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Saying Sincere Sorry – Chola

Committed mistakes ?, unable to fulfill promises, better be honest than sorry for the second time as our credibility is at stake… mile high.



For the nth time refrain to say sorry if you plan to do the same. – Paquito


Hugot pa More - Chola


We all experienced failures, distress and rejection… Was it enough for you to give up ? Or it is the right time for you to consider things you’ve been taking for granted… As Chola said, stand up and continue the journey for good.

c h o l a (1)

Smiles are made to share life’s hope and expectations. Give a lot. – Paquito


Hola Chola! 

Meet Chola, the girl from the Island of Humility! Let’s wait for her “hugot lines” and learn how a youngster think and celebrate life in its simplest form.

Hola Chika amigo and amiga, let’s roll to laughter. – Paquito

More to come Mayet + Max’s Birthday Song to Remember

They said that absence makes your heart grow fonder, yes it is! After more than a decade of “ex-communicado” our senior high batch once more gathered for the celebration of our dear classmate forty-third birth anniversary in the presence of the class advisers and close friends and her daughter who is also celebrating her birthday in the month of August. Catch-up stories and recollections were shared by the small group of 10 who are now all married of their humble achievements and life changing challenges. A mature audience joyfully listened to everyone’s storied past and experiences.

A sumptuous lunch were hosted for none other than the celebrator herself Ms. Marietta Supnet-Villajin a registered nurse and present during the event were Ms Winnie Cabral, class adviser; Mr. Louie Victorino, Mr John Mariano, SPO2 Fernando E. Santiago, Ms Jennifer Molina now a successful high school teacher, Ms Odessa Cave, Ms. Marife Banaga, Ms Janet Foster and the youngest attendee the cute little girl named Venice.

Though the event was quite short and “bitin”, food were served hot and professionally managed thoroughly by the Max’s Megamall branch dining assistant’s seamless leadership of Mr. Rey Tolentino, waiters Cedrick, Grace, Mary, lanie, Jamie, Hector, Chris, Jonnel, Geronna and Marc whose maximum talent in singing were shared in expressing their greetings thru a unique version of a happy birthday song.

That “bitin” factor will surely go down the drain as the group pledged to meet up occasionally at any Max’s Restaurant not just to enjoy its authentic original “sarap to the bones fried chicken but to keep updated with everybody in am more intimate brotherly bonding for the next 43 years.

Age is just a number, presence is to be remember without any ember. – Paquito

Pokemon Safety 101

The new craze has overtaken the sophisticated virtual reality games by a map based trend called Pokemon. Everyone knows what is this all about and am not about to teach you how to get fattened your nests of eggs nor teach you more tricks and cheat. Am just concerned with the safety issues it indirectly created to those die-hard gamers and enthusiast.

Players need to go out and chase and trap and ensure that you’re throwing the curveball right to your target and this posed and exposed you to a real danger. In our outdoor and streets and even public parks where person of recidivist are lurking around waiting to strike anytime to you, yes you who has the fads to Pokemon game is the most pleasant target since your focus is right on your phone, killing your other senses towards your surroundings. But don’t you worry, as i was always saying that “behind every difficulty i am seeing always the greatest opportunity to improve on anything that danger could make, try to play the game in a group, in a buddy system. Your group could develop the bondage without knowing it. Watch my back I’ll watch yours thing is about to hit 200% rate because of this app game!

This is an opportunity to insert several miscommunication things of the past by using riding the belt of the game. Chances are your friendship will flourished more than ever. Back to reality, nobody it being told not to play it or be a part of the craze and all we need to remember is play it with utmost care to your well-being, don’t go out if its raining, in a high density populated place and even to dark places to avoid being the victim of the criminals that gonna POKE you with sharp knife and gun barrel tip and end losing not only the eggs your hatching but the smartest phone you’ve just acquire to be at the forefront of the Pokémon craze.

Nothing is wrong being swept away with new craze just remember how to get back to your realistic senses and well-being , play it with passion but see to it that you’ are safe. Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 02

Like the little ant that see ahead of his time, in this bulk of sweeteners it’ll reach the bottom of this basket by travelling the road of predictability. Paquito

Congratulations to all the readers who’ve been able to read the very first version the Paquito Answer for the Day, we just added a premium in our whole being in getting even the tip of the thought that comes with it. Today, i’ve received an sms from a sales representative of a prominent real estate developer in my country, the Philippines.

Does seeking to travel the less travelled road always lead us to success? Thank you   

Many have tried and many more have failed, life changing decisions have its pros and cons depending on how you perceived things in life. Let me tell you again that we are all created uniquely different ! no thumbprint are alike, see it for yourself my dear readers. Our mark to failure and success were inscribed in a well-balanced manner that no one is above anyone in terms of luck or disdain. It is the freedom of choice that make things differs from one individual to another, getting off from the herd and going the path tangential to the group have sometimes produced results you’ve never expected. Asking around the bush will deepen your thoughts and awareness towards the basic question you’ve been asking yourself how’d did he do it? It might be fittingly best for him but not for you as we are differs again in our life stature and contentment. Yes it is being satisfied and contended with what, where, who and why we are here in the world of a million chance and expectations.

Managing your expectations is the best measurement of success you’re aiming for and to travel the less one or the packed one is not the answer to it as it is the perseverance, sacrifices and satisfaction you’ve poured in, that’s gonna bring you to an improved level of life convenience and stability you’re looking for.

We’ve been seeking success all throughout our life, lead it with a generous amount of faith and you’re bound to be the unimaginable You , you’ve never imagined. Thank you for reading my blogs. Paquito 

Paquito Quote for the Day 02

IMG_4657 [183088]
i look good , seemed to taste good but have you heard how i screamed when i was being cook? i made my sacrifices on top of fire just to keep you nourished and happy. Speak, hear and see only the truth to make this world a better place.

Good day to you my dear readers ! Excitement and thrill is what your author is feeling right now as we are continuously receiving tremendous reactions from all parts of the globe and for the second important quote for the day which is a day before the seventh month of 2016 ends let us discuss and exchange brief ideas and suggestions to make this one a great one.

Speak no evil, Hear no evil and See no evil.. An angelic personification way to practise respect.

We eat, sleep and woke up the next morning. We do normal things the way things should be normal. We report to work, we socialized with the basic liberties we can drawn upon and at our own disposal we speak, hear and see things the way we witness it.

Here comes your friend, family and co-workers who are all like you can see, hear and speak the way they witness things . But how in this world a gap more commonly known as conflict is being born out of nowhere or perhaps out of our most basic imagination could made to? Look around folks, people seemed to be at peace with their poker faces and warmth facial gestures. And yet there’s still an unfounded discourage to trust someone who do they didn’t knew at all. That don’t trust strangers things has caught up the best from us and limit somehow the probability of expanding our tail of acquaintances. Moreover it has been clamping up us to reach out as we won’t wanna experience outright rejection.

In right words we must, open our mouth and mind respectfully. In crystal clear thoughts we must, hear the true meaning of his statement and in a 20/20 vision we must, record the factual event that have been seen by our very own eyes and equally we should narratively recall what is truth and just to someone trying to access our visual memory.

By speaking the only truth, by sharing truthful events and by repeating ONLY what we’ve heard could change this world, pulled out us from the evil harnesses that deceived us from the truth and narrows our path to understand things very well and misunderstood ourselves towards people. What a wonderful it could be to live in a community with a halo of respect. Where everyone’s greetings how’d do you do? It’s not yet late to transform a man towards a personification of all good deeds and respect and be respected by seeing no , hearing no and speaking no evil at all.

You are the most responsible user of all your senses, keeping it at check every now and then will give you an extra mile age of gaining great friends on your next journey. Thank you for taking time to read my blog. Paquito 

Paquito Answer for the Day

These wooden bench, are credible witness to anything that’ll transpire on top of it.

A friend asked me, How do you control yourself in times of adversity and criticism? Do you have such experiences and what have you learned from it? – Life if we’re to fragmentalize its four letters into a sort of our own definition will give us a thousand meaning depending on who is speaking and hearing on both ends of the line. Agree? Allow me to share it, to you my dear blog readers and followers.,

L – Loosen up ! Holding back your emotions or sincere feelings towards a critique will only create a self-imbalance of positive forces. It’ll stalled you right there and then, giving you low self esteem and be distracted. Loosening up has its ambidextrous effect to both nega-positive minds in you. Putting yourself into the one asking a critical question is equal to mirrorizing the tone, emotions, enthusiasm and sincerity to anything you hear and will prepare you upfront to give your insights and set of acceptable and comprehensible thoughts you have at any given day. So guy’s loosen up a bit and learn the art of mirrorizing facts and fallacies.

I – Innovate yourself ! A korean song goes like this, ” i want nobody, nobody but you. ” and upon hearing this, have you asked yourself why would someone or somebody would want nobody but me? And the answer is already a default one isn’t it, since we are the only master of ourselves. The price tag we put into our well being including the emotional, spiritual, intellectual, professional and you name it, all of this can be done with our very own eagerness or self providence. An innovative way of dealing with life’s daily challenges is tantamount to equipping yourself day in day out. So guys innovate and be a better you.

F – Fear no one but yourself ! We are indeed our own greatest enemy. Dont procrastinate, a level of thinking parallel to the amount of your fears is a less likely to drive you at the wheel of your life. Leading a good and better you to be the best in everything is a surefire way to eradicate the unsolicited inutile feeling. Fear no one, but fear God. For in a man’s spiritual solitude he finds the answer, the options and the the decision to apply in a certain situation he considered at first a dead end. In God We Trust and i rest my case. People of the world fear no one but yourself for an understandable you.

E – Evolve into the world of everything ! – We all live temporarily in this world. Whenever we attend a burial of someone either an immediate or distant relative and hearing the words “You are called ahead of us and For in heavens life we will surely meet, bring all our love and devotion with you that you will always be alive in our heart, all of you and everything about you.” it awaken up the hard fact that I , you and everyone on this world has its own date to relinquish earthly life. Life is so short. Then we must continue evolving into someone who value life, friendship, adoration and good samaritan ways to every soul we meet, gonna meet and met in our lives. Aren’t the earth reasonably evolving around the sun and its system. For in every second it counts equates to momentous variants in people’s life. You should continue to evolve to your parents, friends, acquaintances and all the members of the society. Evolve in a way it is just and without avarice, bring yourself to the best of you in everything. Share it but beware as we are all entangle with a series of problems, expectations, preservations and reservations. In other words be a man for others.

This is my take for a simple question that requires no exact answer but comprehensible and acceptable one. And again, either you or me is speaking or hearing on the either end of the line.

Thank you for taking time reading my blogs, you are the very main reason that is keeping my enthusiasm to innovate, by loosening up the fear upon me and continue to evolve by God’s grace. Paquito 

Now Brewing 90’s of 2016

Nine Teas, yes you read it right it’s 90’s ! And they’re coming in a group. -Aia 

Everybody has an exploratory-genes running  in their body to seek adventure even in the never before explored places like the quiet streets of Imus Cavite where coffee beans of finest taste and texture as we all knew are grown perfectly in some parts of southern Luzon, where cool weather and an adaptable soil suits best for coffee farming. She is reasonably right when she’s sitting in one of the cafeteria overlooking a volcano, an idea pops out to put up a simple lounge serving drinks and baked macaroni or pica-pica said the proud owner Mr Aia Vielica Juliano, a pretty mom of a 5 year-old boy named Kirk, married to a former hoop player Ralph JULIANO both are schooled in one of the best college school in Manila. AIA has been lording it over in the areas of transportation and the men dominated construction industry.

Her long dream of dipping her extraordinary class of taste for food and beverage has also brought her in some parts of the world and casual but great food serving variety of restaurant in the city with her family that she decided that the time is NOW to turn the dream into a reality. And the “Nine-Teas'” was born…

Coffee , Tea , Drink or Shisha ?

The set of menus were derived from her youthful experience, ” I wanna have our patrons to taste those simple but of taste-changing moment once they try to experience our foods the 90’s way, especially the BAKED-MACARONI” said with giggles by Aia. The chef de mission manning our line ups are an expert in this sizeable business, she added. The tea selection varies from tasteless to bold tastes that’ll send shivers into anyone’s spine looking for a mind boggling sensation, and for the adult patrons seeking a new huff and puff explosion can try the ancient style of shisha.

What to X-pect and its X-Factor 

Every Time a new shop opens be it in consumer goods or food and beverages a large curiosity are drawn and experience are slowly sinking in a way they wanna please the customers and business partners who are playing a bigger roles in terms of quality and freshness of every bit of ingredients being offered. And in these 90’s way of vision to provide maximum experience we have put premium to;

  • Guaranteed Fresh Food and Drinks
  • New Tea Variants
  • Quality And Sanitized areas for a great dining experience
  • Safety and security
  • Guaranteed New music genre – they’re playing the American Idol, The Voice and Eurovision originals for an extra ordinary vibe

image (2)

First night guest’s include the church choir member led by Ariel Del Rosario and her very supportive brother Olen Lontoc who braved the traffic to make it to the memorable opening.

Nine-Teas 90’s Brew Lounge start brewing at 2:00 in the afternoon then brewed last at 11:00 in the evening, located at No. 536 Gen. F. Yengco Road Bayan Luma V Imus Cavite.

Watch out for the next big thing, 90’s Brew SERVICE PACK ! and enjoy the great baked mac at the convenience of your home and choiced drinks. For lounge exclusive use and reservation just dial +63 917 805 4604 .


The 7 Not So Secret Things When Saying I Do’s

With these pair of white sacred birds we are sending our promises to heaven.

The wedding month of June have been through for an exactly three weeks and it is noticeable that there are those who haven’t made it to be rendered as June Bride. But to many, it  is not important to them whether it’s the month of June or not, They’ve still chose sacredness and practicality over hype and higher expenses. All of the dates written in the calendar can be considered as important day of their lives as it was in that chilly rainy afternoon that a friend tied the knot with most popular girl in the campus that everybody have gone crazy about upon hearing it because you’ve been chasing her in your entire life. That means Love is truly in the air and there are seven not so secret things you need to learn if you have decided to say I Do.


Pre-Ceremony , the emergence of a wedding planner – They say the start is always the hardest, but for a couple who have been through thick and thin they say it’s the hardest part that makes the dream sweeter than anything else. Being in the threshold of fulfilling the act of tying the knot makes them more eager to push the deal. The traditional visitation of the groom’s family to the bride’s home to formally meet and greet the clan even the fraction of a community if your mi amore is a prominent local icon of the place. It is the formal icebreaker for both parties to greatly involved with the preparation and help create a wonderful fairy tale wedding date for the couple and all of this in the orchestration of a wedding planner.

Project Expenses or Budget – Nowadays it’s quite expensive but an easier task forming part of the deal. Internal hedge funding or through a delegation sort of assignment to some very close people in their lives, friends, acquaintances, aunts and uncles and the list goes on up to the tiniest detail of giveaways. You just need to be more practical to accept whatever voluntary-provisions they could afford just to assure you that it’ll timely arrive for the memorable event. Card payment revolutionizes the the most important part of the event and it even broaden the choices of the coupe to settle it in terms for the next 6 months of the honeymoon period.

Choice of Matrimonial Ceremony Venue – in this area of concern pertaining to the historic significance some people are looking at, it’s still big is better while small is best! why? Getting a huge church capacity truly pride its main characters, the couple. The significant facts lies therein is the notion it brings to the guest that you’re really trying to shout to the whole world how you truly love each other and come lunch or dinner time, your 2-3 hours reservation to the reception part is still short and could simply turn into a hush-hush table to table game just to see your photos out of prim and elegance. It’s the  opposite if you choose a relevant chapel, a community chapel where there’s a wide space for parking, enough to accommodate the principal sponsors and close relatives. And come lunch or dinner time, the event could turn into a very personal or intimate one. You’ll have enough time saying your thank yous to everyone present in the hall and have the best smile during the photo op with the guest at 3 to 4 poses including a wacky shot.

Major Sponsors – Gone are the friends of your parents though some still practice it, the front seats are now occupied by politicians, tycoons, taipans and even mafias. It is the idea of getting so much in return as a seed funds for a brand new beginnings. Even if the event has a set protocol as to type of garments, sponsors do normally arrive in  style, glamorous we may say but to them it’s just a normal weekend as their calendar weekends are surely filled with red marks to the major sponsor the community.

Reception Venue and Not so ordinary way of it – It is really different today as compared before. a minimum of 2 hours respite after the matrimonial ceremony follows before the actual ingress of the guest to the reception venue. The old school ways are seldomly seen just how it was in the movie The Godfather scene of Michael Corleone tying the knot with Apolonia in the mountains of Sicily where the reception followed in less than 15 minutes avoiding their guest to get hungry. Today, a dance floor with the full entourage of mobile disco lights metamorphosed the sanctity of marriage into a rave party. It is not about the newly wed couple anymore but about the guest and the experience.

Post-Ceremony – It’s to celebrate, really, with the people behind the success of the event where they’re trooping to the nearest Starbucks for a little chat and comparing and sharing of photos taken from each smartphones. While some packed already and hit the scheduled flight to the beaches with the couple’s honeymoon giving them the idea of a continued friendship even if the two have officially paired for good. Gone are the first dinner or breakfast to the groom’s house with the family as an old tradition which they say brings luckier results to the newly weds life and prosperity.

Honeymoon – no matter what faith and belief you have, this post wedding event solemnity of union must be consummated. Even if it was done before the wedding ceremony, it must be done as it is written in the scriptures and clearly to be adhered to. It’s like a magic that the newly weds apprehensions are gone in a minute. With their professed love and devotion as the main source of strength to fulfill their one life journey.

Getting hitched? Think twice and chill, you might want to postpone it for a couple years  just to be sure of yourself and the obligations inserted therein. Have a nice day ahead. Your comments and suggestions are highly valuable to me, please send them in. Thank you.