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Listen Carefully

Everyone loves to talk, share their ideas and lead a group discussion in any areas of  issues surrounding politics, health, sports showbiz and the most dangerous  of all , to gossip. I was browsing my social media handle for career growth and opportunity and stumble upon a group of discussion that highlights peoples tendency to talk, to lead and to some to mentor. There is even a great word for every single letter of the word and i politely asked the author Mr. Anthony Pangilinan , Chairman of his company and he has the following which is worth sharing to you!

People always forget to listen, providing an earful moment of respect is the most powerful search engine you have in order to fully understand the real deal.


That said it all. Need I say more. – Paquito


Paquito Answer for the Day 46

It’s the ultimate tool you need, unbeatable when it comes to speed, super light and thin that float in air.. o’ c’mon that’s only to keep you ahead of the pack! most of advertising’s feed us when you open to browse the net to see what’s new and hot. Did it pull the same initial impression on you? Most of the people I’ve asked said yes but it’s the opposite here. We’re not saying its no good or relatively-less thing but for a fact that the impression were based on the needs and wants difference.

Our appreciation will always depends on certain circumstances where no ones alike. It’s an asymmetrical world when it comes to it… needs is totally different from what one wanted. The term prioritization enters the picture of essential use.

It’s a frenzy world out there and only your desired emotion will push you to see things clearly.  – Paquito

Authentic Over-runs

It’s the original thing but dropped from the assembly line as it never passed the criteria of consumer standards. This is how we should define it. While we may all differ to our own interpretation, this is the best way in my opinion an authentic overruns should be treated. Have you heard of Class A, Class B and Class category or type of merchandises? Have you been to some bargain sort of stores or what they labeled as marked down market?

Originals, Replica and Overruns What’s the Real Difference? I dare say Nothing!


For your simple take, it’s totally different ! An authentic overruns are merchandises that gone to its original factory or the origin is legit or shall we say they came from the third party sub-con shop providers which are are legit and that they wanna make it profitable to sell those items or merchandises that failed the QA/QC department of its factory standards. Hey it’s getting clearer now right?

So what’s the claim? There is no better way but to scrutinize with proper inquiry such as where does it came from? The right source code for such batch that it end up at a  bargain prices.

Legit or not they’re all good and as long as it fits your needs there’s no problem at all – Paquito


Business Losses, A Potent Pill to Success – Coping with the Devastation

Let’s admit it, business losses are always part of the collateral damage in every disaster. Small and big, short term or long term effects prior to its recovery no one can tell but time. How fast a business can do it remains a question if you fail to identify the x’s and y’s of immediate needs to get back slowly with the main stream of business.

Most of the veteran’s running a business knows how to, they’ve always HAVE the back up plans at hand ready to trigger a new beginning once failure was  experienced. They got better forward looking strategies both management and financial system. How did they do it is what we’re going to witness here.

Remember when you’re aspiring to have or to start a business of your own? Do you still recall how you’ve daydreamed of all the beautiful things you have then and the challenges that you were able to breezed past and end up now with what you are now?

We can always have a fresh start! That’s the wonderful part of what a mess has brought us up. There is this new word of order most of the businessman have been cozy about, Future-proofing Your Business, though it’s about adding zest and cloud computing based expansion the way it was concocted can be likened to getting ready to the potential risk factors of lagging behind the competition. Oh Oh, did we say competition? Correct you are damn correct, having your business experienced weather related setbacks can be easily compared to failing or tailing the competitive market! As simple as that. You are on the right road of recovery.

We always have the tendency to sensationalize things in whatever we are dealing with. Simple things taken up as a complex one as if there is no praesto solution . No such exist and you gotta believe in yourself that there is! Mind conditioning is a must. Stop sensationalizing things up and you’ll never END UP putting things up in a larger proportions which shouldn’t be. 

Counting up the potentials more than the given task to speed up the recovery is a good ingredient for success. You can never take away the credible circumstances still available in front of you that the only question lingering is  your ability to grasp things fast, acceptance of facts and standing up to move forward. That the dictum of “behind every difficulty I saw a lot of opportunity” is in the works for a wonderful output and exploration of successful potential x’s and y’s to continue. It’s not a bitter pill to swallow but sweeter one!

Let us fear not any disaster as it is a blessing in disguise or a window to start something new that every person must have in their resiliency-bank, in his mind, soul and heart. Disaster has the power to unite people, trigger camaraderie, create new groups, push legislation faster, start community programs, up the ante of sponsorship’s, facilitate banking calamity loan processes easier and the most important of all is to lend a helping hand to strangers without a second thought. You have the power and you got the will then do it.

Disaster recovery is another way to show your emblem of power towards success. – Paquito


To be continued… Watch out for the last part.. Resiliency – Respond, See, Lend and See-k