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How Important is the Post-Workout-Meal

Hello my dear readers and fellow bloggers and also to those blog sites that i did clicked to follow, you are all amazingly beautiful and makes the planet a better bloggers world for every reader out there. We are now surprisingly about to read an original article that simply tackles the norm behind or about the workout activities suggested meal or what we call post-workout-meal, as some so called experts claimed there are written specifics when it comes to this… for me, it differs and have some standard norms laid before we were born that are worth thinking of… read on and please if you find this article good, don’t hesitate to share as am aiming for the 30,000 reads in the next couple of months so please help the readers reach by this article thru your power of  share buttons in all social media handles. Thank you

credit to kettlebells

The average age of the current population are either into super-active or semi-active workout ranging from weekly, bi-weekly or daily routines with single aim in sight… to stay physically fit and healthy in whatever way they can to stay sharp and fierce as they want. While most of them are doing it or into it to shave excess fats and lower their cholesterol level others do it to maintain agility even past the age of 70’s.

After a thorough and heart pounding activities most of us turn to what we call the post-workout-meal to support the loss energy and inner strength of our muscles which differentiate everyone from each in terms of food types, intake and volume.

Re-hydration is another key factor if you are into training or workout s the amount of sweat you’ve produced defines the amount of energy loss or used during the deal. How do you re-hydrate, what kind of liquid you need? Does a low-calorie packed drinks can serve your needed liquid, perhaps some smoothies will seal enough your needs immediately after. See, it doesn’t define at all to drink this drink that low-cal bottles but it depends on your genetic framework. While some consume a 500 ml bottle of hydrated salt before start training or workout, some do it afterwards but with the same aim in view which is to stay or keep hydrated.

Will several fruits crushed into smoothies can served the post-workout need as a meal? How about couple of wheat breads with a glass of milk or apple juice? Others eat their pre-freeze avocado smoothies combined with aqua mineral to stay full but oil-free after workout. So what are the best combination for a post-workout-meal? Yogurt, boiled eggs waiting inside your fridge?


Here is my two-cent word for this, better consult the expert advice of a registered Nutritionist and Dietitian  to determine your proper choice of foods to take after every intense workout. The right amount and timing are some of the greatest factors every active individual should learn. Consult those who are strict with their food intake and be aware of signals or key points they’ll share as those might not be fittingly the same for your own needs due to genetics difference and body types. And this might be the best time to see your personal physician in order for you to determine your current health alert status prior to indulging to any active cross training suitable for your age.

How about you, what is your preferred post-workout-meal? Share it and let’ the world known the positive effects it have for the next generation to come.

Less oil and high protein diet is better and healthier – Paquito 


Ginataang Suso with Enseladang Mangga at Inihaw na Pla-Pla 

Food have evolve the way man evolved with the exquisite dining experiences all these fancy restaurants could offer and not only that … we tend to salivate with those “promdi” or vernacular dishes served by our grandmothers. And i’m pretty sure you’re salivating just reading the title alone and could do nothing but to ask… where in Manila could I find this combo-nation  of sour green mango with bagoong and chili soy sauce as second voices of a great drumbeat bands. These not only compliment the succulent taste of the best part of the deal…  “Ginataang Suso” as its creamy coconut sauce will give you the flashback of your younger years where life was very simple and free of any stress that the millennials now have. Head on to Bali Gulp Bar and Restaurant, Mambugan , Sumulong Highway Antipolo City Rizal province and enjoy the quiet and cool ambiance once you plan to attend a mass this coming Lenten Season in Antipolo Cathedral.


Great tasting food need not be as expensive as it sounds when we pronounce it. – Paquito

Doctor Doctor I am Sick

Thank you my dear fellow bloggers and readers and followers for your never ending support in keeping this blog site as one of the most read blog site around the world. I am not only delighted but honored as well, with this, rest assured that an open ended tunnel of ideas are overflowing unto me that finding time to share it has become one of the most challenging aspect of my daily blogging life aside from performing the professional obligations i have with my carefully chosen clients. Without you there will be no Paquito Montero you can read on. Your usual excitement keeps me grinding fervently.

How many times have you been sick in a year? Ever wonder the mere simple yet huge impact causes it could’ve been? A trip to an E.R. are sometimes the first and last option to maintain your health on a proper check. Getting sick is truly costly isn’t it. Even if you are covered with an HMO the lost time due to being sick is honestly irreversible. Will you take it for granted once you were face with a coughing office mate inside an air conditioned workplace? Granting you did, then you’re in for low batting average for the next 48 hours if that person have been diagnosed with a virus. Air borne sickness due to the weather disturbances are abound since we are living in a tropical country where unpredictable weather condition varies from time to time. Even if you are just a stay home worker you cannot discount yourself to be safer than the others.

I am not a doctor nor a health professional practitioner but a kind heart blogger you love to follow. Allow me to share to you at least 5 proven preventive measure you can practically apply to your daily routine.

  1. Drink plenty of clean water, an 8 glasses a day is a proven way to maintain your body hydration. This help flush out salty, sugary body fluids once in your every trip to the rest room. Don’t forget to drink again after every trip.
  2. Eat healthy and balance  diet. Take a look at that Food Triangle hanging in your fridge door, they’re not there as a decoration but as great tool as well for your nourishment. Nobody told you to skip exercises right? Run the village for a cardio check.
  3. High intake of Vitamin C is the best and proven way  to keep your immunity system at highest. Calamansi/Lemon Juice contains the needed C for your consumption.
  4. Carbo-Protein-Fiber balance diet during your breakfast and lunch must be properly observe. Don’t let yourself starved to death by skipping meals as you are aiming for those six packs or shapely body. Better to have a nourished normal BMI than an acidic aching tummy of six packs you’ve been aiming for.
  5. Clean your room, house and office work stations. Dirty places breeds sickness causing bacteria or diseases. Ensure that your tiny fingers are always clean every time you hit the food table before eating. Take a daily bath and wear only clean garments. Remember that a healthy place is a wealthy place.

So, the next time you call your doctor that you are sick make sure that these 5 simple tips are always practiced and a part of your normal day routine. Hey, i got to go to the market for those half kilos of green mangoes and red apples. Try it and there’s no harm in trying isn’t it.

We knew ourselves more than anyone else, even when it comes to our health. – Paquito

Let’s Eat Healthy, Let’s Eat Organic! Peoples Champ-o-rado 

Wow , what a year it was… as we race to loosen those fats we gained from the high calories holiday foods let me share again to you this wonderful article of going organic, which is the best way to re-create the old you before that revelry. You got to try their organic coffee its totally different !

Every-Juan is turning organic! Contrary to genetically modified food sources Zonvil Food Ventures is creating its own wave of great food sources and it’s selling like hot cake in the center of Greenhills Tiangge Exhibit Area. Black and brown rice is the “bida” at the stall of Ms. Vivien Banzon, a lady who is in her late 40’s while trying to explain to everybody who are taking turns  buying the People’s Champ-o-rado made of organic thru a mixture of white, brown and black rice with no cocoa and grown for over a six-months period prior to its harvest to give us the satisfaction no other champorado have made in our entire life. I myself have to queue to get a taste of it and found it more satisfying than it is being advertised in  terms of pinoy-lasa that in a matter of less than 8 hours exhibit hours they’ve cooked and served at 8 huge rice cooker sized pot, that’s a big pot per hour my dear readers and not only that they also served brewed and ground coffee which were grown in the mountain regions of the northern Luzon.

High in health benefits especially the grains used are rich in micronutrients such as calcium for bone density restructuring and magnesium for a healthier muscular needs of the millennials. With the pressing demands of fast replenishment of loss health fibers and high sugar content a BPO agent get in the performance of their graveyard shifts job this high fiber antioxidants contains anthocyanin found in food which more than that of blueberries. Zonvil Food Ventures will open its product for franchising next month of September 2016 as they’re on the final stages of setting up the business into the food mainstream.

Experience the organic benefits of the People’s Champ-o-rado right at the heart of the Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas San Juan City in the on-going Tiangge Exhibition and get to taste the delectableness of a healthy and great antioxidant pinoy merienda.

For a knockout inquiries you may reach the proud owner thru their official email ad or dial +639 28 505 7050 or share this article to all of your social media fandoms here and abroad and get the best discount for wholesale buy.

Cultivated ground produce great food source, Intelligent minds creatively produce great product organically. – Paquito