthy and great antioxidant pinoy merienda.

For a knockout inquiries you may reach the proud owner thru their official email ad or dial +639 28 505 7050 or share this article to all of your social media fandoms here and abroad and get the best discount for wholesale buy.

Cultivated ground produce great food source, Intelligent minds creatively produce great product organically. – Paquito

More to come Mayet + Max’s Birthday Song to Remember

They said that absence makes your heart grow fonder, yes it is! After more than a decade of “ex-communicado” our senior high batch once more gathered for the celebration of our dear classmate forty-third birth anniversary in the presence of the class advisers and close friends and her daughter who is also celebrating her birthday in the month of August. Catch-up stories and recollections were shared by the small group of 10 who are now all married of their humble achievements and life changing challenges. A mature audience joyfully listened to everyone’s storied past and experiences.

A sumptuous lunch were hosted for none other than the celebrator herself Ms. Marietta Supnet-Villajin a registered nurse and present during the event were Ms Winnie Cabral, class adviser; Mr. Louie Victorino, Mr John Mariano, SPO2 Fernando E. Santiago, Ms Jennifer Molina now a successful high school teacher, Ms Odessa Cave, Ms. Marife Banaga, Ms Janet Foster and the youngest attendee the cute little girl named Venice.

Though the event was quite short and “bitin”, food were served hot and professionally managed thoroughly by the Max’s Megamall branch dining assistant’s seamless leadership of Mr. Rey Tolentino, waiters Cedrick, Grace, Mary, lanie, Jamie, Hector, Chris, Jonnel, Geronna and Marc whose maximum talent in singing were shared in expressing their greetings thru a unique version of a happy birthday song.

That “bitin” factor will surely go down the drain as the group pledged to meet up occasionally at any Max’s Restaurant not just to enjoy its authentic original “sarap to the bones fried chicken but to keep updated with everybody in am more intimate brotherly bonding for the next 43 years.

Age is just a number, presence is to be remember without any ember. – Paquito