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Akala Mo Lang Yun !

There is no denying that our traits are tested when it comes to controlling ourselves… somehow as loose as the lanyard of a coward dog. We tend to close our sight towards the obvious reasons and contemplation’s that could be better if we take down our intense approach and think things up before we plunge into the shallowest reasons we could ever had.

mahirap magalit nang walang dahilan, mahirap umintindi ng di mo maintindihan,mahirap masaktan ng wala kang karapatan,...

Words once said is as its slowest if we try to get it back. – Paquito


Saying Sincere Sorry – Chola

Committed mistakes ?, unable to fulfill promises, better be honest than sorry for the second time as our credibility is at stake… mile high.



For the nth time refrain to say sorry if you plan to do the same. – Paquito

Endurance in Willingness is the Key

Good morning my dear readers and fellow bloggers, it’s summertime once again here in the Philippines and everyone’s mind is preoccupied with white sands, blue salty waters and great sunrise and sunset. But for some who have no luxury of lengthy time to get away from work are satisfied with summer games. Yes you hear it right, summer games are the best time to hit open tennis courts, football field, oval tracks and caged courts. Sports buff from all ages are a pretty sight to see especially those past their prime of 60’s hitting the fields in their comfy bikes and joggers suit.

Though its not enough for others to do it with their motto of “the mind is willing but the body is not”  isn’t it our willingness that truly matters when it comes onto an activity requiring physicality and constant endurance? Chinese sexagenarians are a staple in every open halls doing their old rituals and forms of meditations, yoga and martial arts movement which is to stay fit not only mental but emotional and physical as well.

And for everybody to enjoy the summer, they must put in the same amount of enthusiasm in willingness to do things within their limited and acceptable level of satisfaction and prolong their participation and keep improving the mental and physical toughness we all wanted.

The itch to do it remains intact till the last sweat of willingness drops. – Paquito

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Miss Universe 2016…… Paquito’s Personal Choices

In the less than 9 nine hours the new Miss Universe 2016 will wear the crown every single woman has dream of as a kid… it is expected that most of the Filipino fans will skip the first 4 hours of their respective works and offices just to watch the pageant that’ll be witness around the world,  and just like the days when Manny Pacman Pacquiao fights in Las Vegas, all the busy major roads are deserted and free of traffic… the number one and perennial problem of the country.  And tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning, we are all in for a treat,… a great one!

With the pageant broken into three major stages, first is the top 13, next is the top 6 and lastly the top 3 who are all assured of the title and runner-up finishes respectively. So here are my personal choices that I carefully watch in two preliminaries, the swimsuit and long gown competition while looking also at the official website of the Miss Universe. Photo images credit to Miss Universe official website.

First are my lucky – 13 , in random order…




They’re all pretty and posses the “it” thing of a Miss Universe queen or what they commonly call as the x-factor and it’ll gonna be a different story once they compete once more in the swimsuit and long gown competition that it’s quite difficult to choose the top 6, this will gonna be the most difficult part of the contest. Here are my top 6 , again in random order…


Wow, I wish I got the best six of them all… as the final 3 will be drawn from here and what a feeling this will gonna give to those rooting for candidates that they believe are also deserving to be in the final three! They’re all deserving, i swear but we got different ways to see the beauty and the level of appreciation. I truly respect your choices and please respect mine… Here they are!


Any of the three from the countries, Venezuela, Nicaragua and our very own are all deserving to continue Queen Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach’s reign for the next twelve months and spread the importance of it’s existence in this world which is to promote awareness in all charitable works, help fight global disease through social awareness and outreach in global proportion.

The greatest beauty a woman has is her capacity to help continue the human existence in every race. – Paquito


Kung Hei Fat Choi Everyone! 

Hello to all my dear followers and fellow bloggers and readers especially from China and it’s territories. I wish you all the peace, good health and prosperity as we celebrate the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017.

Today’s celebration is very significant concerning all the countries of the world as the Philippines hospitality and world renowned beautiful places take center stage together with the prettiest contestants from 86 countries as they vie for the crown of Miss Universe 2016 which is currently held by our very own Ms Pia Wurtzbach.


Happy Chinese New Year to All of You! – Paquito



Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag …… Trip Up North in Manaoag Pangasinan, Philippines

Devoted Roman Catholics make their daily trip to one of the most miraculous church in the northern part of the Philippines, the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag in Manaoag Pangasinan which is under the administration of Archdiocese of Lingayen-Pangasinan. People from all walks of life or status seeking divine intervention… healing of the sick and asking guidance through strong prayers were found true according to those who have manifested and became ardent devotee and follower after receiving the requested favors and petitions. You must attend a mass before receiving the holy communion and seeking grant to your petition/s.

Getting there is now made easier than ever as new highways interlinking the major thoroughfares from Metro Manila are already in place, and for only half an hour and two the 200 kilometer is the fastest with the usual traffic. Having the Quezon City Memorial Circle as the starting point, head north to Mindanao Avenue and straight to the very first toll gate of the North Luzon Expressway or NLEX and pay the minimum toll fee (45 Php). Go straight and take the exit SCTEX/Clark Airport (+/- 300Php) then had towards an interchange and take right to follow Clark North/Hacienda Luisita/Tarlac City/Baguio /TPLEX… you wont get confuse here as this is the only expressway leading to the last exit point of TPLEX which is the Binalonan Exit (+/-300Php). It’s just another 10-15 minutes drive going to Milo Street where the basilica is located to your left. I suggest you take the same route for a hassle free travel in going back, as bridge going to Urdaneta is under construction. As for the food, it’s up to you since there are a lot to choose from, but i can’t help but tell you that a small tupig vendor located downstairs to the left of the basilica is the probably the best i’ve ever tasted!

It’s an amazing spiritual experience and going back is an option as the Lord have paved the easiest and safest way to the basilica minor. For more of Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag, check Google and see the history, other options to go directly and communication details.

In prayers we seek thy blessings, in humility we act courageously. – Paquito


Blurred Lines and Fine Photographs , The Wedding Art Photographer – Iyo Gaudite

Hello fellas ! Due to insistent public demand, i’m releasing for the second time. For your great photo needs and professional magazine like results, pick your date for this coming 2017 and start your journey with the right photos….

“Photography is my alter ego where emotions are best expressed. When everything’s seems too dim & dull to the most wonderful feeling of happiness and being in love. Two drastic emotions trigger to inspire me with my works on how I’ve embrace photography and let it be publicly appreciated by all ages. Of love & hate to beauty & the beast is where art do exist, pouring my passionate soul to click for the best ” IYO Gauditewhen asked what makes him bring out the best in him.

There are two lines of success ahead of us, the one which we’ve been dreaming and aspiring of and the other we transverse as the situation permitted it. A young man from the city of smiles have found both are true with his current career path that brought him to be the best and one of the most demanded photographer from the south. Multiple bookings filled up his calendar till the end of the year, some were penciled for the months of January till May 2017. Dubbed as the Wedding Art Photographer, born on November 20, 1987 he finished his college at University of St. La Salle-Bacolod and started to work part time as lineman in one of his friends film outfit, climbed the ladder of success through odd jobs where photography were most involved. It was when he was employed as a lay-out artist that he found his calling to seriously consider a career in photography.

Iyo who’s father passed away when he was one, growing up stronger than normal simple life, he always get his inspiration from his loving mom Rebecca and sister Lidiya now based in Australia who are very supportive and take their time to give constructive critique look to his works thereby making it a truly marvel work of art. “It was during my college years that i started shooting with the use of digital camera having my batch mates as subject” and skillfully tried his best shot after shot, click after click and frame after frames.

With the advent of digital and multiple technological advancement being created for a remarkable results of photographs, it is still the innate techniques and skill that makes a blurred lines a portrait of success as  one of the cornerstone  he believe in is , “two people who are in love need not to fake poses or good angles as their Love for each other are the best momentous  highlight of their whole story.”

Still, Perfect practice makes your craft perfect as he is in a beast mode to reach the pinnacle of his passion to create the most vivid and wonderful photos of all his subjects and continue to be known as the small town boy of Kabankalan City who is now making big waves in the country’s world of photography. “How would you like to have your memories taken Mam,” he always ask to his client and a row of a ingeniously clicked photos were shown to his client putting a smile as a sign of approval without any words to say as Iyo were able to capture the moment crisps and smooth and as long as the people are showing love and keeps on falling in love Iyo’s photography will continue to be seen in any place where and when you are not expecting it.

For a memorable photographs you can reach him through his Facebook & Instagram account iyophotography ; @imetmylovebeforeiwasborn ; send an email thru and directly speak to him at +63918 535 9984 . You can make your wedding occasion a true work of art by collaborating with one of the best and youngest shooter who knows the story you wanna share to your dear partner and relatives with every click, pan and zoom of the man of the hour who is truly yours who goes by the name Iyo.

Light to dark hues of black , photographs is nothing without storied art of anything. – Paquito 



Five Star works for Stairs

Some want it so simple and some prefer it extraordinary. Whatever your choice is… there are still a lot to do and improve the potential overall look of your vertical access system like a true work of art. Grand staircases defines successful strata and magnifies the well being of its users or owners. Though it went viral during the Art Deco days it is still visible in any grand hotels or mansion within the enclaves of an exclusive community. Lo and behold , you need not to have a mansion or a large house to do the make over you wanted for a brand new look stair or staircases.

The best thing about today’s design and practical approach to any pet projects are the exploratory potentials any depot or hardware could offer. DIY shops offers a lot when it comes to “re-introduction” of a certain portion or part of your home. That even the tiniest screw can be found handily with the help of a group of technical savvy representatives to complete your buying date a wonderful one.

Stairs in most cases were designed or put up “neatly tucked” just to serve its purpose. But that small convenient conveyance holds a lot of promises when it comes to rebuilding it as the showcase of the house.

  1. If you’re contemplating of changing the treads surface, you can always choose from a variety of finishes ranging from vinyl to metal… as long as it fit your budget, the most obvious you can do for it to become “new one” .
  2. Tired of used wooden grab rails ? Visit an old scrapyard in your neighborhood and picked up some lengths of stainless steel tubes or galvanized ironed pipes and have it painted with your fave color to give your old stair a candy color tone that will grab everybody’s attention once they come in to your house.
  3. Even a simple balusters replacement works will do the trick as it embodied the side surface of the system. Repainting perhaps or change of materials of the most obvious parts which is the balusters by refurbishing or retouch works. Dont forget to add those small crowns available at any depot supplies.
  4. Everybody has been discussing about “boxing it” this is applicable if you got a wider or ample space surrounding your stair. The use of acrylic plastics and right illumination will give a new life to your old but reliable stair set. Mood changing lights not only freshened the stair but the whole stair lobby as well.
  5. Lastly, do you really need to change everything ? Look up above the cathedral high ceiling of the stair case as there lies the best option to hype it. A chandelier or LED lights might be enough… tight on budget , go get yourself to thrifshops  or antiques collection to get some catch or regret it for good.

You seemed gain a lot of ideas that you wanted to start a pet project in your home, do it and trust your instincts and let the neighborhood salivate  with your hidden talent results. Or contact the blogger for your professional  service needs.

Go up to look down and step down to look up, appreciation depends on the standpoint. – Paquito

Freeze the Moment


 The society of today if freeze, even for a little while will show you the different facet every person is doing in just given time. While others are enjoying the food and sounds of a certain bar others are able to witness the precise operations of anti-crime unit of the police force that some were able to enjoy a cup of hot coffee with a pair of donuts in one cozy cafeteria. Have you tried freezing your moment and extricate the good vibes within rather than the negative ones ? You must try it…

Still photos gives us a thing of the past to remember and makes us stronger in the end. – Paquito

Watch out ! An Interview with the Hottest Photographer of the Millennials

There’s an outstanding young and smart photographer who has been capturing the best scenes, subject and the heart of the  young and olds around the country. An interview with focus on his success and future plans is coming soon! – Paquito