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Paquito Quote for Day 40

What a tense and unimaginable days it was for everyone of us, hearing those threats and relentless fears these two leaders were sending message across the globe. And what it means to us… just mere spectators of these colossal antagonist isolated for so many years waiting to realize of its provocations and led us back to the bad old days of ugly war recovery that nobody wanted to ever experience again.

Too many why’s and how’s were asked of by the younger generation and to provide answers point by point is better left out but move forward instead and seek a better recourse but a peaceful way of re-integration to the modern world.

Brotherhood should be, for a united neighborhood would be. – Paquito  


Reliability , How do You Nurture it ?

Our character are put to a test once were left all alone to do the stuff that our organization trust us to do. Commitments are a proverbial agreement between two parties that works around the worthy trust and reliability to each strengths and looking forward to a common goal they believe as the most adaptive and useful during such time.  The simple knowledge of believing unto self,  motivates the person.

Now , the simple question is … How do you nurture yourself to be reliable ?

Let’s explore the substance of being one to our self and to others. Send me your thoughts and we’ll all pretty sure to see different approaches and mindset to become one.

Reading this alone will motivate you doubly as you were yesterday. – Paquito 


Paquito Quote for the Day 38

If we are all created equal, then how come people find it hard to understand each other? Why do people have to resort to arms conflict, acts of terror and deceit?.. Can’t it be possible to resolve all of these miscues, incomprehension and whatever you may call it to settle and talk in every detail the want’s and needs of each other ? War … the act, mankind shouldn’t have invented or done long before the advent of advance technology. For as long as the inventions and technology keeps on enhancing peoples lives … the same those people will try to find it useful to their own in advancing their thirst to succeed with whatever amount of harm it may inflict to the humankind.

Man haven’t had spent a single day without conflict… I wonder how peaceful it is to experience one even for a while. – Paquito


Paquito Quote of the Day 33

For how many lives does a war need to take from those people who’s future has yet to be seen and whom are too young to take care of themselves, in one of the most morbid way of death… gas inhalation. What form of deadly sin they’ve done that these children need to suffer the fate… even grown ups might be afraid of ?

Time to end any civil unrest, war and its ugly results… for scarred memories leaves nothing but time to heal it. – Paquito

Paquito Answer for the Day 25

A sudden change in rule or set of rules without any basis is tantamount to an open cheating when an agenda of greater proportion as to its effect and future outcome is put in jeopardy. Does eliminating a certain portion of a whole will make the selection credible enough to justify the means? Any rules of engagement or pre-requisites compliance must come into full throttle to determine the level of difference once it involves the clear chronology of qualifications versus the required compliance.

We start our life in a certificate and ended it with the same, it does make sense to qualify it… all throughout the process. – Paquito 

How to get a Promotion, Learn the 3-P’s

Entry level workers or employees all have the same outlook in company or organization they’re in and that is to get promoted. It comes in varied ways or protocols, depends in the organizations discipline or scope or services either in private or in government. But the mere question is, how is promotion being practice in most often or seldom ways if there is. This should be the very first question a candidate should ask during an initial interview in order to show the strong sense of loyalty towards the organization and make sure that the job role is diligently performed all throughout the tenure of engagement. What are the powerful tools,  if any… an ideal candidate for promotion must possess to be considered as one? Aside for the fundamental and basic studies, an MA, MSc or MBA perhaps Phd. degrees will help solidify the probability to nail that promotion that may come in laderrized or spot promotion. While long stay somehow qualifies someone to get promoted, it is only because of the job entails that is of single dimension in nature unlike in the mid-level management where competition is fierce and  where the politics are also at its highest. 

There are three P’s that needs to be consider if you want to get the sought after promotion in any organization either private or government.

Punctuality – most of the supervisors or mid level managers and the managers themselves often times overlook the importance of being punctual as some has a thousand reasons tuck under his belt just to buy his way out of the contextual notion of being late. What is the Plaque of Recognition for 100% Attendance is for if we’re to relax the policy of punctuality? Agree…

Performance – this is where the boys are separated from men, a lot of newbies who are MBA grads sometimes forgot to remember that it is still the experience as the best teacher in the corporate or government world. As the performance represents the 60% of the workers attitude pie, a lot are unable to understand that a big billing requires a bigger and nerve wracking performances… it is the near perfect output or inputs that matters most. Shooting up the sales charts doesn’t buy you a trophy of best performer but only gives you a shot as to how to sustain the initial salvo you’ve just kicked in. Gray-haired mid-level managers are a force to reckon with when it comes to sustenance of the same work output given from a pre-organized work deliveries day in and day out,  since the experience gained during the long stay have equipped him to be the a more reliable soldier from every battle endurance.

Professionalism – nobody get this from school… this is the Rosetta stone of each individual, the most crucial part the promoting body always looking at since the idea of promotion is to enhance or elevate the norm of the organization’s standard with the right person, talent and character including its extra ordinary critical thinking and ability to provide just and acceptable rationale without any emotions. This should be verifiable in nature with the vast experiences gained through self participation in any activity which is beneficial to his continuous professional learning and in sound management best practices through exemplary perfection of leadership.

Promotions are motivational force that drives people to work better and harder, aside from the love and dedication of what they’re doing, this is an avenue to expand the horizon of intelligence and commercial value of one individual seeking breakthrough change in his corporate life as a part of one great organization either in private or government but if the set of rules are change just to accommodate a bias results then it is not a promotion but nomination as a whole that can beat the essence of a great and healthy corporate workforce competition anchored to the basic long list of qualifications in order to the protect the competency of a given candidate, fair and square.

Experience as a whole is the histogram of facts that you truly have to lean on . – Paquito


Paquito Answer for the Day 21

There seems to be no stopping to the world common challenges, migration, refugees, wars, disease, plague, drug substance abuse, political disagreement, earth resources abuse, man-initiated ocean garbage proliferation, man-initiated air pollution, city and rural chaotic congestion and a long list of challenges that man can no longer fit in to his daily routine to tackle with one by one.

The common denominator as you can see is quite obvious, it is us… the harrowing effects are seen after only a noticeable effect in our lives. Nobody have been complaining about drying waterways, dying trees and flowers and even smog not until the ill-effects were felt and become a horror being in our society. Every nation has established it’s own government to oversee the welfare, well-being and safety and security of its people, city, natural resources and its common ground with the adjacent country.

Politics, political parties and politicians  are so flamboyant that they play a major if not grandiose role to take the initial step towards the conservation of natural resources and peace. For  they are bonded with the by the laws and the specific constitutional commandments to think, act and decide what is good for the people and its country in a democratic setting of government.  When will the political bickering will come to an end and deliver the promises of good and better lives for the people as what they’ve shouted during their campaign rallies, neither whisper could be heard nor the memory of what they’ve uttered. Gone are the politicians and politics of great display of the beauty of a democratic country, Gone are the day’s of a great leaders with nothing in his heart but desired for a war to end, to feed the hungry, to preserve the environment, to cause no harm to a neighbor, to be ahead of his peers and to reach out for a peaceful strategy.

It’s not yet late to change, besides its the only permanent thing in this world. – Paquito

Paquito Quote for the Day 22

A change in command everybody commonly known as transition. Even before the civilized world a lot of change in command have transpired… some as ugly as you could’ve imagine, cities destroyed, millions killed and some were treated with the label as DMW or dead man walking. And a lot also transpired in a fairy tale like stories just like in those thick children’s book. The world has been fair to man, it was the man who’ve not been fair to world.

They’ve said that there is the starkest evidence of how the world is seen should we used the  wealthiest net worth versus the total number of population ratio and proportion comparison. With a 1% to 50% ratio, one thing popped up my mind. These one percent holder of the 50% of the populations wealth will continue to widened unless we start looking.. to learn how’ did they do it. A country like the America is already in that phase and pace, by electing for the first time in the US history an incoming leader… who is a billionaire. All are forward looking and all are very much willing to learn.

An experienced man need not to tell you what to do, just watch him do it and learn fruitfully. – Paquito

Paquito Quote for the Day 20

What a wonderful world…. if you’re to hear it by the heart, it will bring new and a very meaningful message to everyone of us. As we are fast approaching the year 2020, we couldn’t think of anything but be amaze by what the mankind have done to improve lives and trades. Things that we used to see only in sci-fi movies are now a reality. We can now converse through our wristbands with coded chips, monitor health and other agenda we put into its program. People are now traceable wherever they are.

On the other hand, these same advancement are being integrated with the destructive weapons capable of destroying a city or a hundred lives with one click of a finger. Mobile detonated improvised explosive device and drones are also on the same pace of improvement, given the man easy access to any of these. Before the year 2016 ended, many lives were lost in spate of incidents that we cannot be discounted as un-agitated. Even the democracy of the most powerful nation were tainted when a number of diplomat were told to leave the host country in less than 72 hours due to suspected election data breach as a result of malware , a.k.a. hacking. For in every good there is bad, every advancement there is constraint that man will not accept as flaws but simple glitch. This world will never be as a wonderful as it seems to be for as long as there is no perfect and balance deficit from across the human race.

It is the culture not the  people…. – Paquito

Rebuilding Enough

Hello my dear readers and fellow bloggers, my country had been hit by a super typhoon… international code name Nock Ten, packed a strong winds and heavy rains with the rate of signal number 4 putting those directly hit places under calamity status. A serious national concern if you are to ask me.

Philippines is a home to great white sand beaches and natural beauty, great food sources of seafood’s and agricultural harvest. It is also the home country of the worlds famous personalities in sports and beauty where in fact the 2017 Ms Universe pageant will be held this coming    January. But that is not the issue we will gonna be highlighting here but the possible turnaround solution in the event like these weather phenomena, typhoon… sitting above the equatorial belt my place is a tropical country where we experience only two types of season the wet and dry. Having a dry condition is not a problem at all as the solution lies in front of us, a trip down the shorelines we can beat the heat during summer months and it is the wet months that’s been hounding our fellowmen as continuous rains could spell flooded roads, overflowing rivers and strong cyclone winds that destroys houses, community and dreams.

Numerous times I’ve witnessed and read through newspapers that it’s like a cycle where it’s a come and go situation for them, that it seems like they just got to live with it all throughout their lives. Weather either good or bad, sunny or rainy are like the clothes we wear in our life that we got to really think a way to live with it harmoniously perhaps fittingly. It is better to think of ways to lessen if not eradicate the potential destruction it’ brings once it hit any part of the three big islands of the country. It is a wake up call to us as a professionals in the built industry to think of something that’ll benefit our countrymen. I believe we have the talent more than those consultants of foreign origin as we’ve all seen the vast reality of life of those living around the belt of our precious shorelines and even in the hinterlands.

Our government must spearhead a program aimed to help the people to have the adaptive design, cost effective construction and low maintenance houses of decent but functionality at its best by tapping the talents and resources within the country and lessen the damage anytime a typhoon hit the urban and rural areas. Rebuilding in a way it’ll stand the pressures of strong winds and flood waters or rising sea-water levels and its tributaries. This is not an easy task for the government and its people but with the right framework and adaptations of all sectors… no doubt this is the only and possible solution, if not a suggestion.. to those who are in the forefront of this battle. Weather disturbances is now in its hyperactivity as compared twenty or thirty years ago due the ill effects of denudation of mountains, over-extraction of deep water sources and waterways continuous constriction through mass dwelling of urban re-settlers in search for a greener pastures and decent life. Let us help rebuild the community not only through safe and sound infrastructure but a strong political and economical support to rebuild the lives of our countrymen for good.

A challenge where many leaders have battled it out yet fell short of the their prescribed results. A more pressing issue of urgent concern where the stats has a large discrepancy as against the war on drugs in terms of pressing needs to defy the odds every time a natural calamity strike their long suffering heart from the un-ending rift that resulted from multi-faction bickering. Who’s the best is better be known from the way we put those in the indigent minorities, where basic utilities services are still alien to their uncorrupted minds, where people are still uneducated due to presence of local bandit intrusion and harassment. Be the champion of your people by providing the eradication these challenges and reach out to those who believe they’re also the best without looking at their political parties, without looking at their beliefs,  for i believe that we are all Filipinos.

No odd is defiant if there is one clear direction at the other end where ALL is looking at. – Paquito